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BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF) brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and innovation needed in the construction industry should be led by the industry itself. BVF members look to accelerate innovation by investing in and piloting the most promising construction technology products and services.

BVF is part of BuiltWorlds, a leading construction innovation network bringing
together GCs, engineering firms, building suppliers, equipment companies,
and construction technology startups from around the world providing unique
opportunities to learn, interact, and collaborate.




Working together is the key to moving our industry forward and BVF is structured to facilitate collaboration.

• Focus on deal sourcing to make sure BVF members have the opportunity to see all relevant investment opportunities.

• Support due diligence, negotiation of terms, and investment structuring and analytical services to make the investment process as efficient as possible.

• Special program of meetings exclusively for BVF members allowing them to meet and get to know up and coming management teams, learn about new technologies and create proprietary opportunities to collaborate.

• Support with the design and implementation of pilot programs using the portfolio company’s technologies and services through partnerships with BVF members.

This will lead to faster market validation and revenue for BVF portfolio companies and real-time learnings for BVF members.


BCV Process


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Increase the chance for success and reduce overall risk when investing in construction tech:

• Find strength in numbers by leveraging the knowledge of the executives around the BVF table to arrive at smarter, faster decisions.

• Work collaboratively toward scaled implementations that will move the innovation needle as well as increase the chances of success for the startups that members collectively invest in.

• Focus in on the outsized opportunities for construction tech by leveraging BuiltWorlds proprietary research, global events, and ecosystem of startups and executive teams.


BuiltWorlds Venture focused members bring more than money to your company:

• Our members include forward-thinking executives from across the construction value chain that brings experience and insight to help your company succeed in this specialized marketplace.

• Startups that partner with BVF have the opportunity to gain access to job sites of BVF members that can lead to faster improvement of their product, solidify market validation, and have access to strategic investors that want to become long-term customers.

Summary of Venture Benefits

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VENTURE FORUM (Full Venture Access - Standalone Membership Option)

  • Collaborate with BuiltWorlds & other Forum members to identify trends, and guide the group's strategy & investment targets.
  • Full Access to exclusive monthly private demo days, allowing members to meet and get to know up and coming management teams, learn about new technologies, and create proprietary opportunities to collaborate.
  • Support with design and implementation of pilot programs using portfolio company’s technologies and services through partnerships with BVF members.
  • Gain investment and technology insights by working directly with industry peers.


VENTURE+ (Limited Venture Access - Can be added to any existing BW Membership)

  • Access to four exclusive Venture Forum private demo days (1 per quarter)
  • Ability to view up to two Investor Focused Technology Type Overviews per quarter. These reports show companies that are the top solutions and most relevant players within various company specialties.  Additionally, investor focused reports for Venture+ members summarize any recent investments made in the related specialty, and link to demo recordings of similar products.
  • Early notification of investments by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum members and potential opportunities to co-invest.
  • Venture+ exclusive newsletter recapping recent start-up pitches made to the Venture Forum, information on upcoming Venture+ Demo Days, and other construction tech venture news.





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