Americas Summit 2022

Where the industry's leading tech entrepreneurs, investors, and C-suite gather to discuss the strategic implications of built world technology. (Check out recording from last year's US Summit 2021 below!)


9.7.2022 - 9.8.2022


Convene – Willis Tower 233 S Wacker Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60606


The Americas Summit isn’t your normal Tech Conference. This 2-day event is aimed at top-level, C-Suite executives in the construction tech space to share thought leadership and learn from peers in the industry about emerging trends and directionally where the industry is headed. 


More About the Americas Summit

Since 2016, the BuiltWorlds Summit has been the premier gathering of senior level thought leaders from across the many industries that develop, design, build, and maintain our built environment. Collectively, attendees represent the pinnacle of the sector’s innovation ecosystem, and the Summit is the place to meet them and to hear about the most potent trends fueling the future of the industry. At the Summit, you will have the opportunity to: Meet the Mavericks, leaders from across the Industry who took a different path and made a difference. Learn the latest from BuiltWorlds Research and Forums, and – most importantly – meet the other members.

September 6th Pre-Conference Meetings (Times To Be Announced):

Chicago Forum (OPEN EVENT: Click For More Information and To Register)

Women In Contech Forum (OPEN EVENT: Click For More Information and to Register)

Venture Forum (Venture Forum Members Only)

Engineering and Construction Technology Adoption Leaders Forum (E&C Forum Members Only)

September 7th General Sessions

Morning sessions will examine how the prioritization of ESG and the drive for sustainability and carbon footprint reduction is changing the landscape for industry players, technologists, and investors.


Afternoon Session will examine the finding of our Construction Technologies Benchmarking Program and highlight leading trends in Preconstruction, Project Management, and Field Operations Emerging Technology

Evening Networking Session.

September 8th General Sessions and Post Conference Meetings

The Morning Sessions will focus on Corporate Venture,  Accelerators, Intrapreneurship and other ties industry players are forging with the investment and startup ecosystem as part of their efforts to fuel their industry leadership positions.

The Afternoon Roundtable Discussions

C-Suite Roundtable (Open to Summit Ticket Holders in C-Suite Positions).

Heavy Civil/Infrastructure Roundtable (Open to All Summit Ticket Holders)

Specialty Contracting Roundtable (Open to All Summit Ticket Holders)

Building Technologies Roundtable – Design Tech, Materials/Systems, Operating and Maintenance Tech (Open to All Summit Ticket Holders)

The Mavericks Dinner (A Special Post-Conference Event)

A Special Gala reception and sit down dinner, celebrating the 2022 Mavericks Nominees.  The Mavericks Awards honor 50 individuals who have acted as trendsetters, innovative thinkers, and catalysts for change in their respective Built World fields. From architects and entrepreneurs to industry leaders, technologists to investors, and those developing both off-site fabrication and on-site robotics, we have identified boundary-pushers from leading companies around the world, and across the built environment’s vast ecosystem. *Note: There is an additional charge of $200 to attend the Mavericks Dinner.

2022 Speakers

Philip Lund-Nielsen

Co-founder & Head of Americas, COBOD

Di-Ann Eisnor

CEO, Core

Momei Qu

Managing Director, PSP Growth

Darren Bechtel

Founder & Managing Director, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Alice Leung

Vice President, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Rick Khan

SVP, Chief Innovation Officer, STO Building Group

Ray Levitt

Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Stephen Muck

CEO & President, Grouse Ridge Capital

Tyler Sewall

Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Eveart Foster

Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Javier Castaneda

Director, Engineering and Horizontal Construction Technology, BuiltWorlds

Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Erick Melgar

General Manager, Progreso X

Jake Olsen

VP of Construction Tech, Stanley X

Hao Li

CEO, Multipliciti

Alex Bell

CEO, Automatic Construction

Andrius Sutas

CEO & Founder, Simple Construction

Claudio Wilson

Chief Technology Officer, Nickel

Mauricio Valdes

CEO, Buildpeer

Jim Andrews

CEO & Founder, SubHQ

Kim Baker

Senior Director of Innovation, Elemental

Eduardo Gomez

Head of CRH Ventures, CRH

Francisco Sanchez

Director of Self-perform Drywall Estimating and Preconstruction, Swinerton Builders

Geoff Smith

President & CEO, EllisDon Corporation

Melissa Cheong

Managing Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Javed Singha

Founder & COO, Fieldwire

Cynthia Kueppers

Managing Director, Riverstone Holdings

Omer Cagirgan

EVP, BU Head Installation Systems, Hilti

Mikki Ward

Vice President of Real Estate Technology, EQ Office

Mike Ernst

VP - Insights & Innovation, Ryan Companies

Victoria Smith

Innovation Program Manager, STO Building Group

Sven Harmsen

Director External Ventures, Saint Gobain

Priyanka Parkar

Senior Marketing Manager, ALICE Technologies

Jennifer Suerth

Vice President - Technical Services, Pepper Construction

Louisa Dickins

Founder, LMRE

Brianne Stewart

Construction Technology Manager, Milwaukee Tool

William Cotten

Innovation Leader, Impetus

Bryan Kucinski, PE

Senior Consultant, Buildots

Adam Segal

Founder and CEO, cove

Peter Bysshe

Brand Development, RECON Dynamics

Lindsey Rem

Vice President of Business Transformation, Barton Malow

2022 Gold Sponsors

Prelimary Pre-Conference Sessions, General Sessions, and Post Conference Sessions

Forum and Workshop Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday may be limited to invitees and forum members.

Day 1 Schedule

Tuesday, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Milwaukee Tool

Pre-Conference Session: Women in Construction Tech

This event is open to all to attend.

Tuesday, 2:00pm-3:30 pm

Pre-Conference Session: Venture Forum Meeting

This event is open only to Venture Forum Members.

Tuesday, 3:00pm-5:00pm
Milwaukee Tool

Pre-Conference Session: Engineering and Construction Tech Adoption Leaders Forum

This event is open only to members of the E&C Tech Leaders Forum.

Wednesday, 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Convene, Willis Tower


Wednesday, 9:00 am – 9:15 am
Convene, Willis Tower

Opening Remarks

Wednesday, 9:15 am -9:30 am

The Business of Sustainability, ESG in Buildings and Infrastructure

Sustainability and ESG topics are long thought of as “nice to haves” but not necessary or even helpful to achieve success and profits in business. New opportunities are now changing this. In a world with small margins for construction of Buildings and Infrastructure, sustainability perhaps deserves continued consideration. This presentation will explore how many are looking at this issue and taking advantage of it.

Javier Castaneda, Director, Engineering and Horizontal Construction Technology, BuiltWorlds

Wednesday, 9:35am -10:20 am

A Case Study in Real Estate Technology Adoption Across the Enterprise

Our Summit would be the place where we step back and talk about what priorities businesses are setting at a more strategic level and how those business priorities are influencing efforts to identify and adopt emerging technology throughout their organizations, more broadly.

Mikki Ward, Vice President of Real Estate Technology, EQ Office

Wednesday, 10:20 am – 10:55 am

Morning Networking Break

Wednesday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Finding Profits Investing in Sustainability Technology

There are many approaches to reporting on sustainability metrics. This panel will touch on how some Venture Capital firms handle the topic and how they require portfolio companies to report on these metrics. Startups will also learn and understand what kind of criteria they will be measured against when looking to secure investments from ESG-focused funds and what requirements they must have after accepting these funds.

Moderated By:
Ray Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Melissa Cheong, Managing Partner, Blackhorn Ventures
Cynthia Kueppers, Managing Director, Riverstone Holdings
Kim Baker, Senior Director of Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

Wednesday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Wednesday 1:05 pm – 1:25 pm

Overview of the BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Survey Program Findings

Each year, BuiltWorlds conducts a Benchmarking Survey, which surveys engineering firms, specialty contractors and general contractor members to understand the level of adoption associated with technology across all of their projects, the utilization of those solutions and the effectiveness of the solution’s functionality. Eveart Foster, Director of Technology Adoption, will present the methodology, evolution, opportunities and future of the BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Program.

Eveart Foster, Director of Technology, BuiltWorlds

Wednesday, 1:30 pm – 2:10 pm

Mastering Tech Adoption with the BuiltWorlds Digital Leader Construction Companies

Through the Benchmarking Program, BuiltWorlds is able to identify contractors that are leading in adoption, utilization and implementation of project delivery solutions. On this panel, we will hear directly from technology adoption leaders at companies identified as Digital Leaders from this year’s survey and discuss how process improvement and technology adoption are managed at their companies.

Moderated By:
Eveart Foster, Director of Technology, BuiltWorlds

Mike Ernst, VP of Insights and Innovation, Ryan Companies
Francisco Sanchez, Drywall Estimating and Preconstruction Director, Swinerton

Wednesday, 2:15 pm – 2:40 pm

Benchmarking Survey Findings Focus: Field Operations and Advanced Equipment & Machinery

As the industry continues to find ways to advance, focus has turned to the jobsite to find ways to improve. Adoption of technology that allows contractors to build more safely, accurately, and efficiently has continued to grow across the globe. In this session, we will hear from the heads of jobsite technology companies to understand how the industry has evolved, what they see in the current market, and where we go from here.

Moderated By:
Tyler Sewall, Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Philip Lund-Nielsen, Co-founder and head of Americas, COBOD
Di-Ann Eisnor, Co-Founder and CEO, Core

Wednesday, 2:40 pm – 3:00 pm

Afternoon Networking Break

Wednesday, 3:05 pm – 3:50 pm

Case Study in Digital Transformation

In this day and age, every company is looking for the next competitive advantage, typically in the form of innovation and technology. Hilti Corporation, an 80 year old organization with annual revenues exceeding $6B, sets a perfect example of this philosophy through its recent acquisition of Fieldwire, a construction technology company. In this session, we will hear from both Hilti and Fieldwire on innovation in legacy corporations, the value of new technologies, and how the industry can continue to advance.

Ömer Cagirgan, EVP, BU Head of Business Unit Installation Systems, Hilti
Javed Singha, Founder & COO, Fieldwire

Wednesday, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Formwork Labs Demos with Special Introduction from Darren Bechtel and Matt Gray

Wednesday, 5:15 pm – 7:00 pm

Networking Reception

Day 2 Schedule

Thursday, 7:00 am – 9:00 am

General Sessions Day Two Breakfast

Thursday, 9:00 am – 9:20 am

Opening Remarks

Daniel Laboe, Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds
Tyler Sewall, Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Thursday, 9:20 am – 9:55 am

Corporate Innovation Part I: Corporate Venture Investing and Partnerships

Increasingly, companies from all parts of the Built World ecosystem are investing in startups and venture funds, as part of their overall digital transformation strategies. In this session, we will hear from business leaders at companies making external investments about their approach, the reasons for pursuing corporate venture strategies, and what their efforts look like day-to-day.

Moderated By:
Daniel Laboe, Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Rick Khan, Chief Innovation Officers, STO Building Group
Eduardo Gomez, Venture Head, CRH
Erick Melgar, General Manager, Progreso X

Thursday, 10:00 am – 10:40 am

Innovation Leadership: CEO Case Study With Geoffrey Smith, CEO at EllisDon

With more than $5 billion in annual contracts, Ellis Don is one of Canada’s largest construction companies and, with operations around the world, a global innovator. In this session, we will hear from Ellis Don CEO, Geoff Smith, how this 70 year-old firm is positioning itself for the 21st century.

Geoff Smith, President & CEO, EllisDon Corporation

Thursday, 10:40 am – 11:00 am

Networking Break

Thursday, 11:05 am – 11:50 am

Corporate Innovation Part II: Intrapreneurship and the Unique Challenge and Promise of Industry Tech Spin-Outs.

While many industry players are investing in startups founded outside the walls of their organizations, others are investing in greenfield concepts, often leveraging the talent of their own employees, their own seed capital and other assets, including the “unfair advantage” of a friendly beta customer. Startups incubated from within industry corporations have unique advantages, but they also face different challenges. In this session, we’ll hear from entrepreneurs who have built startups that began their journeys inside industry players, and we will learn more about the unique road these companies travel as they grow.

Moderated By:
Daniel Laboe, Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Jake Olson, VP Construction Tech., DADO/ Stanley X
Jonathan Erlich, COO, T2D2
Stephen Muck, Chairman & CEO, Brayman Construction
Jim Andrews, Founder & CEO, SubHQ

Thursday, 11:50 am – 12:00 pm

General Sessions Closing Remarks

Thursday, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Thursday General Session Closing Luncheon

Thursday, 1:00pm – 5:00 pm

Afternoon Roundtable Sessions

The Roundtable Sessions will be special opportunities for members to hold discussions with one another around specific topics of interest to the members. With the exception of the C-Suite Roundtable, they are open to all members with Summit tickets, space permitting.

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Wacker Room

The C-Suite Roundtable (Open To CEOS, Presidents, and Chairs)

Moderator: Matt Gray, Executive Chair, BuiltWorlds

A unique gathering exclusively for executive level leaders of industry corporations to discuss successes and challenges affecting the industry's transformation at a strategic level. This session is open to Chairpeople, ceos, and presidents of industry companies.

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Adams Room

The Heavy Civil/Infrastructure Roundtable

BuiltWorlds Moderator: Javier Castaneda, Dir. Engineering, Horizontal Construction

Engineering and Construction Companies in Non Building Markets have different needs and opportunities from those serving the Building Markets. This roundtable is an opportunity to discuss those aspects of digital transformation that are of particular relevance to companies working in markets such as transportation, power, energy, water, and waste.

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Adams Room

Specialty Contracting Roundtable

BuiltWorlds Moderator: Tyler Sewall, Director of Construction Technology

Another growing area of focus at BuiltWorlds is the specific needs, opportunities and interests of specialty contractors. This session will focus on the needs and opportunities for specialty construction in relation to the broader built world ecosystem.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Wacker Room

Building Technologies - Design Tech, Materials/Systems, Operating and Maintenance Tech

BuiltWorlds Moderator: Javier Castaneda, Director of Engineering, Horizontal Construction, and Sustainability

Keying on the content of our Buildings Conference, this roundtable will explore in technology in the design and operations of buildings as well as in building materials and systems.

Thursday, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Mavericks Dinner Network Reception

Thursday, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Mavericks Dinner

Held in conjunction with the Summit, this special dinner is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the 2022 Maverick Nominees in an intimate setting. For those interested in attending, an added fee applies.

Check out the following recorded sessions from the 2021 Summit:

Moving Beyond Sustainability: A Playbook for Contractors Susan Heinking, Vice President, Higher Performance and Sustainable Construction, Pepper Construction Real-Time Data Collection and Implementation Randy Deutsch, Clinical Associate Professor University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign Mani Golparvar, Co-Founder and CTO, Reconstruct Damon Ranieri, Director of Virtual Design and Construction Leopardo Companies

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