About AI Clearing

AI Clearing is a construction technology company leveraging AI and advanced GIS analytics to automate infrastructure & energy construction progress reporting.

We offer a SaaS and Data Analytics solution – AI HEART – that significantly shortens construction progress tracking. AI HEART is based on machine learning solutions that automate the analytics process. The use of drone data allows for creating reports, covering 100% of the construction site.

Along with drone-based data, our solution crunches multiple available digital data types and performs automated and advanced 4D geospatial analytics. Because of this automation, we are able to shorten the reporting cycle and deliver actionable and comprehensive reports in the form of interactive, online dashboards as well as in PDF format. In addition, we are able to feed our data and reporting outcomes directly into your organization’s existing systems.

Key Facts

Texas, United States
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AI/Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Drones, Image Capture, Inspection


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