About Clue

Clue is an all-in-one construction management platform that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime for the entire fleet. With Clue, customers eliminate 20% of annual operational waste through better productivity management, maintenance, asset allocation, and total cost of ownership planning.

Clue consists of three product pillars: 1) Managing, 2) Optimizing, and 3) Saving.

1) Managing: Clue integrates existing telematics, GPS tracking, and field operations systems from over 20 OEMs and partners (including Caterpillar / VisionLink, Komatsu, Deere, Geotab, Samsara, and others). This enables supervisors, mechanics, equipment managers, and CEOs to manage all aspects of their fleet and crew operations in one place: tracking asset location, conducting inspections, generating work orders, monitoring maintenance, addressing faults, and allocating to jobs – – for 100% of your equipment, vehicles, tools, and crew.

2) Optimizing: Having connected all operating systems in one place, Clue monitors asset performance, and using rule-based and machine-learning algorithms, generates real-time alerts and actionable insights to inform managers about equipment performance, idle assets, irregular team activities, downtime events, fault codes, abnormal fuel consumption, under-utilized resources and more. Managers can easily find their assets, reallocate to other jobs, coach crew members, and schedule preventative maintenance to run a more productive operation.

3) Saving: Clue also integrates into different ERP systems like Viewpoint Vista, SAP, and Oracle. Integrating billing data enables Clue to analyze the equipment account, calibrate asset charge rates, and recommend which assets to replace, repair, rebuild, swap, stop renting, reduce costs – so that companies can plan for an optimal resource allocation and bidding. Through this, companies reduce their Total Cost of Ownership and increase productivity.

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