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Opportunities for everyone within the built space! Apply to be featured on a top list, nominate yourself or a peer to be recognized, or apply to judge one of our many top list competitions.

2019 Venture Investors 50

Venture Investors 50 - Top List

The Venture Investors 50 identifies the most significant venture players in the built environment. Investors are evaluated along a variety of metrics, including dollars invested and number of deals. The list will feature corporate venture capitalists, traditional investors, and accelerators.
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2019 Venture West Conference
2020 Building Tech 50

Building Tech 50 - Top List

The Building Tech 50 features leading companies in the smart buildings space, with each offering innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency in buildings. Within we will categorize companies by 10 building system types.

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2020 Buildings Conference

2020 Venture Deals 50

Venture Deals 50 - Top List

The Venture Deals 50 features the most impactful venture deals of the past year. The list highlights the investor(s), investee, and dollar amount for each deal, along with a short breakdown from our analyst team.
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Venture Chicago Conference

Maverick Awards

The Maverick 50 Awards is our list of the built environment’s most forward-thinking and impactful leaders from the past year. We look to call-out people who have pushed boundaries in creating a smarter, more efficient, and more connected world. The Maverick awards feature leaders across the entire built environment, with architects, engineers, technologists, contractors, real estate moguls, venture investors, urban designers, and more.
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2020 BuiltWorlds U.S. Summit

2020 Machines 50

Machines 50 - Top List

The Machines 50 features innovative equipment, machinery, and tools being used at the frontier of the built environment. From robotics to 3D printing technology to autonomous vehicle fleets and beyond, these impressive machines are advancing our ability to build efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Machines Conference - In the Shop & Field

2020 Project Software 50

Project Software 50 - Top List

The Project Software 50 features innovative software platforms behind construction projects. Transforming jobsite data into valuable insights and assisting with resource planning and reporting, these project management solutions are forging connectivity in the building process.
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2020 Project Delivery Conference

2020 InfraTech 50

Infrastructure Tech 50 - Top List

The Infrastructure Tech 50 features emerging solutions in the smart infrastructure space. Enabling cities to become more resource-efficient and resilient, companies on the list are categorized by infrastructure system: (1) communication, (2) water, (3) energy, (4) mobility, and (5) waste.

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2020 Smart Jobsites 50

Smart Jobsite 50 - Top List

The Smart Jobsite 50 features innovative technologies that are reshaping the modern construction jobsite. Companies featured on the list have developed solutions that fall within one of 5 categories: (1) Materials (2) Scanning & Visualization (3) Site & Progress Monitoring (4) Tools & Equipment, and (5) Wearables.
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2020 Project Delivery Conference

Judging Guidelines/FAQs

Core to BuiltWorlds Research advantage is the power of our platform to "crowdsource" information. about trends, technologies, and players in the industry. As we grow, we are able to aggregate more data through polls, surveys, and other crowd leveraging techniques, and instead of sharing what we learn with advertisers, we share it with our members via our research.
Another great way to benefit from the growing power of the BuiltWorlds Platform is to serve as a judge.  When you serve as a judge, you get see primary data from our survey efforts, provide your objective third party evaluations of the applications submitted, and then - especially if you are a standard member of BuiltWorlds - you can see the results of the process as filtered through the evaluations of the group of judges. It is a great way to get more deeply informed about a topic of particular interest to you and also support BuiltWorlds broader peer-supported research efforts.

Do I have to be a member or sponsor to be a judge?

While some levels of membership may give people a first call on judging opportunities, we are looking for a broad sampling of the most expert people in on the topic being surveyed. So, judging opportunities are open to all.

What about conflicts?

We try hard to screen for conflicts and also to ensure that judges are knowledgeable consumers or otherwise objective experts in the fields in question. The BuiltWorlds team will make its best efforts to disqualify applications from people who are also solutions providers of the technology in question or otherwise have apparent conflicts of interest in rendering opinions.

How scientific is the process?

Like everything else we do at BuiltWorlds, we start slow and build from there. So, right now, the feedback is primarily subjective and qualitative. judges are asked to rank solutions based on how likely they think they are to impact a certain metric or how likely they are to be commercially successful in their expert opinion. Or whether how likely they are to use or recommend a solution.

What is required of me as a judge?

Right now, judging is conducted electronically. Judges typically receive free passes to the conference or event associated with their judging as consideration for their efforts. However, they are not required to attend events to participate.