The Buildings Conference

May 22-23, 2024 | Convene - 237 Park Avenue, New York


5.22.2024 at 8:00AM - 5.23.2024 at 5:00PM


Convene – 237 Park Ave., New York 237 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017

Event Overview

BuiltWorlds' AEC industry-leading conference focused on innovation and emerging technology in the development, design, materials, and systems of buildings is moving to New York City in May of 2024 with a special pre-conference meeting focused on preconstruction planning, estimating, scheduling, bidding, budgeting, and visualization technology.  Leading funds, industry players, and solution providers gather each year to take the pulse of the industry’s startup ecosystem at legacy technology. The Conference will cover:

  • Building Planning and Preconstruction Systems
  • Emerging Technology in the Design of Buildings and Building Systems
  • Innovation in Building Materials and Systems
  • Technology Aiding in the Decarbonization and Sustainability of Buildings
  • Building Modeling and Digital Twins for Planning, Visualization, and also the Management of Buildings.

Stay tuned for more details and programming information.

BuiltWorlds Research

During the afternoon of the General Sessions (5/23), the BuiltWorlds Research team will present findings from the 2024 annual Building Technology Survey regarding trends in the adoption, utilization, and satisfaction with High-Performance Materials, Planning & Design Solutions, Energy Systems / HVAC Tech, and Tenant Services / User Experience Tech. We'll also explore key metrics from the 2024 Preconstruction Survey, which covers Bid Management, Prequalification, Scheduling, Estimating, Procurement, and Contracting.

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2024 Conference Speakers

Additional speakers for this event will be added periodically.

Pallavi Mantha

Associate - Climate and Sustainability, Arup

Eldar Sadikov

CEO, Field Materials

Raj Subramanian

CPO & Co-Founder, Facilio

Paul Doherty

President and CEO, The Digit Group

Charles Portelli

Digital Innovation Strategist, Perkins+Will

Ilkay Can-Standard

Founder CEO, GENx Design & Technology

Carter Kennedy

CEO, SoloInsight

Sean Wrenn

Senior Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Michael Ho

CEO, Bespoke Metrics

John Schaefer

Director Capital Investments, Graycor

Richard Harpham

Co-Founder, Skema

Melissa Marsh

Founder & Executive Director, PLASTARC

Robert Ioanna

Chief Technical Officer, Syska Hennessy Group

Robert Dahlstrom

CEO, Apellix

Richa Sahay

Vice President, Jones Lang-LaSalle (JLL)

Charlie Miller

Digital Experience & Innovation Lead

Vin Caruso

Solutions Engineer, Join

John Cerone

Principal, SHoP Architects

Bernd Oswald

Co-Founder, VP Business Development, GROPYUS

Christopher Stanley

Sr Managing Director of Development, MDH Partners

Igor Starkov

VP Digital Twin, Siemens

Lisa Diaz

Managing Partner, Turf Advisory

Leise Sandeman

CEO, Co-Founder, Pathways

Andrew Staniforth

CEO, Assembly OSM

Victoria Smith

Investor, Zacua Ventures

Derek Blackmore

President, AkitaBox

Marty Brennan

Principal, ZGF Architects LLP

Naomi Goez

Principal, Forum Ventures

Micah Kotch

Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Ryan Friend

Preconstruction Analyst, STO Building Group

Brooke Nicholson

Senior Development Operations Manager, Vice President, LendLease

James Reis

AVP and Category GM of Supply Chain Platform, Trimble

David Burczyk

Director of Construction Technology, Ferguson Enterprises Inc.

Preconstruction Research Track Launch, Track Meetings, Demo Night, and Buildings Conference

Building Conference Pre-Conference Meetings will be held at member host locations around New York, and attendance will be limited to track member companies. Demo Night and the associated reception will be open to all conference attendees

Day 1 Schedule

10:00AM – 11:00AM

Building Tech Research Track Meeting | May 22, 2024 | Location: SHoP Architects

Access to this meeting is restricted to members of the Building Tech Research Track or by special invitation.

John Cerone, Principal, SHoP Architects

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Preconstruction Research Track Launch Meeting | May 22,204 | Location: SHoP Architects

At this extended session, members of BuiltWorlds' Building Tech Track and newly launching Preconstruction track will participate in an extended look at emerging trends in topics such as how we budget, bid, estimate, and model building projects, backed by research findings from our latest benchmarking surveys and other data on the topics.

1:30PM – 3:30PM

AI/ML Preparedness Research Track Meeting | May 22, 2024 | Location: Thornton Tomasetti

Access to this meeting is restricted to members of the AI/ML Preparedness Research Track or by special invitation.

Jon Ehrlich, COO, T2D2

3:30PM – 4:30PM

Venture Forum Meeting | May 22, 2024 | Location: Thornton Tomasetti

Access to this meeting is restricted to members of the Venture and Investment Research Track or by special invitation.

5:00PM – 6:30PM

Demo Night Competition | May 22, 2024 | Location: Thornton Tomasetti

All conference attendees are invited to attend the Demo Competition ahead of the general sessions on the 23rd.

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Welcome Reception | May 22, 2024 | Location: Thornton Tomasetti

All conference attendees are invited to attend the welcome reception following the demo competition ahead of the general sessions on the 23rd.

Day 2 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Welcome Address

9:10AM – 9:40AM


To kick off the 2024 Buildings Conference, Richa Sahay, Vice President of Jones Lang-LaSalle (JLL), will address the nexus of decarbonization and technology from JLL's point of view. Specifically, Richa will highlight how this connection relates to occupiers and investors in the built environment and why it matters. To do so, she will examine innovations in advanced materials, consider how embodied carbon is measured, and finish by tying it back to research JLL has done looking at demand for low-carbon buildings

Richa Sahay, Vice President, Sustainability Consulting, JLL

10:25AM -10:55AM

Networking Break

10:55AM – 11:35AM

Emerging Technology in Budgeting, Scheduling, and Value Engineering

This panel will examine the latest trends and innovations in preconstruction within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, focusing on how to best integrate these emerging technologies within your organization. From virtual reality and augmented reality simulations to advanced data analytics and AI, panelists will explore how these tools are revolutionizing preconstruction processes, enabling more accurate cost estimates, streamlined scheduling, and enhanced collaboration among project stakeholders to drive efficiencies and mitigate risks from project inception.

Vin Caruso, Solutions Engineer, Join
Michael Ho, CEO, Compass by Bespoke Metrics
Ryan Friend, Preconstruction Analyst, STO Building Group

11:35AM – 12:15PM

Managing and Streamlining the Procurement Process

Building off of the previous panel, this session will address the dynamic landscape of supply chain technology and trends shaping the industry. Through discussions on technology implementation relating to predictive analytics and digital inventory management systems, panelists will explore how these innovations can help track, manage, and optimize the procurement of materials and other essential building components/systems, offering invaluable insights into navigating the evolving complexities of AEC supply chains.

Naomi Goez, Principal, Forum Ventures
David Burczyk, Director, Construction Technology, Ferguson
Eldar Sadikov, CEO, Field Materials
James Reis, AVP and Category GM of Supply Chain Platform, Trimble

12:15PM – 1:15PM

Lunch and Demo Night Winner Announcement

1:15PM – 1:30PM

BuiltWorlds Research Presentation

1:30PM – 2:15PM

Shaping the Future of Digitally Connected and Sustainable Cities

Following the theme of environmental consciousness within the built world, this panel will explore strategies for optimizing the design phase to foster the creation of digitally connected and sustainable cities. Through discussions on leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM), smart technologies, and sustainable design principles, panelists will offer innovative approaches to integrating infrastructure, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing urban livability.

Melissa Marsh, Founder & CEO, PLASTARC (Moderator)
Bernd Oswald, Co-Founder, VP Business Development & M&A, Gropyus
John Cerone, Principal, SHoP
Paul Doherty, President & CEO, The Digit Group (TDG)
Pallavi Mantha, Associate - Climate and Sustainability, Arup

2:55PM – 3:25PM

Networking Break

3:25PM – 4:05PM

New and Advanced Materials – Net Zero Carbon Project Planning, Design, and Construction

The panel will discuss the planning, design and construction of leading-edge net zero carbon projects that are being delivered by developers and corporations to meet the Federal mandates and corporate goals for carbon reduction. The use of mass timber and low carbon concrete will be discussed as alternative material choices to reduce embodied carbon (EC). Specific projects that are being performed by the panelists all over the country will be used to highlight how real projects are being planned, designed and built. The use of technology to track EC accounting and implementation of construction operations to lower the EC footprint will be discussed as they relate to EC reduction goals and project design, cost, and schedule.

John Shaefer, Director Capital Investments, Graycor Capital
Chris Stanley, Sr Managing Director of Development, MDH Partners
Marty Brennan, Principal, ZGF Architects

4:05PM – 4:45PM

Case Study - Digital Twin and Connected Workers at Javits Center

To conclude the 2024 Buildings Conference, attendees will hear a case study presentation from Siemens and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. This session will cover a wide range of topics, including the integration of Siemens' Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) approach, BIM-based Digital Twin, Augmented Reality (Magic Leap) deployment, robotic dogs implementation for inspection, and Building Management Systems.

Igor Starkov, VP Digital Twin, Siemens

4:45PM – 5:00PM

Digital Leader and Top Solution Award Recognition

The BuiltWorlds Analyst Team will confer Digital Leader Awards on the AEC firms that, through benchmarking surveys of members, have been determined to have the most advanced implementation of technology in the 30 plus key process areas surveyed and share some of the best practices observed.

5:00PM – 7:00PM

Closing Remarks & Reception

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