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OpenSpace offers photo documentation which is automatically pinned to plan location with AI.

During these extraordinary times our customers are relying on OpenSpace more than ever to capture and remotely manage projects. As a result of COVID-19 we have made two special offers, one for new users and one for existing customers.

1) OpenSpace Photo [Free]: 360 photo capture is proving to be an invaluable tool during times of limited access and work from home restrictions. We believe capture should be free and so we accelerated our launch of OpenSpace Photo, which is perfect for smaller projects (think up to 10k square feet) or specific areas of larger projects. Photo allows for simple 360 and smartphone photo capture manually pinned to plans. And it’s free. Period. To sign up please see www.openspace.ai/photo

2) Free Training and Onboarding: For existing customers we are offering free onboarding and training for extended teams. This offer helps ANY project stakeholder quickly get up to speed on using the OpenSpace Web interface and Field Notes. This can include architects, inspectors, consultants, engineers – anyone who needs to visit a site virtually. To schedule a training please email us at support@openspace.ai.

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