BuiltWorlds Session: Jit Kee Chin, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, Executive Vice President at Suffolk

At the last America’s Summit we had the opportunity to sit down with Jit kee Chin, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, Executive Vice President at Suffolk to discuss what she’s most excited about from a technology standpoint in the future. Chin mentions that she’s most looking forward to seeing how AI is going to impact the construction industry in the coming few years and specifically how generative AI is going to help the industry be more efficient. Chin explains that the construction industry is uniquely positioned to leverage AI because of the amount of data that goes into every single construction project and how sometimes it can prove difficult to find and efficiently, quickly and accurately leverage the data collected and input.

AI can help various stakeholders in projects find data more quickly through intuitive search features that are already being included into software solutions across the industry. However, Chin does warn that AI is only going to be as good and as helpful as your database is accurate, clean, and complete. When you have inaccuracies in your data — or data is missing all together — there is nothing that AI and automation can do to help. Chin also speaks to how she is excited for more robotics being implemented across the industry.

Suffolk Technologies BOOST program recently announced a partnership with BuiltWorlds as we head into the later part of the year that will be on display at our Venture East Conference this November 7-9 in Boston, MA. Suffolk Technologies Boost accelerator program is dedicated to sourcing the best early stage startup solutions within the industry and helping them through mentorship and other added perks. Those who are selected in the program will be invited to the BOOST HQ to present their unique ideas to a panel of judges.

Prior to that, Suffolk Technology’s Parker Mundt will be speaking at the Venture West Conference in just a few months on a panel that takes focus on the standardization of pilot programs in the built ecosystem. We hear time and time again that it has grown increasingly difficult on both fronts — both contractor and solution — to have a cohesive pilot program that will allow the startups and contractor to both consistently benefit from it. The standardization of how pilot programs should be run would help bring a sense of clarity to a part of the industry that is currently fairly blurred and inconsistent.

Venture West has sold out two years in a row. Be sure to grab your tickets today and if you are on the East coast, mark your calendars for Venture East in November.

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