Field Management Tech Survey Questions Uncovered: Exploring Construction’s Reality Capture Technology

BuiltWorlds’ Benchmarking Program is designed to identify what solutions are being used today, how widely those solutions are being used, and the quality of those solutions in relation to five essential categories–Preconstruction, Project Management & Oversight, Offsite (Modular) Construction, Field Management Solutions, and Tools, Equipment & Robotics. Comprehensive surveys are provided throughout the year, where we then compile aggregated data to paint a full picture of current technology and innovation solutions in the built world. Within this piece, we will be taking a closer look into reality capture technology, which is segmented within the Field Management category.

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Within the realm of construction technology, an enthralling solution has taken center stage: reality capture technology. Positioned under BuiltWorlds’ “Field Management” category, this innovative approach has initiated notable interest and investment, with trailblazing companies such as OpenSpace, Buildots, and Matterport securing over $200M to develop these solutions further. The idea of being able to wield a camera, scanner or drone on-site that can instantly verify if a project aligns with schedules and plans in real time is an alluring prospect for the industry. It has the potential to save billions of dollars by swiftly identifying discrepancies and providing corrective measures, all before costs begin to escalate. Given all of its benefits, reality capture technology has become one of the most fervently researched segments in the area of field management.

While the possibilities of reality capture are an enticing opportunity, it appears that the industry is still in its early stages within the sector, based on data from the last few years. Currently, construction companies are exploring a myriad of emerging technologies and solutions, without one clear winner in sight. In our member surveys, we discovered that twelve contractors are employing reality capture in their project. Interestingly, no more than two companies were found to be using the same solution. Among these contractors, a staggering eight different reality capture technology solutions were being utilized.

The diversification of solutions extends beyond reality capture alone. When we asked about fixed job site camera technology, we encountered five additional solutions, with no three contractors utilizing the same one. Our inquiry about job site laser scanning yielded even more varied responses, with no three contractors citing any one solution.

Looking back at the past few years, it has become evident that the deployment of jobsite Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives has been marked with a proliferation of solutions, with no clearly favored solution emerging in any specific category. As we conclude this year’s Field Management Survey in June, we are eagerly anticipating gaining new insights into whether any frontrunners are beginning to emerge within the space.

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