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Civalgo is a cloud-based operational project management platform, which helps contractors improve field productivity. Civalgo novel bottom-up approach to construction management feeds a centralized, beautifully designed dashboard, which enables administrators to manage scheduling/dispatching of employees. It allows supervisors to maintain and share across business units daily foreman logs and notes as well as track cost, project progress in real-time, execution times, quantities and labor resources allocated to various job sites.

Civalgo links work scheduling to performance tracking and advanced productivity analytics, collects speeds of execution—inside customizable WBS/CBS, and uses AI to forecast costs, time, and field resources (labor, materials, equipment) to be maximized.

Other Key features links master/long term scheduling and short-term operational 3-week work scheduling for dynamic progress of the work in real time, calculations of workforce workloads, mobile & tablet app, SMS team notifications and third-party integration.

This revolutionary alternative to accounting driven field activity management allows supervisors to reclaim full control of their operations, access daily logs and productivity of employees instantly, monitor project analytics in real-time, and prepare estimates based on past usage history.

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Quebec, Canada
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AI/Machine Learning, Collaboration & Documentation, Concrete, Data Analytics, Estimating, Field Management, Image Capture, Inspection, Planning, Project Management, Safety, Scheduling, Sensors, Tools


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