Demo Night Highlight-2023 Paris Summit Pre-Event Day 2

BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Paris Summit kicked off on Wednesday, June 21, with a series of pre-events. This return to Paris brings together expert AEC perspectives from C-Suite executives and senior leaders from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East all within the three-day summit. The carefully curated environment aims to empower attendees by providing them with valuable insights into the built ecosystems globalization efforts along with strategies to navigate the emerging solutions within the rapidly evolving digital era.

Day two of the summit’s pre-events began with the Venture Forum Meeting generously hosted by Saint-Gobain, which was open to current BuiltWorlds Venture Forum members. The day continued with BuiltWorlds’ Demo Night Competition at the historic Le Meurice Hotel which featured nine innovative startups who pitched their innovative ideas to an esteemed judges panel. Below we will be taking a deeper dive into the nine startups that were featured in this year’s Paris Demo Night.

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Atmos designs and manufacturers dependable aerial observation along with data gathering solutions for its users. They specialize in industry standard surveying and mapping VTOL drones that are resilient in even the roughest weather conditions. Atmos’ flagship is Marlyn, a high-end combination of VTOL and fixed-wing drone that offers high precision along with ease of use.


BOSSO hosts Zambia’s prime construction technology e-commerce platform for stakeholders such as hardware suppliers and home builders. Their main mission is to address the current housing crisis that is occurring throughout Africa. To combat this, they offer a holistic approach that provides users with supply delivery, emission reduction, and making the space more accessible to all people.


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IPG Energy is a climate-tech company that works within the construction industry as a guiding force to push the transition towards green fuel utilization. They offer a fuel-agnostic renewable generator that delivers clean, on-demand power from any fuel source. What makes this solution so unique is that its one generator can operate on any fuel, all at the flick of a switch.


JUUNOO offers a clickable wall system that permits spaces to be swiftly partitioned, disassembled, and reused again. This solution revolutionizes what a traditional wall could offer, with an installation that is 7 times faster, while also having a plethora of aesthetic finishes for customers to choose from. They also offer a cash back warranty and buy their product back at a fixed rate to resell to another group, enabling the circular economy.



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Modulatio helps to modulate the density of building materials according to a project’s needs. Their solution is formulated around a “constructive ecosystem” in concrete that is efficient in terms of material, weight, time, and CO2 emissions.


Okibo develops intelligent, multi-purpose, and autonomous robots that are mobile for use within construction sites. Their platform uses advanced computer vision, laser detectors, geo-positioning, and inertial motion sensors to be able to guide their robot fleet. Okibo’s robots are versatile and are enabling a future of automated manual labor with guidance from workers.


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Sensorita offers a solution to help waste companies to cut their costs and emissions through the utilization of cutting-edge analytics. They provide key insight into waste trends along with detailed information about individual water containers and how to enable efficient waste management.



Skyline Cockpit is a command and control center intentionally designed for tower cranes and construction sites that facilitates the remote operation of cranes. They provide a data communication system between the crane and the construction site that is available for all stakeholders within a project, on or off site.


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Tribboo is a project management platform that offers a unique solution to estimate projects, create invoices, and other powerful features. This empowers all project managers to have the ability to keep a precise control of the project from the price to the time frame all within an accessible and timely manner.