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Advanced Construction Robotics is developing a wide range of autonomous solutions for the construction industry to accelerate productivity, reduce schedule risk, increase profits, and improve safety. Our diverse and world-class team of autonomous system experts can combine the sensing, artificial intelligence, motion control, software infrastructure, and electro-mechanical systems to solve various industry challenges.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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Machinery/Equipment, Robotics


TyBot – An Autonomous Rebar-tying Robot

TyBot, a solution to labor shortage needs in bridge deck construction

Partnering With the Robotics World to Improve Construction

Autonomous Rebar-tying, Rain or Shine

TyBot Operational Overview

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ACR robots are made to be user-friendly. For example, TyBot can be transported with no wide load sign, on an f250 or equivelent truck and trailer.

ACR will lead the construction robotics industry into the next technological revolution, focused on Robotics and A.I.

Our products are transforming construction through robotics and A.I.

ACR creates robots that can perform entirely autonomously, without any human intervention, on real worksites. They accomplish this through robot vision and artificial intelligence.

IronBot, ACR's second product, can increase productivity during rebar operations even more by lifting and placing the rebar across an even plane.

ACR's first commercial product, TyBot, can work day or night, rain or shine.


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2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

People Who Work Here

Stephen Muck

Co-Founder and Chairman

Carson Carney

Vice President, Technology Innovation

Jay Gowdy

Robotics Engineer

Danielle Proctor

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Searock

Co-founder & President
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