KEWAZO is a leading construction robotics company with offices in Germany (Munich) and the USA (Houston). KEWAZO is digitizing on-site material flow with robotics and data analytics.

KEWAZO’s unique solution, LIFTBOT, is a battery-powered remote-controlled lifting robot powered by a data analytics platform ONSITE.

In the $50B scaffolding market, the solution saves up to 70% man-hours, addresses labor shortages and improves safety.
By having its robots on-site, KEWAZO collects operational data and provides it to its customers in the form of a data analytics platform ONSITE, enabling more proactive management of both individual projects and companies overall.

The company’s groundbreaking product is already constantly deployed at multiple construction sites and industrial plants, including ExxonMobil, Total Energies, BASF, Dow, Ineos, and others. Large scaffolding subcontractors and industrial service providers like Bilfinger and Altrad actively work with the LIFTBOT.

Soon, LIFTBOT will be adjusted for vertical material transport for other applications like insulation, painting, roofing, and mechanical activities

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Munich, Germany
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AI/Machine Learning, Building Operations & Maintenance, Digital Twin, Robotics, Roofing/Siding, Safety

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Altrad Services Benelux & KEWAZO: 60m high scaffold assembled 2 weeks faster thanks to LIFTBOT

KAEFER UK& Ireland – Trial testing of KEWAZO’s robot scaffolding hoist LIFTBOT

Bilfinger receive their first robot LIFTBOT from KEWAZO

LIFTBOT at -20° Celsius: Telinekataja & KEWAZO

Skill Scaffolding meets LIFTBOT

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