2023 Construction Tech Conference


7.18.2023 at 8:00AM - 7.20.2023 at 5:00PM


333 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607 333 N Green St. Chicago, IL 60607

Construction Tech Conference Overview:

Previously known as our Projects Conference, we covered the topic in three parts: pre-construction and estimating, project oversight and business intelligence, and smart jobsites. Additionally, we hosted a separate conference to explore advanced equipment and robotics. As these topics have increasingly converged, the Construction Tech Conference is intended to look holistically at how technology is influencing the way we build - from pre-construction through construction functions, in the office as well as in the field. It will be a lot to cover in two days, and, with so much happening, it will surely be an exciting event.

Leading technology adopters, mature solution providers, and upcoming technology solutions gather each year to take the pulse of trends across the industry at the BuiltWorlds Construction Tech Conference.

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Conference Pre-Events (July 18th)

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In addition to our conferences, our Analysts provide our members valuable Research Reports, Briefings, Lists, and other Data to help learn more about the companies, people, and trends in the Topic Areas we cover. Click below to sample some our most recent Construction Tech-Focused Research:


Amy Peck

CEO, EndeavorXR

Morgan Hays

Sr. Vice President Product, ALICE Technologies

Tessa Lau

CEO, Dusty Robotics

Michael Pink

CEO, SmartPM

Matthew Hudelson

Founder, Inertia

Danielle Dy Buncio

CEO, VIATechnik

Ariel Castillo

Strategic Process and VDC Specialist, Miller Davis

Leah Royalty

Construction Technology Specialist, Haskell

Tyler Sewall

Senior Director, BuiltWorlds

Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Hammad Chaudhry

National Director, EllisDon Corporation

Dana Burzo

Project Manager, LIFTbuild

Sean Wrenn

Research Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Chris Callen

Founder and CEO, PLOT

Jack Moran

Director of VDC & Integrated Services, Consigli Construction Co. Inc

Mehdi Nourbakhsh

Founder and CEO, YegaTech

Jeff Danley

Director of Innovation, Burns & McDonnell

Steve Dell'Orto

Founder & CEO, ConCntric

Marco Herbst

CEO, Evercam

Brad Barth

Chief Product Officer, InEight

Bruce Orr

Chief Data Scientist, ProNovos

Christian Burger

Founder & President, Burger Consulting Group

Angus Frost

Senior Consultant, Burger Consulting Group

Felix Neufeld

CEO & Founder, Disperse

Dale Beard

CEO, Intelliwave Technologies - SiteSense

Brey Tucker

Co-Founder & CEO, Level

Patrick Murphy

CEO, Coastal Construction Group

Mike Mahan

Managing Director, Stanley Ventures

James Holt

Director of Virtual Construction, Clune Construction

Vivian Burgnon

Co-Founder, Director of Customer Success, SkillSignal

Adam Cisler

Senior Solution Engineer, Avvir

Dev Amratia

CEO, nPlan

Phil Lazarus

Head of VDC, America, LendLease

Hamzah Shanbari

Director of Innovation, Haskell

Jim Charmley

Founder & CEO, ARC Ventures LLC

Gregg Lund

Founder & CEO, Struxtion

Jerry Horani

Chief Technology Officer, VCC

Anita Woolley Nelson

Chief Strategy Officer, Skanska


Day 1 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Welcoming Address

9:10AM – 9:40AM

Keynote Address

9:40AM – 10:20AM

Can You Know Your Project Will Succeed Before it Even Begins?

10:20AM – 10:50AM

Networking Break

10:50AM – 11:30AM

Is Technology Finally Disrupting Scheduling?

11:30AM – 12:15PM

Making Life Easier for Estimators

12:15PM – 1:15PM


1:15PM – 1:30PM

BuiltWorlds Research Presentation: Precon & Project Management Benchmarking

1:30PM – 2:15PM

The Data Boom: Why Doing Data Analytics Better is Critical

2:15PM – 3:00PM

Movements in FinTech: Payments in a Cash-Poor Industry

3:00PM – 3:30PM

Networking Break

3:30PM – 4:10PM

Does BIM Need a Re-Brand?

4:10PM – 4:50PM

The Next Frontier of Project Management Technology

4:50PM – 5:00PM

Closing Remarks

5:00PM – 7:00PM


Day 2 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00PM

Breakfast & Networking

9:00AM – 9:15AM

BuiltWorlds Research Presentation: Smart Jobsites Technology Benchmarking

9:15AM – 10:05AM

Aligning Processes & Technology

10:05AM – 10:45AM

The Start of Any Field Conversation: Safety

10:45AM – 11:15AM

Networking Break

11:15AM – 12:00PM

Managing Your Jobsite

12:00PM – 1:00PM


1:00PM – 1:40PM

Seeing the Field: More on Reality Capture Solutions

1:40PM – 2:20PM

Case Study: Robots in the Field

2:20PM – 2:40PM

Neworking Break

2:40PM – 3:20PM

A Look Into the Distant (Or Maybe Not So Distant) Future

3:20PM – 3:30PM

Digital Leaders Awards & Closing Remarks

3:30PM – 5:30PM


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