Robotics 50 List 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Robotics 50! BuiltWorlds is proud to share its 2023 Robotics 50 List, which was derived from a combination of direct industry feedback, case studies, and the results of the 2022-23 Benchmarking Survey data.

The survey inquired about solutions being leveraged within Tools, Equipment, & Robotics including: equipment & machinery marketplace solutions, fleet management & monitoring solutions, robotics solutions, tools management solutions, and wearable solutions. This list illustrates top and emerging field solutions being leveraged by some of the largest contractors, engineers and specialty contractors from around the world.


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This list is part of our ongoing efforts to bring you the best research and information about cutting-edge tools and equipment used within the industry. Recently, we released our 2023 Tools, Equipment, & Robotics benchmarking report where we surveyed a wide array of contractors to get their input on technology they're currently leveraging on site.

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Wearables - AR/VR

HoloLens2 (Microsoft)

HoloLens2 is an ergonomic, untethered self-contained holographic device with enterprise-ready applications to increase user accuracy and output. HoloLens2 currently offers five versions of their VR glasses with various features and capabilities that can be used to bolster work in the construction industry.


RealWear produces hands-free head-mounted wearable devices for industrial workers. RealWear aims to elevate industrial work by enabling workers to perform tasks more safely and with increased efficiency and precision. RealWear provides it's users with real-time access to data, information, and expertise while keeping their hands and field of view free for work.


vGIS offers a high-accuracy augmented reality and construction coordination platform that aims to simplify fieldwork; reduce errors, delays, and rework; gain new efficiencies; and improve safety. vGIS transforms spatial data including BIM, GIS, and 3D scans, into descriptive AR visuals to power mobile productivity tools. vGIS automates data conversion for data from Autodesk BIM 360, Bentley iTwin, ArcGIS, Leica Infinity, and more, allowing users to integrate multiple datasets and reduce data preparation.


Wearables - Physical Labor Augmentation (Exoskeletons)

Hilti EXO-S

Hilti's EXO-S Shoulder Exoskeleton is a wearable construction exoskeleton that helps relieve shoulder and neck fatigue when working above shoulder level. Hilti's exoskeleton is ideal for continuous or repetitive overhead tasks; installing drywall; surface grinding and sanding; and overhead installation. Hilti's exoskeleton contributes to safer jobsites by helping to reduce worker’s shoulder and neck fatigue when working overhead by lowering physical strain and is suitable for all-day use – providing freedom of movement and weighing just 5 lbs, EXO-S is one of the lightest shoulder exoskeletons currently available.


Wearables - Health & Vitality Monitoring


Kenzen's continuous safety monitoring solutions harness the power of physiology data to predict and prevent heat injury, illness, and death from heat on worksites. Kenzen's end-to-end safety monitoring is highly accurate, providing real-time data and machine learning predictive models to assist in preventing future injuries and heat-related illnesses.


BeeInventor is a Hong Kong-based IoT technology company dedicated to changing the traditional construction industry. BeeInventor seeks to leverage their deep understanding of the construction industry to continuously develop and bring innovative products that will transform the construction industry. BeeInventor prioritizes timely feedback to the cloud management platform so that the entire construction project is intelligent, visual, and digital. BeeInventor's products include Intelligent Cloud Platform, a system platform that manages and supervises all aspects of construction engineering on any smart device, including site equipment, materials and personnel information and real-time conditions.


Autonomous Heavy Equipment

Fast Brick Robotics

Fast Brick Robotics' robot Hadrian X is the first fully-automated end-to-end robotic bricklayer. Fast Brick Robotics uses dynamic stabilization technology that enables Hadrian X to operate outdoors, continuously adjusting to the elements and unpredictable environments while ensuring the stability and accuracy of the robot's work.

Built Robotics

Built Robotics offers three robotics solutions: the RPD 35 Robotic Pile Driver; the Exosystem Heavy Equipment Robotic System; and the Everest Robotic Operation Software. Each robotics solution enhances safety and efficiency gains and runs on a remote cloud-based command center. Built Robotics is a Series C startup that raised $64M in funding on 4/7/2023 led by Tiger Global Management, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Founders Fund, Fifth Wall and Building Ventures.

Raise Robotics

Raise Robotics is a technology platform that aims to enable construction workers to work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. The Raise robot aids workers by taking over repetitive and dangerous tasks on commercial jobsites. The Raise robot specializes in installing high-precision fasteners and facade brackets. The robot comes with optional hammer drill and pulse torque driver attachments.

MineCept (Ception)

MineCept is an innovative AI solution for mobile heavy machinery. Ception Core's cutting-edge sensing, computer vision, and deep learning technologies provide a solution to support a safer, more productive, and more sustainable operation. Ception has applications for reverse motion support and hazard avoidance; road condition monitoring; precise loading; integrated collision avoidance; and real-time performance monitoring and volume analysis.

Sumirobo (Hitachi)

Sumirobo is Hitachi's robot system for construction. Sumirobo automates positioning and equipment work in cooperation with surveying instruments. Sumirobo links to your tablet, where it can be given operating instructions. Sumirobo will detect obstacles in a specified range, generate marking data, and convert it into CAD data (DXF format).


SafeAI retrofits heavy vehicles and site operations with autonomous technology to enable safer, more productive worksites. SafeAI's proven autonomous solution is built on a safety-certifiable framework and delivers significant gains through increased productivity, safety, and cost savings. SafeAI is a Series B startup that raised $38M on 12/14/2022.

Path Robotics

Path Robotics creates manufacturing robots that autonomously scan, position, and weld your parts without the need for skilled welders or robot programmers. Path Robotics is a Series C startup that raised $100M in funding on 6/20/2021 led by Tiger Global and Silicon Valley Bank.


Teleo blends machine learning with the skills of human operators to help the construction industry navigate labor shortages with their semi-autonomous construction equipment. Teleo retrofits existing equipment with Teleo Supervised Autonomy Technology to provide construction industry professionals with human-supervised semi-autonomous heavy equipment. Teleo is a Series A startup that raised $12M in funding on 6/8/2022, led by UP.Partners, F-Prime Capital, K9 Ventures, Trucks Venture Capital, and several angel investors.

Toggle Robotics

Toggle Robotics develops hardware, software, and services to automate the pre-assembly of critical construction materials. This full-stack approach is redefining the fundamental building blocks for urban infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Toggle Robotics is a US-based venture-stage startup that raised $3M on 2/2/ 2023, led by Tokyu Construction.


Service/Labor Robotics


Finish Robotics

Finish Robotics' Finishbot Autonomous Coating Systems aims to bring factory automation and productivity to construction sites for surface prep and coating with a collaborative autonomous mobile platform. Finish endeavors to help contractors increase their capacity to build through the effortless applications of automation technologies into their workflows.


Canvas provides a digital drywall solution called Basil. Canvas merges robotics, AI, ML, and LiDAR/3D Technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of the drywall trade. Canvas seeks to improve the quality and affordability of the places where we live, work, sleep, and play, while simultaneously improving the working conditions of the people who build these spaces. Canvas aims to deliver unrivaled quality, speed, and predictability by putting robots in the hands of skilled workers.


Vita Inclinata

Vita Inclinata's industrial services specialize in providing industrial job sites with intelligent lifting solutions to improve workplace safety, efficiency, and profitability. Vita Inclinata seeks to eliminate preventable crane operation accidents and enhance the vitality of industrial businesses through innovation and technology.


Xpanner provides ConTech as a service (Taas) to increase accessibility and value to users. Xpanner delivers the gear necessary to retrofit heavy vehicles with autonomous technology. Xpanner offers their equipment on a rental basis and for purchase. The Xpanner platform enables users to track overall/fleet progress, supports on-site and digital twin monitoring, and features an allocated resource tracker.


Kewazo offers intelligent robotic hoists for construction and industrial sites. Kewazo improves safety, welfare, and profitability in construction with their data-driven LIFTBOT robotic hoist system. LIFTBOT's intelligent scaffolding solution addresses labor shortages and improves working conditions.

Novarc Technologies

Novarc's Pipe Spool Welding Robot boosts productivity and shop capacity, delivers superior weld quality, and improves welder ergonomics. The Pipe Spool Welding Robot is designed as a cobot specifically for pipe, small pressure vessel, and other types of roll welding.


Q-Bot uses robotic and AI systems to install underfloor insulation to maintain and upgrade homes and buildings. Q-Bot is a seed-stage startup that raised $2M in funding on 7/15/2022, led by EMV Capital.


PaintJet revolutionizes commercial painting by using robotics, AI, and advanced data to deliver high precision application, reduce overspray and predict asset’s maintenance life cycle. PaintJet specializes in end-to-end painting solutions for industrial and commercial infrastructure and marine applications. PaintJet is a US-based seed-stage startup that raised $3.5M in funding on 10/27/2022, led by Dynamo Ventures, MetaProp, Pathbreaker Ventures, and Builders VC.

Advanced Navigation

Advanced Navigation provides AI-powered inertial navigation systems and robotics technologies for sea, land and air. Advanced Navigation is a Series A startup that raised $13.59M in funding on 4/27/2020, led by Brick & Mortar, Main Sequence Ventures, and Dysruptek.

Skyline Robotics

Skyline Robotics provides an automated window cleaning robot, Ozmo, to optimize cleaning processes and reduce costs. Trained and certified professionals from an authorized network of operators work together with Ozmo on implementing a premium end-to-end service. Skyline Robotics is a US-based Series A+ startup that raised $3.35 on 8/7/2023, led by  Wingman Ventures with participation from Vento Ventures, Getty Capital, and angel investors.

Field AI

Field AI offers autonomous robotics solutions for the construction industry. Field AI's robots include features for 360 photo reality capture, LiDAR scan point, bim comparison, semantic object detection, issue mapping, and topography mapping. Field AI integrates with any robot and platform to provide construction jobsites with robust, specialized data.


RoboticsPlus.AI offers a system of universal robot hardware and software meant to empower digital factories around production simulation and optimization, as well as a network for digital matrix production. RoboticsPlusAI is A China-based Series B startup that raised $9.33M on 4/7/2021, led by Bertelsmann Asia Investments, C Ventures, Poly Capital Management, and Linear Venture.


Mobbot is advancing the digitalization of shotcrete processes with their digital interface that enables contractors to have real-time visibility on shotcrete operations. Mobbot seeks to reduce concrete waste and improve productivity. Mobbot is a Switzerland-based venture-stage startup that raised $3.06M in funding on 10/27/2022, led by Dynamo Ventures, MetaProp, Pathbreaker Ventures, and Builders VC.

Jaibot (Hilti)

A semi-automated drilling technology, the Hilti Jaibot is a robot that helps add more productivity to installation projects. This innovative construction robot takes over installation execution, while allowing you to track project progress and status through data. Using digital plans, the Jaibot marks and drills holes, relieving construction workers from the strenuous task of overhead drilling and allowing them to focus on operation of the construction robot.


Kewazo provides intelligent robotic material hoists for scaffolding assembly at construction sites. Kewazo's robotic hoist system is empowered by a data analytics platform that generates real-time data reports for users. Kewazo is a Germany-based Series A startup that raised $10M on 1/23/2023, led by Fifth Wall with participation from Cybernetix Ventures, Unorthodox Ventures and Nemetschek.

Xcavate Robotics

Xcavate's solution to excavation and earth moving addresses both the current barriers to electrification for the most popular full size construction excavators and also some of their intrinsic inefficiencies. In addition to reducing emissions, fuel and labour costs, the solution also offers significant potential productivity benefits especially for large earthworks projects. Xcavate is a UK-based pre-seed startup that raised $2.5M in funding on 4/4/2021, led by British Robotics Seed Fund and Startup Funding Club.

Fabrica AI

Fabrica AI provides a platform that revolutionizes robot development by transforming your environment and task descriptions into custom hardware designs. Our system rapidly generates numerous designs and evaluates each one by fine-tuning the foundation model with reinforcement learning. Fabrica AI is a US-based seed-stage start-up that raised $1M in funds on 12/15/2022.

Advanced Construction Robotics

Advanced Construction Robotics offers two robotic rebar installation solutions. TyBot self-locates, self-positions, and self-ties 1,200+ rebar intersections per hour with no pre-mapping, programming, or calibration. TyBot works separately or in conjunction with ACR's other robot -- IronBot is designed for lifting, carrying, singulating, and self-placing bundles of transverse and longitudinal rebar.


Monitoring Robotics

Rugged Robotics

Rugged Robotics is a Houston-based construction technology company that tackles the challenge of field layout, and replaces slow, error-prone, manual layout with an autonomous vehicle that marks fully-coordinated A/E designs directly onto unfinished floors. Rugged Robotics is a Series A startup that raised $9.4M on 3/23/2022.

Dusty Robotics

Dusty develops robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce. Digital automation reduces waste in both labor and material, making the entire design-build-operate lifecycle more efficient and cost effective. Dusty Robotics' FieldPrinter system is designed for construction site use. The printer comes with a case with all necessary components, including a tripod and total station, along with a ruggedized tablet. The corresponding software includes a simple tablet interface that gives the operator control over the layout. At the conclusion of the job, Dusty's report generator provides a digital report of completed work and productivity rates.


Nyfty specializes in field process automation and site attendance management. Nyfty's AI helps to automate tasks by providing data for and speaking to human employees. Nyfty provides integration options for Procore and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Civ Robotics

Civ Robotics aims to significantly increase productivity on heavy civil projects by completing tasks faster, with greater accuracy, and enable teams to operate at peak performance levels. CivDots helps teams achieve precision, efficiency, and ease of operation in the field. Civ Robotics enhances productivity on land surveying endeavors by enabling teams to lay out 8x faster with only one operator.

Scaled Robotics

Scaled Robotics delivers precision scans and actionable data collected from construction jobsites by a combination of robots, LiDAR, and cameras. Scaled Robotics aims to help construction companies identify quality issues on the jobsite and monitor project progress. Scaled Robotics is a Spain-based seed-stage startup that raised $2.21M in funds on 2/3/2020, led by Construct Venture and Surplus Invest.

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics offers multiple robotics solutions for site management, inspection, warehouse automation, safety and security, research and development, and other industry-specific uses. Boston Dynamics is pushing the limits of mobility, dexterity, and intelligence with their next generation of robots, state-of-the-art hardware and advanced control systems.

FORT Robotics

FORT Robotics offers a Robotics Control Platform service that reduces risk for robotic assets and their users, keeping data and robotic fleets secure. In addition to their robotics control software, FORT Robotics also provides a range of robotic hardware products. FORT Robotics is a Series B startup that raised $25M in funding on 7/12/2022 led by Tiger Global and Prologis Ventures.


Component 3D Printing

Saeki Robotics

Saeki Robotics uses fully-autonomous robots to build 3D modeled manufacturing parts. Saeki Robotics offers cost-effective recycled materials and high performance resins for their custom-tailored formwork parts. Saeki Robotics is a Switzerland-based seed-stage startup that raised $2.3M in funding, led by Wingman Ventures with participation from Vento Ventures, Getty Capital and angel investors.

Branch Technology

Branch Technology combines additive manufacturing, prefabrication, and digital technology at the construction scale. Branch Technology uses patented technology and digital fabrication processes to enable architects, designers, and innovators to create mass-customizable building products. Branch Technology is a Series A startup that raised $19M in funding on 5/25/2022.


Aeditive offers 3D printing solutions for mouldless precast manufacturing. Aeditive is a Germany-based, seed-stage startup that raised $7.14M on 6/8/2021, led by Glatthaar Group, BitStone Capital, and Atlantic Labs.


MiCoB provides 3D Concrete Printing solutions to Residential, Infrastructure, and Architectural market segments. They specialize in high-performance customized buildings like Bunkers and energy-efficient and customized Bungalows and Villas. MiCoB is an India-based seed-stage startup with investors including 3Lines Venture Capital.

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics is a 3D printing company that provides optimized and low-carbon concrete products for infrastructure projects and industrial grade applications. Hyperion Robotics' 3D printed concrete structures help reduce costs and material waste, save time, and keep CO2 emissions low. Hyperion Robotics is a Finland-based seed-stage startup that raised $3M in funding on 10/25/2022, led by Lifeline Ventures, Impact VC Übermorgen from Switzerland, PC Rettig & CO Impact, Goldacre, and Katapult.


Structural 3D Printing


ICON specializes in 3D printed, high-performance homes that feature elevated architectural and energy-efficient designs. ICON is a Series B startup company that raised $207M on 8/24/2021, led by Norwest Venture Partners, 8VC, Bjarke Ingels Group, Fifth Wall, Moderne Ventures, and Oakhouse Partners.

Diamond Age

Diamond Age aims to use advanced robotics to combat America's housing crisis with 3D printed homes. Diamond Age is a Series A startup that raised $50M in funding on 3/10/2022, led by Prime Movers Lab, Alpaca VC, Dolby Family Ventures, Timber Grove Ventures, Gaingels, and Signia Venture Partners.

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings combines 3D printing, robotics, and material science to build high-quality sustainable homes. Mighty Buildings is a Series B startup that raised $40M in funding on 2/9/2021, led by Khosla Ventures and Zeno Ventures.


Tvasta builds concrete 3D printing technology for the construction industry by cementing the gaps and reinforcing the system by creating build tech solutions. Tvasta is an India-based venture-stage start-up that raised $0.40M on 10/22/2021, led by Habitat for Humanity's Shelter Venture Fund.



COBOD designs and develops 3D construction printing technology products. COBOD is a one-stop turnkey solution, providing customers with everything they need to succeed in their 3DCP ventures. COBOD is a Denmark-based, seed-stage startup that raised $1.75M in funding on 10/7/2022, led by Holcim, Zacua Ventures, and Cemex Ventures.