Climate-Oriented ConTech– Europe Leads the Pack

Europe has been paving the future of the AEC industry by serving as a climate champion within the ConTech industry, leaving the United States to play catchup with this progress. Sustainable and innovative solutions continue to take hold throughout Europe, as the cost of energy within the continent is significantly higher than the U.S., making the need for decisive action imperative. Climate change is making itself known throughout Europe, with more extreme weather that is damaging its biodiversity. Without climate-oriented solutions being implemented, there is a serious threat of repercussions for food production, political and economic stability, as well as water and energy systems. Below, we highlighted five BuiltWorlds member companies based in Europe that are spearheading climate action within the built world.

BuiltWorlds is thrilled to be hosting the 2023 Paris Summit this June. This three-day event will feature expert perspectives from AEC leaders across Europe, Africa and The Middle East. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend sessions discussing emerging global sustainability initiatives, corporate innovation, rapid technological advancements, and how to be successful in a digitized global industry.

CRH Ventures is the venture capital unit of CRH, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. What makes CRH Ventures a global leader in sustainable innovation is its $250M venture and innovation fund that is invested into ConTech and ClimateTech start-ups.

In January of 2023, CRH Ventures announced an investment in Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT), that pioneers technology that reconstructs industrial byproducts and natural materials into superior additives. This technology reduces clinker content, which aids in lower CO2 emissions and provides a significantly more sustainable cement that can be used by manufacturers. Through this partnership, CRH Ventures will create a significant decarbonization within the cement industry–making sustainable action more visible within the industry.

GROPYUS is based in Vienna, Austria and is using technology to advance the development of the built world. They are advancing the development of sustainable buildings within every step of the building process–from design, production, construction, and asset management.

An exciting advancement happening at GROPYUS is that Vonovia SE became the lead investor within GROPYUS’ Series B financing round. This €100M investment will help to expand the company’s ambitious growth plans to establish sustainable and smart-living throughout its platform. A project that is currently in development at GROPYUS is Immendingen, which will consist of 10 residential buildings with a total of 157 residential units, all produced with sustainable features and materials.

Located in Zug, Switzerland, Holcim is a global industry leader committed to promoting sustainable building practices and improving the quality of life for people around the globe decreasing carbonization within the built environment.

In April of 2023, Holcim launched a technology platform called ECOCycle, which utilizes circular technology to recycle construction demolition waste into new building materials. This pioneer platform will be able to help companies recycle up to 100% of construction demolition materials. These new building solutions will not only be reducing companies' carbon footprint, but will also be saving them from having to invest in new building materials.

IPG Energy is a London based clean-tech company that is revolutionizing power generation with renewable energy alternatives to fuel-based power. This is a huge step for the industry and will help to guide a smoother transition towards sustainable fuel over diesel generators.

IPG Energy secured an over £1M investment that will be used to replace diesel generators to begin the switch to hydrogen biofuels. This will be a strong force in generating clean power without harmful pollution, while also weaning companies away from the use of diesel. This will leave jobsites with an easily accessible and user-friendly product that produces dynamic fuel with zero carbon power.

Saint-Gobain is headquartered in France and designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative solutions for the AEC market. They address sustainability within their work with a mission to reduce carbon emissions, leverage resource efficiency, and increase circularity.

In April of 2023, Saint-Gobain announced the launch of their Sustainable Construction Observatory. This project will mobilize stakeholders within the industry to address climate solutions further and make it a priority within the industry at large. This will serve as a resource for sustainable construction training, while also lobbying for public policy action.

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