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2022 Construction Tech Conference


7.13.2022 at 8:00AM - 7.14.2022 at 4:00PM


Convene 333 N Green St. Chicago, IL 60607



7/13 – 7/14 2022 8am CT. Previously known as our Projects Conference, we covered the topic in three parts: pre-construction and estimating, project oversight and business intelligence, and smart job sites. Additionally, we hosted a separate conference to explore advanced equipment and robotics. However, these topics have increasingly converged, and so this year, we are going to look holistically at how technology is influencing the way we build – from pre-construction through construction functions, and from the office as well as the field. It will be a lot to cover in two days, and, with so much happening, it will surely be an exciting event.

Pre-Events – July 12th: Demo Day, and Forum Meetings

The day before the Construction Tech Conference kicks off we will be hosting a series of forum meetings for qualifying members and our Demo Day. Details for each are listed below as well as links to register. 

Chicago Forum Meeting

 >> Location: 515 N. State St. Chicago, IL – 2nd Floor – The Point // Time: 10:00am – 11:30am <<

All BuiltWorlds Members and conference speakers/attendees are welcome

>> Sign up Here << 

Venture Forum Luncheon

>> Location: 515 N. State St. Chicago, IL – 16th Floor – Conference Room C // Time 12:00pm – 1:00pm <<

Venture Forum members only

>> Sign up Here <<

Demo Day

>> Location: 515 N. State St. Chicago, IL – 2nd Floor – The Point // Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm <<

Demo Day Presenters, Venture Forum Members, E&C Forum Members

>> Sign up Here <<

E&C Technology Adoption Leaders Forum Meeting

>> Location: 515 N. State St. Chicago, IL – 2nd Floor – The Point // Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm <<

E&C Forum Members Only

>> Sign up Here <<

2022 Speakers

Jeff Samples

Industry Evangelist, Join

Aaron Anderson

Director of Innovation, Swinerton Builders

Alison Hart

Manager, Project Solutions, Mortenson Construction

Ahmad Hadavi

Clinical Professor, Northwestern University - MPM and EMDC

Hammad Chaudhry

VP, Innovation & Construction Tech, EllisDon Corporation

Erin Khan

National Director of Construction Solutions

Christian Burger

Founder & President, Burger Consulting Group

Josh Levy

CEO & Co-Founder, Document Crunch

Michael Brackney

Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

Bryan Kucinski, PE

Senior Consultant, Buildots

Arpita Shrivastava

CEO, SpatialThink

Reid Senescu

VP of Product, Doxel AI

Robert Salvador

CEO, DigiBuild

Nate Fuller

Managing Director, Placer Solutions

Lucas Manos

Director of IT Applications, Ryan Companies

Rob Spencer

CIO, Camp Construction Services

Tomislav Zigo

CTO, Clayco

Raghi Iyengar

CEO, Manufacton

Chris Callen

Founder and CEO, PLOT

Richard Acton-Maher

Director, Product, OpenSpace

Adam Wisniewski

CTO, AI Clearing

Angus Frost

Senior Consultant, Burger Consulting Group

Christian Jansson

Head of Marketing Hilti ON!Track, Hilti

Ricky Houghton

Co-Founder and CTO, Finish Robotics

Matt Curry

Head of Product, Avvir

Brianne Stewart

Construction Technology Manager, Milwaukee Tool

Peter Lasensky

Senior Director, Bentley iTwin Ventures

Stephane Denerolle

VP of Product, Fieldwire

Ivo van Breukelen

Co-Founder and Partner, The Proptech Connection

Champ Suthipongchai

Managing Partner, Creative Ventures

Rich Camacho

CEO, Blue Recruit

Matthew Dowling

Principal Technical Product Manager, Oracle

Dan Evets

Vice President of Strategic Sales, ALICE Technologies

Ross Bosn

Corporate Strategy Leader, Owens Corning

Wes Edmiston

Director of Industry Strategy and Adoption, Cumulus

Dana Erdman

Director of Technology & Innovation, Bulley & Andrews

Igor Tsinman

President, AMC Bridge

2022 Agenda

We are pleased to share our official agenda for our 2022 Construction Tech Conference. All times are in central standard time. 

Day 1 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Opening Remarks

9:10AM – 9:50AM

Keynote Presentation

Tomislav Zigo, CTO at Clayco Inc. will highlight the current state of construction technology and where you see emerging technology adoption

Tomislav Zigo, CTO, Clayco Inc.

9:50AM – 10:20AM

Bid Qualification and Management

Bid management and pre qualifying vendors, trades and contractors is a vital step in the preconstruction phase of our projects. Around 75% of contractors from our survey data are currently leveraging a dedicated bid management solution to streamline the bid leveling and sourcing process. Contractors that average more than $650M in annual revenue are more likely to leverage a dedicated solution on every project. This session will explore findings of the recent PreConstruction survey report and feature insights from the #1 most leveraged solution in the industry; Autodesk's Building Connected.

Michael Brackney, CSM, Autodesk (BuildingConnected)

10:20AM – 10:35AM

Networking Break

10:35Am – 11:15AM

Cost vs. Value

Project Costing via Value Engineering, Estimating, and Life Cycle Costing are key components of quantifying the decisions of what and how to build. We will speak with industry experts on this subject that are transforming the products, design, means and methods of our projects.

Jeff Sample, Industry Evangelist, Join
Ivo van Breukelen, Co-Founder and Partner, The PropTech Connection

11:15AM – 11:50AM

Simulating Success

With the availability of advanced BIM capabilities, reality documentation tools, dynamic and intelligent scheduling and project management solutions; project delivery can not only execute the completion of projects more efficiently but can now simulate what needs to be done to complete the project on time and within budget. This panel will highlight how to leverage emerging technologies with BIM to intelligently forecast and simulate what exactly needs to be done on the project to successfully complete it both in pre-construction and construction phases.

Dan Evets, VP of Strategic Sales, ALICE Technologies
Bryan Kucinski, Senior Consultant, Buildots
Peter Lasensky, Senior Director, Bentley Systems

11:50AM – 12:00PM


1:00PM – 1:15PM

Project Management Solution Insights

Eveart Foster, Director of Technology Adoption will present findings from this years Project Management & Oversight survey report.

Eveart Foster, Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

1:15PM – 2:00PM

Advancing Construction Administration

Construction Administration can be defined as the effort in which all project documentations are created, shared and managed for the project delivery lifecycle. For decades developers, designers and contractors have relied on project administration and management teams to take on this never ending task. With the availability of emerging technologies coupled with lean project management organizational strategies, we are now seeing a decrease in the amount of time and resources needed to efficiently manage construction administration. This panel will explore what is possible.

Aaron Anderson, Director of Innovation, Swinerton Builders
Josh Levy, CEO, Document Crunch

2:00PM – 2:45PM

Managing Risks

Risk management is an essential component of the construction industry that drives project planning, execution, outcomes and more. This session will cover how Suffolk Construction implements standard core technologies alongside cutting-edge innovations to deliver a holistic, people-centered approach to mitigating risks throughout the organization.

Erin Khan, National Director of Construction Solutions, Suffolk Construction

2:45PM – 3:15PM

Exhibitor Hall Showcase

During this networking break we will showcase this year's construction tech solution sponsors and how they are being leveraged to improve project delivery efforts.

3:15PM – 3:45PM

Possibilities in Pay-Apps

From paper checks to a fully collaborative cloud-based, payment management and supply chain financing solution. A deep dive into digital transformation born from the pandemic. This panel will highlight what the pandemic did for the payment management workflow for one of the largest general contractors in the country, Mortenson Construction. We will also dive into the emergence of disruptive technologies within the project accounting and payment verification process.

Matt Dowling, Principle Functional Designer, Oracle Textura
Allison Hart, Manager of Project Solutions, Mortenson

3:45PM – 4:30PM

ERP, Project Management, and Your Data

Following up on the well-received initial BuiltWorlds Analyst Call on ERP, PM and Data, the original panel (less one) will appear again, live this time, to take the conversation to the next level. ERP and PM solution architecture and strategy will be front and center as before but with more emphasis on the data architecture, developments in the vendor community, and practical considerations for deployment. This finally balanced panel of contractors and industry consultants will share several visions of contractors’ future state and what it will take to get there. Integration strategies, data warehousing, business intelligence, and enterprise architecture will feature in the debate.

Christian Burger, Founder & President, Burger Consulting
Michael Ricks, Director of Strategic Operations, Anning-Johnson Company
Rob Spencer, CIO, Camp Construction Services
Angus Frost, Senior Consultant - IT Infrastructure, Burger Consulting

4:30PM – 6:30PM

Closing Remarks & Reception

Day 2 Schedule

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Breakfast & Networking

9:00AM – 9:15AM

Smarter Jobsites

Tyler Sewall, Director of Technology Adoption at BuiltWorlds, will deliver the most recent findings of the BW Field Solutions survey.

9:15AM – 9:40AM

Field Management Capabilities

Time constraints, limited resources, hard deadlines and liquidated damages are all components of construction project delivery and also software product management. Stéphane Denerolle, VP of Product at Fieldwire will present how they leverage insights from construction professionals to drive enhancements to the functionality and user experience of their software, structure their organization and improve onboarding to achieve the highest levels of ROI for both their paid and non-paid users. Additionally, a discussion around the impacts to the software following the recent $300M acquisition by Hilti will be part of this session.

Stéphane Denerolle, VP of Product, Fieldwire

9:40AM – 10:30AM

The Future of Mixed Reality in Construction

This session will focus on current and future use cases that the construction industry is able to leverage with the implementation of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities.

Ahmad Hadavi, Clinical Professor, Northwestern
Lucas Manos, Senior Innovation Manager - Emerging Technology, Ryan Companies
Igor Tsinman, President, AMC Bridge

10:30AM – 10:50AM

Networking Break

10:50AM – 11:40AM

Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming common buzzwords in the construction industry. Like many evolving technologies before it, these two terms carry a lot of promise but also opportunity for misunderstanding. Even though AI and ML technologies are still early in their inception, they are developing quickly in construction and we are left asking how AI will change construction. This panel will break down the recent case study of how AI Clearing worked with EllisDon on a PoC project to showcase their ability to quantify progress and adherence to design information via data visualization.

Hammad Chaudry, National Director, Digital Project Delivery, EllisDon
Adam Wisniewski, CTO, AI Clearing

11:40AM – 12:45PM


12:45PM – 1:30PM

Progress in Progress Tracking

Smartphones, 360 cameras, laser scanners, drones and other reality capture technologies have captured the existing conditions of projects for years now. What has this data told us about our projects? What has it not told us about our projects? This panel will examine the current and future use cases of progress tracking technology, highlight the top and emerging solution providers, explore where the industry is heading with this type of technology adoption and break down the long term impacts of reality capture and its data in construction.

Reid Senescu, VP of Product, Doxel
Richard Acton-Maher, Director of Product, OpenSpace
Matt Curry, Head of Product, Avvir

1:30PM – 2:00PM

Equipment Management and Material Procurement

The goal to achieve industrialized construction is an ambition only achievable by the ability of all project stakeholders to access information on what is supposed to arrive on the project site. The efficient and transparent procurement of materials, products, equipment and prefabricated components are critical to successful project delivery; this panel will highlight how the industry can collectively accomplish this.

Robert Salvador, CEO, Digibuild
Raghi Iyengar, CEO, Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies
Christian Jansson, Head of Marketing Hilti ON!Track

2:00PM – 2:30PM

Assuring Quality through Data

IoT enabled equipment, tools, robotics and devices leveraged in the field are now being combined and paired with AI and ML to track and identify trends through data that illuminate the performance of personnel in the field. This increasing amount of data aims to reduce cost overruns, delays and claims on projects while increasing safety, productivity and fidelity of quality. This panel will examine how this is being done.

Brianne Stewart, Construction Technology Manager, Milwaukee Tool
Wes Edmiston, Director of Product and Industry Strategy, Cumulus
Anirudh Reddy, CEO, Einsite
Jackie Guibault, Director of Product Marketing, Versatile

2:30PM – 2:40PM

Networking Break

2:40PM – 3:15PM

Construction Technology Outlook

Forward looking insights and discussion from innovative leaders within the AEC ecosystem, charged with pushing the industry forward with advancing technology.

Tomislav Zigo, CTO, Clayco Inc.
Eric Whobrey, Director of Innovation, ARCO/Murray
Nathan Fuller, Managing Director, Placer Solutions
Erin Khan, National Director of Construction Solutions, Suffolk Construction

3:15PM – 3:30PM

Digital Leaders Award Presentation

The BuiltWorlds Digital Leaders Badges will be presented to the top two tech adoption leaders and their companies based on the recent Benchmarking Survey results for the project delivery technology implementation level and utilization across PreConstruction and Project Management technologies.

3:30PM – 5:30PM

Closing Remarks & Reception

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