2024 Preconstruction Top 50

Welcome to the 2024 Preconstruction 50! The Preconstruction 50 List was derived from a combination of the 2024 Preconstruction Survey data, direct industry research, member conversations & feedback, and case studies.

The Preconstruction Survey inquired about solutions being leveraged in the following categories: Bid Management, Prequalification, Estimating, Scheduling, Contracting and Procurement. This list features both legacy and emerging preconstruction solutions being leveraged by some of the largest contractors, engineers, and specialty contractors from around the world.

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Bid Management


Aitenders is a tender, contract, and knowledge management platform. Users can unleash the potential of the data to help make better decisions, identify and reduce all of your current and future risks, improve the quality of your deliverables, and reduce the tender time/costs while releasing the pressure on your team.


CMiC’s Construction Bidding & Procurement Management software offers a technological foundation for the contractor pre-qualification process. Through the power of our Single Database Platform, CMiC Bidding & Procurement helps firms reduce risks upfront, while bringing transparency, agility and accuracy to the vendor procurement process.


ConstructConnect is a platform for the construction industry that offers project bidding, collaboration, and information exchange services. The platform facilitates project discovery, bid management, and document sharing. It also provides prequalification services to assess and manage contractor and subcontractor qualifications.


Pantera Tools software is for construction professionals who want to simplify their bids, projects, and communication. Pantera focuses on providing innovative and easy-to-use solutions for the construction industry during all phases of the building cycle.

procore logo

Procore's bid management function is a centralized platform that streamlines the process of soliciting, managing, and evaluating bids for construction projects. It allows users to upload bid documents, solicit bids, compare and evaluate proposals, and facilitate communication among project stakeholders. It aims to save time, reduce costs, and improve project efficiency and outcomes.


SmartBid is a cloud-based platform that streamlines construction bid management. It centralizes bid documents, invites bids from subcontractors, and facilitates bid evaluation and selection based on cost, schedule, and subcontractor qualifications. SmartBid optimizes the bidding process, improves project outcomes, and enhances efficiency in the construction industry.



building connected

BuildingConnected is a preconstruction solution for general contractors and subcontractors. It offers a suite of products, including the Bid Manager tool which allows general contractors to send invitations to bid, level bids submitted for projects and qualify subcontractors in a single location. It also offers Bid Board - a tool for subcontractors that allows them to manage and submit bids, access project files, message general contractors and submit qualifications from a single account.


COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics is a comprehensive data analytics platform tailored for the commercial real estate sector. It offers sophisticated tools for analyzing property performance, market trends, and investment opportunities. COMPASS aggregates and synthesizes large volumes of real estate data, providing users with actionable insights to make informed decisions.

contractors score

ContractorScore is a platform that evaluates construction contractors based on performance metrics and customer feedback. It provides a comprehensive assessment of a contractor's quality of work, reliability, timeliness, and communication. This helps project owners and construction companies make informed decisions when selecting contractors, leading to improved project outcomes and client satisfaction.


TradeTapp by BuildingConnected is a prequalification platform for construction contractors, analyzing subcontractor data to assess capabilities and risk profiles, aiding firms in selecting reliable partners efficiently.


Vertikal is an integrated risk management solution that offers software and services for supply chain risk management. Utilizing advanced technologies and an AI-enhanced platform, our data-driven approach and reporting capabilities are at the forefront of the industry. Vertikal offers fully integrated solutions and services, including certificates of insurance compliance, financial analysis, safety, and consulting, to help businesses mitigate unforeseen risks effectively.




Alice Technologies is an AI-driven construction scheduling platform that automates schedule creation, optimizing resource utilization and reducing human error. With its user-friendly interface and real-time adaptability, Alice improves productivity and project efficiency for construction teams.


Asta Powerproject is a project management software that simplifies planning, scheduling, and execution of construction and engineering projects. It offers a user-friendly interface, dynamic scheduling capabilities, and collaboration features for project teams. Asta Powerproject helps organizations achieve successful project outcomes through precision and efficiency.


Bridgit is a workforce planning software built for the construction industry. Bridgit's core product, Bridgit Bench, is a combination of project administration and field staffing in one tool. The platform featured advanced forecasting which brings teams across the organization together to build project teams and visualize supply and demand of resources.


Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction management software designed for residential construction firms. It offers tools for project scheduling, document management, financial tracking, communication, and customer management. With a user-friendly interface and mobile app, it facilitates real-time collaboration and transparency. BuilderTrend helps contractors manage projects efficiently and maintain client satisfaction.

e-Builder logo_tcm18-313640

e-Builder, a Trimble company, offers a cloud-based construction project management software solution. It provides tools for managing budgets, schedules, documents, contracts, and workflows, facilitating collaboration among stakeholders. With robust reporting and analytics capabilities, e-Builder enables data-driven decision-making and efficient project delivery.


eSUB is a user-friendly construction project management software for subcontractors, offering streamlined workflow processes through its cloud-based platform. It facilitates efficient management of documents, time tracking, change orders, RFIs, and project communication, enhancing collaboration, transparency, and on-time project delivery.


Microsoft Project is a powerful software for scheduling and planning complex projects in construction. It allows users to create detailed schedules, optimize resource allocation and facilitate collaboration among team members. Its integration with other Microsoft Office applications enhances its usability.


nPlan is a construction tech company that uses AI and machine learning to analyze project schedules for potential risks and delays. By providing predictive analytics, nPlan empowers project managers to optimize schedules and mitigate delays, improving project outcomes and reducing costs.


Outbuild empowers construction field professionals with a new and improved way of scheduling and planning projects. Outbuild's web-based and collaborative platform is used for building robust construction schedules and allows trade partners to create their weekly and daily activities, manage resources, and improve coordination between stakeholders through every stage of a construction project.

oracle primavera p6 logo

Oracle Primavera P6 is a scalable project management software used to plan, manage, and execute project work across various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, energy and IT. Established under the name Primavera Systems, the company was bought out by Oracle in 2008 and developed into the tool it is today.

proplanner logo

ProPlanner’s web-based and collaborative platform is used for building robust construction schedules, and allows trade partners to create their weekly and daily activities, manage resources, and improve coordination between stakeholders through every stage of a construction project. 

schedule validator

Schedule Validator is a schedule analytics and validation tool for P6, Microsoft Project, and Asta Powerproject. Users can manage risks with schedule analytics, critical path analysis, and comparative analysis on multiple schedules.


SmartPM is a construction project management software that provides advanced analytics and project controls to help professionals manage and analyze project data effectively. It enables users to track project schedules, budgets, and performance metrics, utilizing AI and machine learning to identify trends, risks, and opportunities.


Smartsheet is an adaptable project management platform with use cases for the construction industry. The platform features industry-specific templates, including solutions for the project management office and for construction and facilities management. The platform offers more than just project management and scheduling features. It can also handle workflows related to PFI/PFP management and field operations during the preconstruction phase.




Accubid, developed by Trimble, is electrical estimating software tailored for contractors. It automates tasks like takeoff, pricing, labor calculations, and proposal generation, facilitating quick and accurate estimates. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive component database, AccuBid streamlines the estimating process, fostering collaboration and improving bid success rates for contractors.

Augmenta AI

Augmenta is a construction tech company that utilizes AI and machine learning to automate estimating processes. Their platform streamlines tasks like quantity takeoff and bid preparation, helping contractors generate accurate estimates efficiently. By improving productivity and bid success rates, Augmenta transforms project estimating, driving efficiency and profitability in the construction industry.


Bluebeam's Revu software offers robust estimating features, allowing contractors to create accurate estimates efficiently. With advanced tools for quantity takeoff, cost estimation, and bid preparation, Bluebeam streamlines the estimating process. Its markup and measurement capabilities enable precise calculations directly on project documents, enhancing collaboration and ensuring competitive bids.


Buildxact provides streamlined estimating and job management solutions for builders and trades. With a cloud-based platform, users can create accurate quotes efficiently using integrated takeoff tools, cost tracking, scheduling, and client management features. Buildxact optimizes workflows and enhances productivity in the construction industry.


Sage acquired CoreCon technologies in May 2023. Sage Estimating is a software tool designed to aid in the creation of accurate and competitive bids for construction projects. Its key features include the ability to handle numerous alternates and locations, track all estimates and bids in a centralized location, and automatically save after every keystroke.


Cost-OS is an advanced estimating solution for the construction industry. It provides robust capabilities for accurate project cost estimation and handles complex projects with ease. With a centralized platform for collaboration, real-time updates, and advanced analytics tools, Cost-OS empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize project budgets.


RIB CostX is an all-in-one takeoff, estimating and reporting solution that ensures error-free results. The product’s multiple deployment options make it highly accessible and easy to use. RIB CostX is completely adaptable to workflows and requirements of different projects, regions, roles, and industries.


DESTINI Estimator is a preconstruction software that streamlines the preconstruction process by providing estimators with a built-in takeoff feature and access to all relevant preconstruction tools within a single integrated platform. This software enables estimators to make informed decisions based on data and deliver consistently accurate estimates to owners. It also allows for the creation of comparison reports to compare multiple versions of a project.


InEight Software is an integrated construction management, cloud-based solution that provides real-time insights to minimize risks, improve efficiency, and control project costs. The software platform covers the customer’s full project lifecycle – from pre-planning to design, from estimating to scheduling, and from field execution to turnover.


Join, the decision-making platform for the built environment, is collaboration software that facilitates decision-making for all stakeholders on a construction project. With real-time insight into cost data and a visual interface, Join empowers contractors, owners, and design teams to collaborate on decisions throughout the project lifecycle.


On-Screen Takeoff is a software designed for construction companies to simplify the process of takeoff, RFI, and bidding.

proest logo

ProEst, an Autodesk solution, is a cloud-based construction estimating software that streamlines the bidding process with accurate cost estimates and professional bid proposals. Its intuitive interface and advanced features enable contractors to manage expenses, perform takeoffs, and handle subcontractor quotes efficiently, helping them win more profitable projects.


Sage Estimating is a software tool designed to aid in the creation of accurate and competitive bids for construction projects. Its key features include the ability to handle numerous alternates and locations, track all estimates and bids in a centralized location, and automatically save after every keystroke.

autodesk takeoff

Autodesk Takeoff is advanced software that streamlines the estimating process in construction. This cloud-based 2D and 3D construction takeoff software consolidates project budgets, improves efficiency and accuracy, and enables collaboration. It's an essential tool for construction professionals looking to enhance estimating processes and project outcomes.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 163428

TestFit is a real estate platform that simplifies site planning for architects, developers, and contractors. It generates rapid concept iterations based on your parametric input and provides real-time insights into design, constructability, and cost.


Togal is an AI-powered, cloud based preconstruction software built by estimators, for estimators. It eliminates the most tedious parts of the takeoff process by letting AI automatically detect, measure, compare and label project spaces and features in seconds, not hours.


WinEst Essentials is a powerful solution for estimators in any phase of estimation process. It offers database-driven approach and essential tools for confident estimating and effective collaboration throughout preconstruction workflows.




Cosuno ensures efficient and transparent collaboration between all parties involved in the construction industry from planning to payment. Customers benefit from involving subcontractors in planning at an early stage, finding the right prices on a data-driven basis, and being able to pay more quickly via the software.


Document Crunch simplifies construction contracts by quickly identifying critical risk provisions and provides teams with guidance to make great decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle.


Knowify can help your contracting business manage service tickets, work orders, and contract jobs all on one platform. Knowify encompasses estimation, job costing, contract and change order management, project tracking, time tracking, invoicing, purchasing, billing, and scheduling.




Construction Managers use LeadTime to better organize, track, update, and share key procurement details with their entire team. The platform seamlessly integrates project data and organizes procurement details in one place. Users can track lead times more accurately and share an accurate procurement look ahead with their teams.


PLOT is a procurement and logistics operations technology company. Users can schedule material deadlines, maintain constant communication with trades, and gain a higher level perspective with trade and vendor performance metrics.


ProcurePro's reporting dashboards swiftly pinpoint risks and opportunities, while real-time updates and embedded content libraries ensure visibility and consistency. Modern tendering and standardized formats accelerate price comparison, and transparent subcontractor approval processes streamline decision-making. With effortless contract generation and eSigning, ProcurePro ensures efficiency before site work begins.

struxhub logo 1920

StruxHub is a software platform that helps general contractors coordinate materials deliveries, inspections, and construction schedules with their trade partners.