BuiltWorlds Session Video: Stephen Muck, ACR

Stephen Muck, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at BuiltWorlds member company Advanced Construction Robotics took time to sit down with us at our most recent Venture West conference in Palo Alto to discuss exciting things happening at ACR and what some of the items on his radar are for 2022 and beyond in terms of advanced robotics and this industry in general.

Muck also discusses his background in the construction industry that got its start almost 30 years ago with Brayman Construction and how he’s continued to involve himself further with the development of his private equity firm Grouse Ridge Capital.

Muck began ACR 5 years ago and the company is aimed at developing construction technologies to increase efficiencies in the built world. The first product ACR has been able to implement on jobsites is a rebar tying robot they’ve named TyBot that can quickly tie rebar on a variety of project types. This allows for less demand of human capital for a more efficient, safe, and costly production.

ACR has announced the introduction of another robot named Iron Bot that will carry and place the rebar on the jobsite.

Muck says that these last couple of years he has seen a shift in how ACR has been interacting with contractors in regards to the robotics. He mentions that when ACR first launched TyBot the company was soliciting the services of the robot to contractors. Now that it has become a more widespread and commonly accepted technology, the calls are starting to come in naturally from contractors wanting to leverage the robot in their workflow. Muck is also excited about the potential that IronBot will bring the table once it has been launched and is started to be added to jobsites.

He views this time period and the near future as a construction renaissance where contractors are starting to utilize the technological tools and robotics into their jobsites and will eventually change how we construction the build world around us.