2021 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

Welcome to the 2021 Infrastructure Tech 50! This list features the leading companies offering cutting edge infrastructure technology.  In this list we explore the innovative solutions in the areas of Asset Management & Maintenance, Construction Management, Equipment & Machinery, Master Planning, Engineering & Design, Preconstruction Planning, & Materials.

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Infrastructure Tech 50 2021

Master Planning 


Autodesk (Spacemaker)

Spacemaker utilizes the latest advances in artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud to offer fully digitized site planning. Create new ideas, design proposals, and solve site constraints and density requirements using real-time analyses and generative design.

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Direxyon allows users to optimize their business in the short, medium, and long term. Companies are able to find the best solutions unique to them by simulating all probable futures which allow for a clear justification of strategies employed.


Esri is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS, and geodatabase management applications.

Oracle (Capital Improvement)

With Oracle's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), companies are able to do more with less. The CIP is a cloud service that helps prioritize, plan, and monitor projects as well as consider "what-if" scenarios.

Comment from Oracle

"Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions are used to plan, build, and operate everything from the world’s biggest and most complex engineering projects, to the infrastructure and buildings that keep our world running, like schools, hospitals, roads, and bridges. Asset owners and project delivery teams rely on our scalable cloud solutions to drive performance, predictability, and continuous improvement by connecting teams, empowering decisions, and synchronizing activities."


Trimble (Modelogix)

Trimble Modelogix is an enterprise software solution that allows organizations to mine data from project estimates and “as-built, actual” costs, with prices normalized to the time and location of the current opportunity, to create fast and accurate early phase cost models, all while reducing risk and removing a lot of guesswork.

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Aurigo Software Technologies (Masterworks)

Aurigo helps state agencies, cities, counties, water authorities, airports, and facility owners plan, build and maintain capital assets, infrastructure and facilities safely and efficiently. Masterworks, specifically, is their integrated suite of enterprise software products for planning, building, and maintaining large capital assets, infrastructure and facilities.

Comment from Aurigo

"Aurigo Software has built an innovative technology platform leveraging web and mobile technologies, leveraging AI and Blockchain to deliver a cloud platform that completely streamlined the entire process of capital project management, eliminating all paper from the whole process. Aurigo's innovative and intuitive software suite delivers process efficiency of over 37% and savings of up to 5% to infrastructure owners. In the last decade, Aurigo has become the platform of choice by state departments of transportation, airports, transit authorities, and local government agencies that use Aurigo Masterworks to plan and deliver over $300B of capital programs safely, on time and within budget!"

Engineering & Design


Akular delivers an immersive experience and visualizes buildings and urban plans through realistic simulation. Akular uses augmented reality technology to bring communities, cities, architects, and developers on the same page, allowing them to save time and increase transparency and involvement of residents in the urban planning process.

Bentley Systems (OpenGround)

OpenGround, Bentley’s collection of geotechnical information management and geotechnical analysis applications, provides a single source of truth for data management.


CityZenith users can leverage digital twin solutions to easily aggregate, query, visualize and analyze all their data in a single 3D dashboard uniquely crafted to suit their needs.

InEight (Model) 

InEight Model is a platform for model and information aggregation that hides the complexity of managing versions and sharing information across teams. Collect and reuse data throughout the design, construction, and operations phases without the current limitations of: managing file types, delays in uploading and downloading files, version control, re-entering data, and the difficulties of managing numerous point-solution applications.

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Preconstruction Planning 


Autodesk (AEC Collection)

The AEC Collection provides designers, engineers, and contractors a set of BIM and CAD tools supported by a cloud-based common data environment that facilitates project delivery from early-stage design through to construction.

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Christine Acker, Product Marketing Manager

B2W (Scheduling)

B2W Schedule allows your company to replace a disconnected mix of spreadsheets, phone calls, whiteboards and messages for heavy construction resource planning and simplifies processes and provides real-time visibility. Office and field employees can work together to keep construction projects running at optimal efficiency. Achieve precise coordination and scheduling of employees, equipment and material resources for better visibility, communication and collaboration.

HCSS (Heavybid)

Estimating Software for crew-based infrastructure construction. Bid more work in less time by cutting out extra steps and eliminating guesswork with HCSS construction estimating and bidding software.



Transcend’s generative design platform fully automates the preliminary engineering process for wastewater treatment plants. Transcend’s mission is to transform the way engineering firms, utilities, and technology suppliers assess and design critical infrastructure. Their software helps lowers costs, increases revenue (bid on more projects, faster, with more detail in less time), and frees up engineers to evaluate innovative technologies and sustainable design approaches, transcending the standard and sub-optimal solutions of years past.

Comment from Transcend

"Transcend’s mission is to transform the way engineering firms, utilities, and technology suppliers assess and design critical infrastructure. Transcend was started to help transform the culture of these firms by providing software that automates the preliminary engineering of any kind of vertical asset.  As these firms implement Transcend’s software it lowers costs, increases revenue (bid on more projects, faster, with more detail in less time), and frees up engineers to evaluate innovative technologies and sustainable design approaches, transcending the standard and sub-optimal solutions of years past."


Trimble (WinEst)

WinEst serves the quantity takeoff and cost estimating needs of building construction clients, large and small, all around the globe. Trimble WinEst serves the complete range of industry niches and customers—from regional single-office builders to global general contractors, facility owners, specialty contractors, and public/government agencies with accurate and responsive cost estimating allowing them to know and fully understand how to get the most out of this powerful software system.

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Construction Management


AI Clearing

AI Clearing is a construction technology company leveraging AI and advanced GIS analytics to automate infrastructure & energy construction progress reporting.

Comment from AI Clearing

"We offer a SaaS and Data Analytics solution – AI HEART – that significantly shortens construction progress tracking. AI HEART is based on machine learning solutions that automate the analytics process. The use of drone data allows for creating reports, covering 100% of the construction site.

Along with drone-based data, our solution crunches multiple available digital data types and performs automated and advanced 4D geospatial analytics. Because of this automation, we are able to shorten the reporting cycle and deliver actionable and comprehensive reports in the form of interactive, online dashboards as well as in PDF format. In addition, we are able to feed our data and reporting outcomes directly into your organization’s existing systems."

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Adam Wisneski
civalgo logo


Civalgo offers a cloud-based construction management solution designed to help managers, subcontractors, engineers, and businesses manage project planning, dispatching, communication, field execution, and more. Civalgo assists in the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget with the help of our easy-to-use and highly configurable tools.

Comment from Civalgo

Notable Awards & Articles

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With Datumate's cloud platform, built for infrastructure construction projects, Datumate enables construction companies to monitor project progress using DatuFly, their drone app for automatic data acquisition.

Comment from Datumate

"Datumate is a construction tech company serving construction companies, general contractors, owners, and project management firms. We believe that companies are ready to adopt construction tech if it comes with a clear ROI and improves but doesn't disrupt their processes.

Our construction data analytics platform DatuBIM improves project management and accelerates infrastructure construction project delivery through continuously updated field data and drone-based 3D models.

Automatic 3D model generation & insightful analytics drive transparency, accountability & efficiency of all teams involved. DatuBIM enables data-driven, faster, and collaborative decision-making and allows for tracking project progress, optimized project management, and high ROI. Delivered as a cloud-based platform, DatuBIM gives teams remote access to insights, reduces time-on-site, and keeps workers safe."

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Work smarter with DroneDeploy software. Capture images, create maps and 3D models, and analyze data across industries with both interior and exterior data.



DroneUp provides construction drone services, providing planning, inspection, evaluation, optimization, detection, and comparison assessments. They offer drone construction inspections, including construction site aerial photography, construction inventory management, and progress monitoring.

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 gNext Labs 

gNext Labs is a data processing, visualization, and management service for critical infrastructure. Our web service digitizes, visualizes, and analyzes critical infrastructure. By using A.I. as the backbone, their technology can provide time, costs savings, and valuable insights for asset-intensive enterprises and inspection/surveying companies.

Comment from gNext Labs

"We offer our gNext cloud platform for inspection which supports infrastructure safety by securely combining drone data with artificial intelligence and 3D modeling. The service enables inspectors and asset owners to safely, accurately, and collaboratively analyze and manage assets from a remote location. As infrastructure continues to age, our scalable tools empower inspectors and future-proofs the processes that keep our critical infrastructure safe and steadfast."

HCSS (HeavyJob)

HeavyJob helps manage your job's success by giving you the software needed and providing instant and accurate job costing to help you stay on time and on budget. HeavyJob streamlines your operations between the field and the office with HCSS construction project management software and digitizes your construction time card process so your supers and foremen can submit their daily diaries more easily by not having to shuffle through paper time cards.


Designed for infrastructure construction professionals, HeadLight is a visual-based inspection technology that allows them to capture, share, and act on data from the job site in real-time, offering the visual source of truth they need to confidently deliver a total and accurate picture of their work from day one. HeadLight ensures everyone sees exactly what they need to see when they need to see it.

Comment from Headlight

"Independent research found that organizations that use HeadLight 1) gain on average 117,000

hours per year of productivity with department-wide adoption 2) collect 1.9% more jobsite data and 3) experienced a 75% reduction in claims!"


Locusview provides a digital infrastructure construction platform from planning to revenue, including digital as-building, material traceability & reconciliation, and project close-out.

Nodes & Links

The company’s flagship Aegis platform uses complexity science and structured project data to help project managers simulate scenarios, identify complex risks and mitigate them in real-time. As a result, projects are delivered faster and at less cost.

Comment from Nodes & Links

"Nodes & Links is a technology company that works with global leaders in the project delivery space, from energy and construction to aerospace and defence. The company’s flagship Aegis platform uses complexity science and structured project data to help project managers simulate scenarios, identify complex risks and mitigate them in real time. As a result, projects are delivered faster and at less cost. Nodes and Links are backed by world-leading investors and innovate with leading universities."


Unearth is an integrated field operations platform that helps critical infrastructure providers connect assets, data, and field teams. Unearth improves productivity in construction by providing collaboration software powered by IoT and remote sensing.

Asset Management and Maintenance


Aren provides an AI inspection & 3D visualization platform for physical assets. They are advancing civil engineering and artificial intelligence technology to minimize the risk of infrastructure failure and optimize global infrastructure spending.

Comment from Aren

"Aren is building a civil infrastructure management platform for engineering firms and asset owners to minimize risk of failure and optimize infrastructure spending.

Our product is a B2B SaaS platform that uniquely combines artificial intelligence and civil engineering using Aren’s patented technology. It automatically aggregates raw data from different sources such as images, video, laser scanners, and other sensors; as outputs it provides a 3D high resolution visualization of the asset and its health through time, as well as predictive maintenance plans, capital allocation plans, and service life estimates. Our technology offers a cost-effective, automated, and objective approach to de-risk the inspection and assessment of civil infrastructure (e.g. bridges, building facades, dams)."


Building an asset inventory is the key to data-driven building and infrastructure operations, but assets are more than dots on a map. Cartegraph's municipal maintenance and infrastructure asset management system allows you to track asset conditions, costs, and work history. Their software guides you through the inspection process ensuring the right information is captured and easily accessible.

Comment from Cartegraph

"Known for being powerful and intuitive, Cartegraph’s software solutions help cities, counties, utilities, parks, colleges, universities, and school districts manage their physical infrastructure assets and associated operations. With Cartegraph, users optimize the life of their infrastructure, deploy maintenance resources efficiently, and increase productivity to drive high-performance operations.

To support modern workflows and streamline operations, Cartegraph has adopted an open-systems philosophy as the foundation of our cloud-based platform. This gives users the freedom to access their operations data however, whenever, and in whatever platform they choose.

Customers tell us they appreciate the ease of use, mobile app, seamless GIS integration, automated workflows, flexibility to configure the solution to fit their needs, and data visualization tools. Above all, they rave about our team."


Cityworks designed a web GIS-centric enterprise asset management system to manage, track, analyze and score your infrastructure assets. Cityworks helps you fully leverage your authoritative GIS data and provides a total solution to improve your agency’s operational effectiveness. Additionally, Cityworks enterprise asset management system helps you develop a long-term asset management strategy that increases efficiency and creates a safe and smart community.


Hades uses machine learning to detect defects in sewer inspection videos – faster, more objective, and less error-prone. Hades is for anyone inspecting, assessing, maintaining, and managing sewers - from field operators to project engineers to department heads working at private companies or local governments.


RoadBotics automates asset mapping, generating interactive maps with practical tools to save time and money for their clients around the world. These maps allow you to make meaningful data-driven decisions powered by artificial intelligence.

Comment from RoadBotics

"RoadBotics helps you build a virtual world with mapped visual data for collaboration, engagement, and evaluation. Using the power of artificial intelligence, these interactive maps empower you to make data-driven decisions about your environment, and provide digital solutions for industries like civil engineering, utilities, insurance, construction, and the public sector.

RoadBotics started with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform called RoadWay that automates road assessments and has enabled over 250 governments worldwide to objectively manage their road networks. The newest platform, AgileMapper, helps you manage all of your visual data with one collaborative enterprise mapping tool.

RoadBotics was spun out of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Robotics Institute in 2016 and has raised $11.4M in venture capital investment to date. We envision applying our technology to improve not only the world’s roads, but also the critical infrastructure that impacts people’s lives every day."

SITE Technologies

SITE is a data analytics company that allows our clients to have reliable information on their assets in real-time. SITE set out to create a product that provides its customers with not only an easy view of their property but an easy way to analyze any of their portfolio or property maintenance items that are fully customizable. This allows their clients to make fast, informed decisions.

Comment from SITE Technologies

"We set out to create a product that provides our customers with an easy view of their property that allows for quick analysis of their full portfolio of properties and maintenance items. The speed at which SITE provides this data allows for efficient and accurate decision making. Decision making that allows our customers to proactively allocate appropriate budgets, decrease costs associated to their properties and free up capital to reinvest back in their business. Our product is completely customizable for each customer’s needs. Our mission is to provide property owners and managers, the experience of virtually walking their properties, and allowing them to view simple analytics, from anywhere in the world. "

clue logo


Topping of Asset Management and Maintenance, Clue Insights is an all-in-one construction management platform that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime for the entire fleet. With Clue, their customers eliminate 20% of annual operational waste through better productivity management, maintenance, asset allocation, and total cost of ownership planning.

Comment from Clue

"Clue helps heavy civil construction contractors unlock their growth through data and AI.  We unify all asset data (on-road, off-road, owned and rented) in a single pane of glass, enabling contractors to improve job site productivity, utilization, maintenance, and performance – for 100% of their assets, using a friendly mobile and web apps."

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Arqlite is artificial gravel produced 100% from recycled plastics, which is a ten times better insulator and three times lighter than mineral gravel. Users can replace small amounts of mineral gravel with Arqlite Smart Gravel to reduce the carbon footprint of your concrete mix while improving insulation and slightly reducing weight, or replace higher percentages or use it as the only coarse aggregate for super light concretes and the best insulation for use in non-structural applications.

Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean provides companies the ability to employ a carbon capture solution more cheaply via next-generation modular systems. This solution brings full modularisation and containerization to both industrial carbon capture and biomethane facilities. This technology will deliver a 10x reduction in equipment size, resulting in a 50% reduction in both capex and opex compared to traditional open-plant designs.

CEMEX (Vertua)

Vertua's net-zero CO2 concrete solution was created by their Research and Development Center which resulted in a cutting-edge material that reduces the carbon footprint by up to 70% while the remaining 30% footprint is neutralized through offsetting efforts. Benefits to adopting low-carbon concrete include lower heat generation/reduced cracking, as well as remaining workable for longer due to slightly longer set times.

Heidelberg Cement Group (Low Carbon Concrete)

Heidelberg Cement Group's research and product innovation laboratories have developed various alternatives to traditional cement with a reduced environmental impact. Cements and concretes with improved carbon footprint, building materials with product properties favorable for lower material usage, and which enable society to implement climate-friendly solutions

lafarge logo

LafargeHolcim (EcoPact)

ECOPact concrete is sold at a range of low-carbon levels, from 30% to 100% less carbon emissions compared to standard (CEM I) concrete. Where regulatory conditions allow, ECOPact+ concrete integrates upcycled construction and demolition materials, further closing the resource loop to reduce the environmental footprint. ECOPact ZERO offsets and compensates unavoidable process-related CO2 emissions. Solutions like ECOPact are part of Holcim’s strategy to accelerate and lead the transition to more sustainable and innovative building materials for greener construction.

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RENCA (Geopolymer Cement)

The technology of geopolymer concrete is based on the idea of applying inorganic mineral substances, the production of which does not require the additional use of natural resources, and does not lead to CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Geopolymer concrete is chemically inert to a range of aggressive substances and remains sturdy in severe climates. In comparison to traditional concrete production technology based on portland cement, geopolymer concrete has been shown to possess superior results in strength, durability, freeze-thaw resistance, fire resistance, heat insulation, corrosion, and aggressive substance resistance including some types of acids.


Rockease by Solar Impulse is a one-stop-shop platform that makes it easier to order, track and centralize aggregates orders. Rockease Platform automates a manual process which can lead to errors, higher shipping costs, and no digital data pool. The innovators aim to help make it cheaper, quicker, and easier to order aggregates online while reducing the environmental impact. The solution connects general contractors, aggregates production sites, and hauling companies aiming towards one goal: to improve construction efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint from transport.


DAARWIN is a cloud-based platform that optimizes construction projects by reducing geotechnical uncertainties. DAARWIN overcomes the limitations of laboratory and in-situ testing by using real-time back analysis, a methodology that compares monitoring data to provide a more accurate representation of the real soil behavior.


Soil Connect

Soil Connect is an innovative digital marketplace that provides a better, faster, and cheaper way for construction professionals to transport and acquire soil, aggregates, and other building materials. Users are able to transact at shorter distances, which saves Soil Connect's customer's significant amounts of money while also reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 emissions.

Comment from Soil Connect

"Soil Connect is the first and only institutionally backed digital marketplace focused on the soil and aggregates industry. The platform was created to solve the high costs and inefficiencies associated with the transport and management of soil, aggregates and other materials. Founded by third-generation builder and developer Cliff Fetner, the platform connects those who have soil, aggregates and other building materials with those who need it. The marketplace offers a seamless and streamlined solution for excavators, contractors, developers, landscapers and other building professionals to network and transact with one another while saving time and money and positively impacting the environment.

eTickets is a contactless, easy-to-use e-ticketing platform designed to eliminate the use of paper tickets and allow users to easily capture customer information, type of truck, destination, pictures, eSignatures, type of material, load count and more. eTickets provides a better ticket management solution for any industry that hauls and manages loads. Eliminating the human error associated with traditional paper tickets and ultimately helping contractors get paid faster."

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soil memebr
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Intelliwave Technologies 

Addressing a wide range of infrastructure construction, SiteSens by Intelliwave Technologies is a great option to help track materials from vendor, to receipt, to storage, and finally to the installation point. Additionally, SiteSens allows you to add barcode, RFID, and GPS for increasing levels of automation. Constructors can now have full confidence in knowing if they have the right materials to start and finish their construction work.

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Equipment and Machinery 

Advanced Construction Robotics

Advanced Construction Robotics is developing a wide range of autonomous solutions for the construction industry, like their robots TyBot and IronBot, that accelerate productivity, reduce schedule risk, increase profits, and improve safety. These robots enable work to be conducted at a consistent and predictable rate that exceeds industry averages. Deployment of our robots is easy and low impact. Ultimately their team combines sensing, artificial intelligence, motion control, software infrastructure, and electro-mechanical systems to solve various industry challenges.

Comment from Advanced Construction Robotics

"Advanced Construction Robotics’ internal case studies have shown that TyBot yields an approximate 34% Manhour savings and a 34% schedule savings. Our customer Shelby Erectors’ own case study has reported a 43% manhour savings and 30% schedule savings. OSHA has estimated in 2018 that on a 100 person or more jobsite, one major accident occurs every 66,000 manhours on the job. In addition to the direct monetary savings from drastic reduction of direct labor and schedule, providing a customer with the ability to decrease the number of accidents for a company’s workforce by 1/3rd is priceless."

Built Robotics

Built Robotics transforms heavy equipment into autonomous robots; by upgrading off-the-shelf heavy equipment with AI guidance systems, Built Robotics technology enables machines (such as dozers, excavators, and CTLs) to operate fully autonomously.

Civ Robotics  

Civ Robotics is a construction tech startup aiming to revolutionize land surveying. Laying out coordinates has never been so simple and efficient thanks to their cutting-edge robotics mechanism and intuitive mission planner that ensures sub-inch accuracy of their markings. One of their products, CivdDone, is a solution for staking out linear and heavy civil projects where coordinates are far from one another.

Comment from Civ Robotics

"At Civ Robotics we are developing unmanned marking systems for the construction industry with an emphasis on infrastructure projects (e.g. roads and solar farms) that require thousands of marking every day."


GoFor helps customers to solve the challenge of delivering building materials, allowing its customers to execute quickly through a very intuitive platform and the right selection of delivery vehicles according to the requested load. GoFor allows you to see what's happening as it happens with tools that track your delivery end to end.



INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery, amongst construction & mining.

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Komatsu (FrontRunner) 

Komatsu’s FrontRunner trucks run completely autonomously – they are not remotely controlled – with a full truck fleet able to be monitored by a single controller located up to thousands of miles away. Benefits to FrontRunner include more accurate component life prediction because they are consistently driven to their optimum operating characteristics at all times, reduced tire decay due to their constantly achieving optimum travel speeds, gear shifts, and braking requirements, and increased productivity and production, because the lack of shift changes and crib breaks.


SafeAI retrofits your existing equipment and heavy machinery with the SafeAI Autonomous Kit, regardless of the equipment manufacturer, so that you can maximize productivity without needing to replace your existing fleet. SafeAI Autonomous Kit's are also interoperable which allows you to take off the kit from one machine and install it to another.

XtreeE logo black


XtreeE develops advanced large-scale 3D printing technology for the architectural design, engineering, and construction sector. Infrastructure projects include a pedestrian footbridge in Aubervilliers, Storm overflow in Lille, & a telecommunications mast.

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