Analyst Call Recap: Preconstruction III – Transforming Contract & Document Management in AEC

May 8th: Preconstruction Analyst Call Recap

BuiltWorlds’ May 8 Analyst Call was our third preconstruction-focused webinar in a series of six scheduled for 2024. We were joined by three guest speakers representing organizations of varying size and maturity, Geoffrey Guilly, CEO of AiTenders, Josh Levy, CEO & Cofounder of Document Crunch, and Steve Smith, Director of Partnerships with Bluebeam, who are all working to transform how the industry thinks about contract, tender, and document management tech.

Although AITenders, Document Crunch, and Bluebeam provide somewhat varying solutions, each possesses tools that enable AEC professionals to increase efficiency and organization, especially in recalling key information, collaborating internally and externally, and automating workflows through advanced technology and artificial intelligence.

For example, Guilly and AITenders are looking to take unstructured data and transform it into actionable data, in turn, enabling efficient “Project Lifecycle Management.” In doing so, they are able to help their customers realize considerable productivity gains in a few areas Guilly outlines.

Similarly, Levy and Document Crunch are addressing contractual compliance issues, citing that the average project dispute value is $42.8M and over 80% of contractors have been negatively impacted by a contract. Levy's vision for DC is not to create a “blue ocean framework,” but rather structured and defined workflows and support from industry excerpts.

Last but certainly not least, Smith discussed Bluebeam’s perspective as it relates to Contracting technology, innovation, and AI. Smith went on to discuss the importance of partnerships and integrations with other solution providers and end-users.

“We can’t build everything…we won’t be able to innovate in a way that keeps us ahead of all of these trends. We’re building an entirely new innovation platform at Bluebeam.” Steve Smith, Director of Partnerships, Bluebeam

The next preconstruction-specific analyst call is scheduled for July 31st and will examine trends and innovations relating to estimating technology designed for the AEC industry.

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