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Joint E&C and Building Tech Forum Meeting

06.22.23 - Pre-Paris Summit


6.22.2023 4:00PM - 5:00PM


Paris, France

The E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum and Building Tech Forum will once again come together as part of a joint meeting this June. In addition to the other Pre-Events associated with the 2023 Paris Summit, these two groups will meet in the heart of the Paris La Défense business district at the Saint-Gobain Tower.

Meeting Topic: Incentives, and penalties, for sustainable building continue to increase across the globe, with Europe at the center of the initiative. BuiltWorlds conducted research in 2023 to better understand what measures contractors are taking to build more sustainably. The topic of conversation will be around what contractors are, and are not, doing to improve sustainability efforts in the built world.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Group Introductions / Re-Introductions

2. Meeting Topic Introduction: Contractor Sustainability

3. Group Discussion

4. Closing Remarks

Following the meeting, Forum attendees are welcome to head to Le Meurice Hotel for the Demo Night Competition from 6:00 - 9:00PM. Some of the world's most innovative up-and-coming tech companies will be pitching their groundbreaking idea to a panel of selected judges. Following the competition, eat, drink, and network with the BuiltWorlds team, Summit speakers & panelists, and attendees.

About the E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum

This is a private forum for the technologists leading tech adoption and change management initiatives in their engineering and construction companies to share best practices, dialogues around the BuiltWorlds construction technology research and explore best practices with each other. Access to this forum is restricted to BuiltWorlds’ members leading technology initiatives at Engineering and Construction Companies. Click here to learn more about our Forums or email staff@builtworlds.com for details on how to join!


About the Building Tech Forum

This is an open forum for sustainability and ESG-focused professionals to meet monthly and discuss innovations in building technology. The forum will seek to foster an environment where active participants in the space can connect and share the thoughts, strategies, and frustrations of today, and hear about the solutions of the future. Together, these conversations can shape the way our organizations operate, build, and innovate to improve the future of the built world. Access to this forum is open to all BuiltWorlds members, though there is an emphasis on green building initiatives. Click here to learn more about our Forums, or email staff@builtworlds.com for details on how to join!

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