Rising Innovation of Tomorrow–2023 Buildings Conference Demo Day Recap

Prior to BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Buildings Conference, a Demo Day Competition was hosted to feature both early-stage and growth-stage companies pitching their ideas to a panel of judges. This competition featured a panel of six judges, Chris FortunatoCRH Ventures; Dan Weisman, National Association of RealtorsTheo Lim, Moderne Ventures; Alexey Dubov, BuildTech; David Krshenbaum, MeadeCo; and Joseph Burns, Thornton Tomasetti. The companies that competed in the Demo Day Competition were FlexnodeEcomedesArx , Sensytec, Symbiumlulafit , BuildingEase, Inventables, and Build Smartr. This competition was open to members of the Building Tech Forum, E&C Forum, and Venture Forum. Videos of each individual Demo Drop will be released in the coming weeks following the conclusion of the 2023 Buildings Conference.

Early-Stage Companies


Flexnode is specialized in modular data-center solutions and is embracing the digital era of the real estate sector. Its primary objective is to address the persistent challenge of data centers struggling to meet the increasing demand requirements within the industry, which is only going to escalate in the coming years. They aim to tackle various aspects concerning cost, power/CO₂ emissions, size and density, water consumption, and labor concerns all associated with data centers. What makes this solution different from the industry standard is that it boasts remarkable versatility and portability, as it can be deployed in nearly any location.


Symbium introduces a groundbreaking program that reimagines the way that citizens and the government interact about home projects. With an accessible Citizen’s Dashboard individuals become empowered to take full control of their projects, with complex laws and regulations broken down into digestible workflows. By putting the power back into the hands of contractors and owners, this platform enables a comprehensive understanding of the project at hand. Users can navigate specifications of their scope of work to streamline the permit acquisition process, while also optimizing fee payments. 


BuildingEase provides a workflow tool that addresses the crucial aspect of materials management throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings. It mimics the unique ecosystem of the built world, with its many niche issues that arise while having a plethora of stakeholders involved, making strong communication critical. This tool is set to challenge the lack of centralized data and information, which leads to underutilization of internal resources. T This platform hopes to begin revolutionizing the way that design firms manage materials by optimizing workflows, providing a marketplace for global procurement, and leveraging market forces. 


In response to the lack of real-time concrete performance data, Sensytec has created technology that provides real-time insights into the performance data of concrete infrastructure. This comprehensive platform encompasses real-time metrics, addressing key areas such as finance, environment, safety, and exploring new materials and methods. What sets their platform and technology apart is that they are currently the only solution that monitors both temperature and electrical resistivity, establishing a holistic approach to monitoring concrete performance.


Arx is a strategic weapon that leverages AI-powered real estate analytics to provide insights on millions of properties. Developers, investors, and agents are empowered to swiftly evaluate investment and development opportunities within the ever-changing built environment. Arx is led by the mission of equipping professionals with instantaneous comprehension of regional regulations and market dynamics. All of this is done in hopes of creating a more inclusive and balanced ecosystem for the future of AEC.

Growth-Stage Companies


Inventables is a comprehensive tool that provides valuable support to carpenters throughout their projects, offering a range of functionalities. This software and hardware enables users to design, collaborate with clients, and construct projects directly on the job-site. They are focused on minimizing the gap in the community of makers, as it equips craftsmen with digital power tools, empowering them to work more efficiently and productively. The software leverages AI technology to generate images based on user requests, facilitating the design process in a hands-on and seamless manner.

Build Smartr

Build Smartr is revolutionizing traditional home building by leveraging the use of steel-framed homes to expand its use within the built world. They are focused on using recycled steel; having each  home save 35 trees, which removes 1 ton of CO₂ annually. They have accumulated $21.5M in confirmed projects and are planning to accelerate market adoption within both residential construction and commercial projects in the future. Their software integrates CAD and robotics, offering a customizable, sustainable, collaborative, and cost-effective solution for clients.


Ecomedes accelerates sustainable product adoption through its user-friendly platform by connecting users to products without the barrier of communication. Their cloud-based software leverages product data to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for a user's project. Enterprises using the platform will also begin to gain profit by improving impact and growing alongside the ecosystem with data provided from the platform. Ecomedes has already shifted hundreds of millions of dollars that would have gone to non-green products to sustainable green products instead.


Office buildings are changing and lulafit is ready to transform these spaces to address today’s occupancy challenges. They are an amenity and hospitality company that fosters community and desirable workspaces. Their services include amenity, design, and strategy consultations, helping to align people and programs. They offer an integrated membership that streamlines workspace operations while increasing retention, hiring engagement, and providing a healthier and happier workforce.