BuiltWorlds Session: Edward Bernard, SVP, National Director – Facilities Services, Terracon

Terracon is a consultative group that was founded in 1965 and has since grown into a large industry player within the AEC space and specifically within the building technology field. Edward Bernard sat down with our team after his panel session at the 2023 Buildings Conference to talk about some of the exciting things he is seeing coming down the pipeline in terms of technology and resources available to facilities owners and operators.

In his capacity within the Facilities Service Line at Terracon, Bernard partners with building scientists, engineers, and architects to help clients find solutions to their building and facility’s performance across their entire portfolio. Bernard says that he is excited to see Terracon make a large push towards innovation throughout the industry and is encouraged to see Terracon acquiring companies like that of Pave.AI that can help them implement strategy for owners.

Bernard continues to say that he feels one area that needs more time to be fully researched before being implemented in 3D concrete printing and concrete’s future in general.

Bernard says that one way he hopes to see an increase in industry collaboration is to start the collaboration earlier by bringing together all of the key stakeholders in a project earlier in the timeline so that people can be made more aware of what is happening.

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Terracon is an engineering consulting and testing services firm that works on a wide range of projects related to environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials services. To obtain the latest information on their recent projects, I recommend checking Terracon’s official website, press releases, or recent news articles related to the company.

Terracon is known for its involvement in diverse projects across various industries, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, and infrastructure. Their expertise often extends to geotechnical site investigations, environmental assessments, and materials testing.