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Industry CEO Forum

2024 Annual Meeting


4.16.2024 at 6:00PM - 4.17.2024 at 4:00PM


The Four Seasons Chicago 120 E Delaware Place Chicago, IL 60611

The CEO Forum is an exclusive, high level and interactive meeting of peers. Since we first hosted our CEO Tech Forum in 2016, the AEC Industry has witnessed a tectonic shift in the role of technology. Once a function delegated to IT, industry players have increasingly recognized the critical role of technology in every aspect of their business including how they  recruit and retain talent, confront productivity and supply chain challenges, position for new work, manage risk, and chart effective growth strategies. Mobile, Cloud Computing, and IoT technology fueled by a tsunami of venture capital investment and growing M&A activity has made it imperative for CEOs to understand the landscape and to be able to formulate strategies for adapting their organizations effectively in the face of disruption.

Now, as business leaders face a myriad of opportunities to grow their organizations through innovation, they must develop strategies around one key question - which strategies are right for my organization?

Speakers (More Speakers To Be Announced)

Tyler Sewall

Senior Director, BuiltWorlds

Chad Syverson

Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Audrey Lynch

Research Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Patrick Murphy

CEO, Togal

Sean Wrenn

Senior Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Mark Skender

President/Co-Founder, RaaP

Cameron Mabley

Venture & Investments Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Matthew Gray

Co-Chair, Graycor, Executive Chairman, BuiltWorlds

Jason Pritzker

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 53 Stations

Grant McCullagh

Director, Thornton Tomasetti

CEO Forum Meeting Agenda

The Annual BuiltWorlds CEO Forum Meeting will consist of a welcome evening followed by a full day of talks and discussions. Each of the four sessions on the 17th will include a presentation from a BuiltWorlds analyst on key trends and insights, a talk led by an industry leader, and an open discussion amongst attendees about strategies, pain points, and related topics.

Day 1 Schedule

6:00PM – 7:00PM
Four Seasons

Welcome Reception

Reception cocktails and Hors D'oeuvres in the reception hall as we welcome our annual meeting guests.

7:00PM – 8:00PM
Four Seasons

Welcome Dinner

8:00PM – 10:00PM
Four Seasons

Welcome Session: Private Equity Perspectives in AEC

Jason Pritzker, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, 53 Stations

During our dinner session, Jason Pritzker, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of recently-launched 53 Stations, will share his perspectives on the launch of their fund, what is important for them, and private equity opportunities in the AEC space.

Day 2 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00AM
Four Seasons

Morning Coffee & Breakfast

9:00AM – 10:20AM
Four Seasons

Session 1: Perspectives on Productivity

Chad Syverson, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Productivity in the construction industry has notoriously lagged the rest of the world. As the industry has slowly digitalized and the adoption of technology in various capacities has significantly increased, there has been no material correction to the industry's stagnant, and actually decreasing productivity. During this session, Chad Syverson, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, will share some of his work on the subject and how we might think about improvements moving forward.

10:20AM – 10:40AM
Four Seasons


10:40AM – 12:00PM
Four Seasons

Session 2: Winning Strategies for AI Adoption

Patrick Murphy, CEO, Togal

Last year saw a rise in the next generation of technology through generative AI advancements and the widespread accessibility of AI technology. Every industry has worked tirelessly to understand how it will impact them, and what it means for their organizations. This year, companies have begun developing partnerships, data strategies, and initiatives to take advantage of this new technology. What are some successful approaches to this effort that will ultimately contribute to net margin growth?

12:00PM – 1:00PM
Four Seasons


1:00PM – 2:20PM
Four Seasons

Session 3: Non-Traditional Construction and the World of Modular Building

Mark Skender, President/Co-Founder, RaaP

As the industry increasingly seeks to become safer, more efficient, and more sustainable, traditional construction practices are not always enough. Innovations and solutions in "offsite" construction continue to make headlines and waves across the globe. While not all news is positive, investments and innovations in non-traditional construction practices continue to be a source of interest for all stakeholders in the value chain. During this session, Mark Skender, Co-Founder of RaaP, will share some of his insights and perspectives on the growth and world of modular construction.

2:20PM – 2:40PM
Four Seasons


2:40PM – 4:00PM
Four Seasons

Various Vehicles for Driving Innovation

Grant McCullagh, Director, Thornton Tomasetti

As companies continue to work with more and more emerging technologies, it is critical to understand the benefits and difficulties of the various ways to do so. During the last session of the day, Grant McCullagh, Director at Thornton Tomasetti, will review the various vehicles Thornton Tomasetti utilizes to work with emerging technology. Direct investments, fund investments, and incubation are all valuable tools, which one is right for your organization?

How To Register for the CEO Forum Annual Meeting

Access to the CEO Forum Annual Meeting is reserved exclusively for members of our Business Strategies Track. Please click here if you are interested in joining the group and attending this event.

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