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2023 Paris Summit


6.21.2023 at 9:00AM - 6.23.2023 at 6:00PM


Paris, France

Thrive in the global economy.

For the second year in a row, BuiltWorlds is set to return to France to host the Paris Summit. This three-day event, drawing from the expert perspectives of C-Suite executives and senior leaders across Europe, Africa, and The Middle East, will continue conversations, ideas, and strategies about emerging trends and directionally where the industry is headed across the globe.

At this event, attendees can expect to gain uniquely valuable insights around how global companies are innovating and disrupting the industry, how sustainability initiatives and technology are impacting the industry, how venture funds are playing a large part in the sector in that region of the world and beyond, and much more. With information and technology increasingly connecting the world, every company, regardless of size and location, must understand the impact, opportunities, and challenges of thinking globally.

Paris Summit Pre-Events

Wednesday June 21st

Thursday June 22nd

Paris Summit - Conference General Sessions

Friday June 23rd

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2023 Speakers (More to be Added)

Juan Nieto

Founder & General Partner, Zacua Ventures

Tanja Kufner

Head of Ventures, Nemetschek Group

Guillaume Bazouin

Partner EMEA, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Meirav Oren

CEO & Co-Founder, Versatile

Matthieu Horgnies

R&D Specialist, Startup & Technology Scouting Manager, Holcim

Tyler Sewall

Senior Director, BuiltWorlds

Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Andreas Kronthaler

Corporate Innovation Manager, USG

Matthew Gray

Co-Chair, Graycor, Executive Chairman, BuiltWorlds

Shrikant Sharma

Founder and CEO, SmartVizX

Marvin Theissen

Senior Manager Construction, EMEA, Autodesk

Luke Graham

Head of Research, Pi Labs

Adam Bridgman

General Partner, Ironspring Ventures

Pierre Cordelle

Infrastructure and Cities Strategy Director, Dassault Systèmes

Leonidas Canellopoulos

Chief Sustainability Officer, Titan Cement

Ricardo Rodriguez

Interim Global Head of Digital Marketing, Master Builders Solutions

Tony Harbour

Head of Technology Partners, EMEA, Procore

Pascal Laik


Hugh McEvoy

Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development, Trimble

Chris Van de Voorde

Founder & CEO, Juunoo

Jean-Christophe Pierron

Co-Founder, Vestack

Kati Herzog

Head of ESG, Goldbeck

Aldo Sollazzo

Founder and CEO, Noumena

Alban Mallet

CEO, XtreeE

Louis Petros

Head of Alliances and Partnerships, Hiboo

Ekaterina Grib

Co-founder & Head of Business, KEWAZO

Toby Gill

CEO, IPG Energy

Tanguy Quero

Investment Principal, JLL Spark

Vincent Maret

Innovation Director, Bouygues Construction Group

Khalil Alami

Technical Lead, Togal

Ximena Walerstein

Co-Founder and COO, Modulatio

Ignacio Escarpenter

Co-CEO, Tribboo

Ronny Liveroed

Head of Construction, Startuplab

Guy German

CEO, Okibo

Mateo Zimmermann

Investment Manager , Cemex Ventures

Paul Hatte

Conseiller de Paris , Paris City Council

Ulrikke Lien

CEO, Sensorita

Bertille Fetiveau

Ingénieure Innovation Opérationnelle, VINCI

Christophe Roy

Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Mechasys

William St-Pierre

CEO, Mechasys

Aref Boualwan

Chief Initiatives & Startups Officer, Consolidated Contractors Company

Ruud Knoops

CEO, Atmos

Ramy Fam

VP - CRH Ventures, CRH Ventures

Zachi Flatto

CEO & Co-Founder, Skyline Cockpit

Sal Shamapande

Co-Founder and CFO, Bosso Africa

Paris Summit General Sessions

General Sessions will be held at the Paris Westin, Place Vendome, beginning with light breakfast and concluding with a closing reception in the evening.

Day 1 Schedule

9:00AM – 10:00AM

Breakfast & Registration

10:00AM – 10:05AM

Introductory Remarks

Presented By:
Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

10:05AM – 10:45AM

The Sustainability Imperative

As the world, and specifically Europe, turns towards technology to meet the increasing sustainability requirements and initiatives set in place, both large organizations and technologists are still finding their way forward. This panel will highlights conversation around how some of large entities are finding success through sustainability-focused technology, and how technologists are finding their way in an ever-increasing market.

Moderated By:
Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

Kati Herzog, Head of ESG, Goldbeck
Matteo Zimmerman, Investment Manager, CEMEX Ventures
Jean-Christophe Pierron, Co-Founder, Vestack

10:45AM – 11:25AM

Corporate Innovation & The State of CVC

With capital continuing to flood into the roughly $10 trillion construction industry globally, the sources and methods of investment continue to diversify. This panel will address the strategy behind how innovation-leading companies set up corporate venture programs, why they are critically important to industry adoption, and how they have the opportunity to impact innovation relative to more traditional venture capital investors.

Moderated By:
Dan Laboe, Director of Venture & Investment Research, BuiltWorlds

Guillaume Bazouin, Head of Open Innovation & Startups, Leonard by Vinci
Matthieu Horgnies, R&D Specialist / Startup & Tech Scouting Manager, Holcim
Leonidas Canellopoulos, Chief Sustainability Officer, Titan Cement
Aref Boualwan, Chief Initiatives & Startups Officer, Consolidated Contractors Group (CCC)

11:25AM – 11:50AM

Networking Break

11:50AM – 12:30PM

App Marketplace Evolution: Integrations & Acquisitions

The recent boom in the sheer volume of technology solutions available to the construction industry has left users scrambling to move between web platforms, apps, and other data centers. One key advancement in the industry is the increasing connectivity of, or integration, between different applications. This panel will hear from those platforms and companies focusing resources on ensuring integrated data platforms, what some of the challenges are, and how interconnectivity will continue to be critical.

Moderated By:
Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

Tony Harbor, Head of Technology Partners EMEA, Procore
Tanja Kufner, Head of Ventures, Nemetschek Group
Louis Petros, Head of Alliances & Partnerships, Hiboo

12:30PM – 2:00PM

Lunch Break & Innovation Exchange

BuiltWorlds events are small by design and built around the idea attendees should have time to network and form long-lasting relationships that should strengthen the entire industry. During this lunch, we are extending the opportunity to individuals who would like to speak about their companies - whether it be news, needs they have, or questions for the group - to get up in front of the audience and speak.

2:00PM – 2:15PM

Research Presentation

Presentation of BuiltWorlds research

Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

2:15PM – 2:55PM

True Disruption: What Will it Look Like and When Will We Get There

Many new technology solutions provide improvements to existing processes; however, there are some that change the way the industry functions. In this panel, we will hear from technologists and investors their perspectives on what technological disruption looks like to them, and at what point we might cross that line.

Moderated By:
Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

Luke Graham, Head of Research, Pi Labs
Bolade Maiga, Head of Strategic Partnerships, PropTech54
Alban Mallet, CEO, XtreeE
Pierre Cordelle, Infrastructure & Cities Strategy Director, Dassault Systemes
Bolade Maiga, Head of Strategic Partnerships, PropTech54

2:55PM – 3:35PM

Challenges & Opportunities Building a Global ConTech Company

Building a startup is no easy task. Building a startup that is able to reach a global audience in the massive construction industry nears the impossible. Panelists in this discussion will provide their perspectives as founders, mentors, and advisors on key challenges, best practices, and experiences in leading global companies.

Moderated By:
Dan Laboe, Director of Venture & Investment Research, BuiltWorlds

Juan Nieto, General Partner, Zacua Ventures
Meirav Oren, CEO & Co-Founder, Versatile
Adam Bridgman, General Partner, Ironspring Ventures
Jean-Philippe Panaget, CEO, CAD.42
Shrikant Sharma, CEO & Founder, SmartVizX

3:35PM – 4:00PM

Networking Break

4:00PM – 4:35PM

Technology & Construction's Changing Workforce

The increase in technology solutions available to project managers, superintendents, and tradespeople means the way people perform their jobs has and is continuing to change. This panel will discuss how the functional changes of these jobs effects, and will effect, the construction workforce.

Dan Laboe, Director of Venture & Investment Research, BuiltWorlds

Pascal Laik, CEO, FINALCAD
Aldo Sollazzo, Founder & CEO, Noumena
Ekaterina Grib, Co-Founder & Head of Business, Kewazo
Ruedi Wagner, Head of Hilti Venture and Robotics, Hilti

4:35PM – 5:10PM

Challenges & Opportunities in Digital Supply & Manufacturing

As jobsites become more efficient, technologists and builders turn their attentions to better managing activities away from the jobsite, specifically the supply chain and vendor management. This panel will provide insight into the activities and technologies focusing on how we can better track, manage, and plan for jobsite deliveries.

Moderated By:
Tyler Sewall, Sr. Director, BuiltWorlds

Andreas Kronthaler, Corporate Innovation Manager, USG
Ricardo Rodriguez, Interim Global Head of Digital Marketing, Master Builders Solutions

5:10PM – 5:45PM

The Global Innovators

Each year, BuiltWorlds publishes a list of the Top 50 Global Innovators. This is a list of the top companies driving change and innovation across the globe. In this panel, we will hear from representatives from a sampling of these companies on their perspectives in how these large corporations, both internally and externally, are driving change in the construction industry.

Moderated By:
Dan Laboe, Director of Venture & Investment Research, BuiltWorlds

Hugh McEvoy, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development, Trimble
Marvin Theissen, Senior Manager Construction, Autodesk
Vincent Maret, Innovation Director, Bouygues
Tanguy Quero, Investment Principal, JLL Spark

6:00PM – 9:00PM
The Winter Garden

The Global Innovators Reception & Dinner

Following the close of the main session of the Summit we will be hosting a special celebratory dinner honoring companies who made it onto our 2022 Global Innovators 50 list. Please sign up by using the form above or email info@builtworlds.com to register.

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