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September Buildings Call: Timber Buildings

9/23/20 10:00am CST – Timber buildings continue to find growing interest, particularly in Europe where there is more focus on carbon reduction and sustainability than in the United States. That said, we also examined cases of timber buildings in the United States, such as the Adohi Residence Hall at the University of Arkansas, built by […]

E&C Technology Leaders Forum – September Meeting

9/24/20 10:00am CT – The E&C Technology Leaders Forum is a private group of technology leaders from the construction and engineering companies in the BW Member Network. The Forum meets monthly (virtually) to discuss pressing construction tech topics, share/compare notes, and, in general, hold a conversation with other industry experts about tech adoption/utilization in the […]

Machines Analyst Call Sept 30, 2020

September Machines Call: Robots & Smart Equipment

9/30/20 10 am CST – Beyond advances in how we track and manage work on the jobsite, the way we actually put work in place is changing radically. In Machines, we look at how trends like advanced and smart tools and equipments, robots, co-bots, exoskeletons, and more are changing how we actually put structures together […]

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Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 1 – Demo Day Competition

10/6/20 – BuiltWorlds Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions directly to BuiltWorlds members who have a strong focus on strategic investing.  As part of our Global Summit we will be hosting a pitch competition, with a focus on startups located outside the United States.

Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 2

10/7/20 – Day 2 of the BuiltWorlds’ 2020 Digital Global Summit will provide personalized insights from Built Industry experts focused on India, Saudi & the UAE, Australia, East Asia, & Singapore & SE Asia.  

Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 3

10/8/20 – Day 3 of the BuiltWorlds’ 2020 Digital Global Summit will provide personalized insights from Built Industry experts focused on France, the Iberian Peninsula, & the United Kingdom.  We will also host a Keynote Address from Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures.  

Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 4

10/9/20 – Day 4 of the BuiltWorlds’ 2020 Digital Global Summit will provide personalized insights from Built Industry experts focused on LATAM, & Canada.

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October Venture Call: Insights from Global Startups

10/14/20 10 am CST – Use of certain technologies & appetite towards investment can sometimes vary widely in different parts of the world. Continuing the discussion from last week’s Global Summit, on this call we’ll obtain insights directly from non-US centric entrepreneurs and gain their perspectives around the current fundraising environment, and their local industry’s […]

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October Buildings Call: Advances in Materials

10/21/20 10 am CST – This call will explore the recent advancements made in innovative buildings materials, and the shifting attitude towards adoption. Also, we’ll get a sense on how closely ROI is measured on implementation of new age materials. How closely are upfront costs balanced with occupant benefits?

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October Project Management Call: Prefabrication Methods & Modularization

10/28/20 10 am CST – What are the industry’s views on the importance of implementing pre-fabrication building methods? Has this attitude shifted in recent years? Modular buildings have also played a major recent role given COVID driven healthcare facility shortages and complications. What does the outlook on modular and prefab methods look like going forward?

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November Smart Jobsites Call: Equipment Management Software Integration

The construction industry is currently in an environment of rapid technological change.  Equipment Management Software integration is becoming an important aspect to manage that change for key stakeholders throughout the construction value chain.

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November Venture Call: VC & Accelerator Relationships With Their Portfolio

11/11/20 10:00am CST – In this call we’ll hear from two different investor group types in the built environment, an accelerator that focuses on earlier stage technologies, and a traditional VC investor.  They’ll each be joined by a startup in their portfolio, and we’ll get an understanding on how closely the groups try and work […]


Venture Conference

CHICAGO | December 3rd – 4th, 2020
The BuiltWorlds Venture Conference brings together investors, startups, and industry-backed data to talk through the current and future impact of technology on the built industry.

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2020 Digital Global Summit

Digital Global Summit 2020

DIGITAL GLOBAL SUMMIT 2020 With its differing regional circumstances, the world is an incredible laboratory for finding valuable insights about emerging technologies and ideas.  We have also found an incredible ecosystem of industry players, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs eager to meet and collaborate with their peers around the world. At the Digital Global Summit, we […]

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