Dan Laboe, Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds: 2022 Americas Summit Panel Previews

Daniel Laboe, Director of Venture Investments at BuiltWorlds previews two of the panels he will be leading on September 8, 2022 at the Americas Summit taking place at Willis Tower in Chicago, IL. Laboe has spent his time at BuiltWorlds digging deep into the investment landscape across the entire built ecosystem and has been able to produce a number of great report that gleam insights worth keep tabs on if you’re involved at any level within the construction space.

At the 2022 Americas Summit, we will hear from Laboe and others as he shares insights from his research and leads conversations with leading players in the industry.

Laboe will be moderating two panels that cover corporate innovation and venture investments from two different lenses. One from the lens of corporate investment wings looking to make investments in outside technology and the other will take aim on corporate innovations internally.

The first of his two panels (starting at 9:20AM) will feature Rick Khan of STO Building Group, Sven Harmsen of Saint Gobain, Eduardo Gomez of CRH, and Erick Melgar of Progreso X as they will discuss exciting trends on insights across the broad spectrum of the ecosystem.

Laboe’s second panel (beginning at 11:05AM) will be more focused on innovation and incubation within these corporations themselves – as opposed to the first which focuses more on the investments wings of the corporations investing externally. This panel will feature Jake Olsen of DADO, Jonathan Ehrlich of T2D2, Stephen Muck of Advanced Construction Robotics, and Jim Andrews of SubHQ.

There are tickets still available for the Americas Summit and you can register and/or find more information about who will be speaking and the topics that will be covered on our event landing page.

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