Five Companies Shaping AEC: 2022 Smart Jobsites Recap

BuiltWorlds’ 2022 Smart Jobsite Top 50 List illustrated top industry players that are providing innovative field solutions. This year’s smart jobsite list is set to be released on Thursday, June 22, and will utilize aggregated Benchmarking Survey data to show what groups are pioneering new solutions within the AEC industry. Below, we will be looking at five companies that are on the 2022 list and giving insight as to what they have achieved this past year. To access their BuiltWorlds company page, click on their logo.

AI Clearing is a construction technology platform that utilizes AI and advanced GIS analytics to automate construction progress tracking and progress reports. Their solution utilizes machine learning and drone data to track construction progress efficiently.

In December of 2022, AI Clearing formed a partnership with PCL Solar to launch the newest steps in managing solar work with production tracking, quality control checks, commissioning, and tracking performance indexes. They will also deploy their AI Surveyor™ Construction Progress Tracking across PCL’s solar projects.

Trimble’s CrewSight offers an effortless deployable labor management solution that meets monitoring needs, allowing for customization within various areas while providing enhanced site security. This digital solution empowers management teams to gain insight into a project site, from seeing the amount of hours that crew members are on site, what zones they were working in, and that they have the proper clearance to be in a zone.

In May of 2023, Trimble announced the Trimble® X9 3D laser scanning system that will serve as a reality capture solution. This scanner expands on the earlier Trimble X7 model, with a longer range offering, greater accuracy, shorter scan times, and higher sensitivity.

Cupix delivers a highly flexible and user-friendly 3D digital twin platform that empowers users to stay on schedule, within their budget, and on target with their unique goals. Their mobile app and 360 camera allow for easy 3D capturing of a project’s jobsite, while the platform itself gives remote site navigation, progress tracking, 3D measurements and more.

In April of 2023, Cupix announced that they are joining the Bentley Systems powered by iTwin Program. This will help them to better synchronize and visualize their capture data,  BIM models and customized data, and georeferencing tools.

Evercam enhances AEC efficiency through improved project visibility and streamlined team communication. They utilize comprehensive tools that have the ability to capture essential information, increase collaborative action, and unify diverse data sources, such as fixed-position cameras, 4D models, drones, and reality capture information, all within one centralized platform.

In October of 2022, Evercam raised €8 million in Series A funding with the intention of growing their presence in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. They hope to expand the bandwidth of their reach to reach key markets and develop new products to be released in the near future.

This IoT-based solution provides construction companies with the ability to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. WakeCap facilitates a site network of integrated sensors within the jobsite through their patented wireless mesh network technology.

As a pioneering force within wearable solutions, WakeCap has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with, as it continues to expand within the industry. With their strong integration of data and AI technology, the future for this tool is seemingly limitless. They are already helping industry players to break down worker movement patterns, improving productivity and efficiency, while also keeping safety as a main priority too.

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