BuiltWorlds Session: Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO, OpenSpace

At our 2022 Venture West Conference we sat down with Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO, OpenSpace to talk about the exciting things happening at the progress tracking company. OpenSpace just closed on their series D funding round that surpassed $100 million – something definitely worth being excited about. Kalanithi is most excited because the funding round is finally allowing OpenSpace to meet the demands of scaling their technology to actually meet the needs of builders. Aside from using the money towards implementation the company also plans to continue to add funding to their AI technology that will allow contractors to see what is going in with their projects in real time. Kalanithi views their AI (and other AI enabled software) not as a replacement to humans but as a tool that will enable people to gather insights from the mountains of data and allow them to make faster and more informed decisions. Aside from AI, Kalanithi also hits on his excitement over two other developing parts of the built ecosystem; robotics and payment systems. Although the tools and technology are front of mind, he also discusses another exciting development throughout the built industry; transparency. Kalanithi discusses a time not long ago where the construction technology industry was plagued by secrecy where companies were not willing to share information regarding their tools or their projects. Now, he says, the community is finally coming together and that is enabling companies to share information and best practices and has really enabled the industry to be better equipped to face the challenges of making job sites safer, construction faster, and the building process more efficient as a whole. As for an industry outlook and what he thinks can take it even further is for companies to have “test beds” that will allow tech companies to test their technology in a cheaper and risk-free manner.

OpenSpace will be presenting at the BuiltWorlds Construction Tech Conference taking place July 13-14 in Chicago, IL. If you’re interested in learning more click the link below to see what other industry players will be presenting and also grab your tickets before it sells out.

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