About Grouse Ridge Capital

Grouse Ridge Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm based just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Our team of entrepreneurs, finance, and operations professionals lead equity investments in order to build great companies and deliver outsized returns to our partners.

Our firm is supported by an operating portfolio of over a dozen companies primarily concentrated in the heavy construction, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. We seek opportunities that allow us to maximize economies of scale across our portfolio in terms of shared resources, lower cost of goods, complimentary service offerings, and expanded geographic and industry presence. Grouse Ridge Capital may invest in distressed assets if an event-driven increase in value can be identified or the underlying assets are substantially undervalued and of strategic importance.

Our venture capital is allocated using a barbell strategy between actively managed early-stage ventures and passive late-stage investments. We seek to initiate Series-A investments between $500k – $3mm in early-stage ventures with unfair competitive advantage at valuations under $5mm requiring no more than $10mm in equity financing to scale. Additionally, we selectively deploy capital in rapid-growth late-stage ventures demonstrating tangible progress towards a defined exit.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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Advisory, Consulting, Corporate Venture Capital, Financing, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Traditional Investor


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