2021 U.S. Summit Demo Day Primer: A Rundown on Seven Groundbreaking Startups and an All Star Jury

Welcome Grouse Ridge Capital, our newest Venture Forum Member!

At the 2021 U.S. Summit, startups selected by our Venture Program members in concert with our Venture Analyst Team will have short opportunities to “pitch” their solutions to a team of judges fielded from our Venture Program Member Companies, for a chance to be the winner of this year’s U.S. Summit Demo Day Competition. Venture Program Members include an elite group of industry innovators that have made an additional financial contribution to supporting the industry’s startup ecosystem: Barton Malow, Clayco, Ellis Don, Graycor, Hill Group, Owens Corning, Nabholz, Saint Gobain, Shibumi, Sto Building Group, Syska, and Thornton Tomasetti.

The Presenting Companies

Since 2014 BuiltWorlds has run Demo Days, giving startups the opportunity to share their innovations. As a culmination of the past 7 years, the 2021 selected startups include:

Clue Insights

Clue is an all-in-one construction management platform that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime for the entire fleet. With Clue, customers eliminate 20% of annual operational waste through better productivity management, maintenance, asset allocation, and total cost of ownership planning. Clue consists of three product pillars: 1) Managing, 2) Optimizing, and 3) Saving. 1) Managing: Clue integrates existing telematics, GPS tracking, and field operations systems from over 20 OEMs and partners (including Caterpillar / VisionLink, Komatsu, Deere, Geotab, Samsara, and others). This enables supervisors, mechanics, equipment managers, and CEOs to manage all aspects of their fleet and crew operations in one place: tracking asset location, conducting inspections, generating work orders, monitoring maintenance, addressing faults, and allocating to jobs – – for 100% of your equipment, vehicles, tools, and crew. 2) Optimizing: Having connected all operating systems in one place, Clue monitors asset performance, and using rule-based and machine-learning algorithms, generates real-time alerts and actionable insights to inform managers about equipment performance, idle assets, irregular team activities, downtime events, fault codes, abnormal fuel consumption, under-utilized resources and more. Managers can easily find their assets, reallocate to other jobs, coach crew members, and schedule preventative maintenance to run a more productive operation. 3) Saving: Clue also integrates into different ERP systems like Viewpoint Vista, SAP, and Oracle. Integrating billing data enables Clue to analyze the equipment account, calibrate asset charge rates, and recommend which assets to replace, repair, rebuild, swap, stop renting, reduce costs – so that companies can plan for an optimal resource allocation and bidding. Through this, companies reduce their Total Cost of Ownership and increase productivity.

Document Crunch

We are an easy-to-use artificial technology platform, trained by industry leaders and experts, ready to go to work for you now. There are no up front costs, pay as you go. The platform is already trained for many different use cases so you don’t have to spend time and money creating a solution for your specific needs. We already did that. Try us risk-free. There are no commitments. You don’t even need a credit card to get started. Sign up now and get your first document processed for free. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!


The Eyrus platform combines Workforce Visibility and Field Productivity to generate the ultimate Construction Workforce Intelligence. Using automated data collection in real-time, Eyrus provides simple and seamless solutions that enhance levels of workforce insight and support construction professionals in delivering their projects on time and on budget. To meet today’s challenges around COVID-19, Eyrus combines workforce data with site zone information to provide solutions for protocol mandates in the workplace. Streamline workflows, increase collaboration, promote safety & security, and support compliance using workforce data straight from your site.


Our mission is to foster the evolution of commerce in commodity raw materials through innovative technology solutions. We fulfill this objective by providing a digital platform that creates efficient transactions and real-time pricing for all market participants. We are members of SBCA: The Voice of the Structural Building Components Industry and National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA).


‘Transcend’s generative design platform fully automates the preliminary engineering process for wastewater treatment plants. We sell direct to water EPC’s, Real estate developers, and technology OEM’s to slash the cost of design and increase project margins & speed to construction. The software generates a full set of engineering quality output documents including P&ID’s, technical descriptions, and a complete BIM model in 8 hours or less, compared to the hundreds or thousands of hours these firms spend on preliminary design.


WakeCap is an IoT-based product and service that provides a unique and disruptive approach to construction site productivity and safety. The product is easy to use for the workers – it’s just part of the hard hat suspension and requires zero training. It can be adapted for any helmet (ex. 3M, Kask, Bullard, MSA, Honeywell…) Easy to install and move around as the building changes – no need to run power due to the 4-year batteries. The mesh network ensures full coverage and continuous uptime in vertical and condensed structures / open, confined, and isolated areas / extreme hot or cold working environments. WakeCap makes it easy to source critical information to 3rd party platforms (ex. Safety, Productivity, Time Keeping, and Project Planning). To-date WakeCap has over 22 million active hours spread across 15 major projects in the Middle East, US, and Canada.



Our judges for the Demo Day include leaders all across the industry. From venture & finance to construction & engineering, our judges come with diverse perspectives and years of expertise.

Ben Price, NOVA External Ventures, Saint Gobain

Ben is a Venture Manager on the NOVA External Ventures team for Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain is a 355-year-old, ~$45B in annual revenue materials company. The NOVA External Ventures team supports collaboration and strategic investment in startup companies aligned with Saint-Gobain business units. Ben focuses on construction tech, innovative building materials, and other disruptions to the construction value chain and the built environment. The NOVA team is interested in both digital and physical/material innovations. Ben is based outside of Boston, is a member of the Caritas Communities Young Leader Board, Flying Kites Board of Ambassadors and is a Boston sports fan.

Will Longsworth, Director of Finance, Barton Malow

Will Longsworth, is a strategy and corporate finance professional with expertise in financial modeling and analysis, corporate development, and operational improvement across multiple industries and geographies. Will’s experiences include but are not limited to strategic planning, asset acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and other business combinations. Will Longsworth is responsible for capital allocation across the Barton Malow family of companies. 

Jon Pahl, Director of Innovation, Nabholz

Jon is Director of Innovation at Nabholz Corporation, giving legs to new ideas that solve problems and add value. Beginning with a summer internship, Jon’s career path at Nabholz has taken him through Preconstruction, Project Management, and Operations leadership. In his current role, Jon is particularly passionate about advocating ideas from the company’s professional craft. Jon earned a B.S. in Construction Management from John Brown University. He recently celebrated 22 years with Nabholz.

Sheetal Roy, Senior Associate, Syska Hennessy

Sheetal is a design professional with over 15 years of experience in MEP systems with a focus on electrical engineering and project management. She is a part of the leadership team at the local Syska Chicago office as well as the Syska Global Innovations team. Her passion is to create efficiency and excellence in design by utilizing process improvement methods and building strong teams.

Rachel Michelin, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti

A licensed Architect, Rachel Michelin is co-office director and leads a team focused on building envelope improvement and renovation projects for the Renewal practice in Thornton Tomasetti’s Chicago office. Rachel has extensive experience in the evaluation and repair of masonry, concrete, stone, curtain walls, roofing, and waterproofing, as well as in the design and incorporation of contemporary materials for window replacement and recladding projects. She has provided forensic expertise and design solutions for buildings of all sizes, vintages, and construction types. Rachel is skilled in devising cost-effective strategies for improving the energy performance of existing and new buildings. She uses her background in forensics, passion for sustainability, and building science principles to inform design decisions. A certified Building Enclosure Commissioning agent, Rachel works closely with building owners, operators, architects, and contractors to ensure that envelope systems and components achieve their performance goals.


Join us Wednesday, September 1st  at the BuiltWorlds’ 2021 U.S. Summit To Watch and Learn from the Demo Day Presentations