2021 Robotics 50 List

Welcome to the 2021 Robotics 50! This list features leading companies in the landscape of robotic solutions & insights, with each offering innovative solutions in the areas of 3D Printing, Autonomous Heavy Equipment, Service Robotics, or Monitoring Robotics.

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Robotics 50


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Apis Cor

Apis Cor is the first company to develop a specialized equipment for 3D printing in the construction industry. Their technology is capable of printing wall structures entirely on-site without extra assembly required. Apis Cor develops a number of technologies for concrete 3D printing.


Branch Robotics

Branch Technology

Creator of C-FAB, a unique, full-scale architectural 3D printing technology.



COBOD strives towards full automation in the construction industry by designing robotic 3D construction printers and automated processes for the building site. COBOD is in partnership with PERI Group.

BOD2 is an upgraded and improved version of the printer which was used to 3D print the first building in Europe, The BOD. BOD2 is the only second generation construction printer on the market, and is 3x faster than the first generation, with a 18 meter/minute print speed.

CyBe Constructions

CyBe Construction

CyBe is a tech company for the construction industry, redefining traditional approaches through far-reaching automation and digitalization. This is enhanced through enabling 3D concrete printing and parametric design tools which are made accessible for all clients. They develop and sell hardware such as 3D printers, fast setting sustainable material, as well as software to simplify the complex building processes. Part of their mission is to guide the industry through education, certification and business development.

Figur Option 2


FIGUR develops 3D Printers for Sheet Metal. Their process looks to remove the long lead times and expense of producing dies to form sheet metal parts.  Their printers have the ability to form complex shapes directly from any 3D CAD file.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics is accelerating the transition to sustainable and automated construction with Concrete 3D Printing.

OPEN CALL: 4/28/21 10am CT - Robotics & Advanced Equipment Call

Looking for more Robotics focused content?  Join us on April 28th as we are joined by John Niles, Technology Consultant with Gafcon Inc., and Aidan Maguire, Business Unit Manager with Hilti.  They will discuss Hilti's recently announced BIM enabled jobsite robot, and explore the design of "Robot Readable" BIM.  This call is open to both members & non-members.

ICON Construction


Icon is a construction technologies company leading the way into the future of homebuilding by using 3D printing to make major advancements in affordability, building performance, sustainability and customizability.

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a stealth-mode startup working on making housing more affordable with 3DP tech and automation.

© Stéphane Schmutz / STEMUTZ.COM


Mobbot is developing digital fabrication systems and a novel 3D concrete printing technology for the construction industry.



MudBots is the first company in America to offer concrete printers from small 6’ x 6’ models to large 100’ x 100’ models capable of printing custom homes. MudBots first premiered their line of printers at the 2019 Vegas World of Concrete.


Peri GmbH

PERI is a manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems founded in 1969 in Weißenhorn, Germany, by Artur Schwörer.


Siemens - SiSpis

Siemens has developed SiSpis, a line of robotic spiders equipped with a 3D printing arm as well as onboard cameras and a laser scanner to interpret their immediate environment. These autonomous roving printers are able to work collaboratively to cover complex geometries in an efficient manner.

Soliquid Option 1


Soliquid is a startup specialized in large scale 3D printing for Architecture / Engineering / Construction and Design industries.  Launched in Paris in 2018, Soliquid is developing a unique large scale 3D printing process in suspension in a gel matrix. This process enables freeform printing (without support use) and material saving (thus answering challenges raised by existing additive manufacturing techniques).

WASP Option 2


Offering 3D printing services for several applications, the Crane WASP is a giant 3D printer capable of printing houses. Crane WASP The Infinity 3d printer is a modular collaborative 3D printing system. It reinterprets the classic building cranes from a digital manufacturing point of view. It is composed of a main printer unit that can be assembled in different configurations depending on the printing area and therefore on the dimensions of the architectural structure to be calculated in 3d. The print area of the single module is 6.60 meters in diameter for a height of 3 meters.

The single module can work self-sufficiently by printing fluids of different kinds: cement, bio cement, natural dough. Once you have a single module,  you can expand it by adding traverses and printer arms, thus generating an infinite digital manufacturing system.

It is not necessary to “cover” the entire area involved in the construction with the printing area of the  WASP Cranes because they can be reconfigured and can advance with generative attitude depending on the growth and shape of the building. More WASP Cranes, when working  together,   have a potentially infinite printing area  and can be set by the on-site operators following the evolution of the architectural project.



Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (Winsun), the leader of global 3D printing architecture, was found in July 24, 2003. The company specializes in 3D printing architecture and D&R, production of building new materials more than 16 years, which is a high-tech enterprise that first truly achieves 3D printing architecture in the world. Winsun holds 129 national patents and is awarded as important enterprise of “ one belt one road” policy, brand enterprise impacting on Chinese real estate, China real estate integrity enterprise, Shanghai excellent alliance enterprise, China real estate develop enterprise and preferred supplier enterprise of top 500 business real estate projects and is first recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" in the industry.



Xometry brings together manufacturing and technology to provide 24/7 access to instant pricing, expected lead time and manufacturability feedback on custom parts for engineers and designers across the U.S.

Xometry’s online quoting portal and nationwide network of hundreds of partner manufacturing facilities guarantees consistently fast lead times while offering a broad array of capabilities, including CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal and Casting.



XtreeE develops advanced large-scale 3D printing technology for the architectural design, engineering and construction sector.  XtreeE offers 2 types of services:

XtreeE | Access – help Their clients discover and quantify the benefits of large-scale 3D printing, through collaborative design and large-scale prototype manufacturing;

XtreeE | Systems– rent large-scale 3D printing systems.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



Built Robotics

Built Robotics transforms heavy equipment into autonomous robots for the $1 trillion earthmoving industry. By upgrading off-the-shelf heavy equipment with AI guidance systems, Built’s technology enables machines (such as dozers, excavators, and CTLs) to operate fully autonomously.


Caterpillar Command 3

Caterpillar - Command

Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. It is the world's largest construction equipment manufacturer.

Comment from Caterpillar

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team



Cyngn's mission is to create safer, broadly accessible and cost effective transportation through advanced technology, enhancing human productivity and improving quality of life.



INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery, amongst construction & mining.

Founded in 2017, in Haifa, Israel, INTSITE boasts a team of exceptional algorithm developers, industry experts, and specialists from various technological fields. Originally developed as a guidance system and smart dashboard for construction cranes, INTSITE’s technology has rapidly expanded to other industries, where the experience of suboptimal heavy machine usage creates similar challenges to both efficiency and profitability.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Safe AI


SafeAI retrofits autonomous solutions for heavy equipment in construction and mining.

Scania AXL Option 2

Scania - AXL

Scania is a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications.

TORC Robotics

TORC Robotics

Torc Robotics, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, offers a complete autonomous software solution for mobility applications like self-driving cars and transit by working with partners in automotive, transit and technology. Torc was acquired by Daimler – the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America – in August 2019.  They are working together to develop highly automated trucks to improve the safety and efficiency of transporting goods.  Torc also provides self-driving technology in safety-critical environments like defense, mining, and agriculture. Founded in 2005, Torc has integrated its self- driving solutions on ground vehicles ranging from SUVs to 300-ton mining trucks.

Doosan Concept X

Doosan - Concept-X

Doosan Corp. is a holding company, which engages in infrastructural support business. It operates through the following business divisions: Infrastructure Support Business, Consumer and Service Business. The Infrastructure Support Business division includes energy, water plants, castings and forgings, construction and engineering, construction equipment, machine tools, engines, offshore structures and subsea, chemical process equipment, hydraulic components and industrial vehicles. The Consumer and Service Business division provides financial services, consulting, information and technology (IT) services, materials and ingredients, real estate, media and publishing. It was founded on December 18, 1933 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Komatsu Frontrunner

Komatsu - Frontrunner

Komatsu Ltd. is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry, and military equipment, as well as industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. Its headquarters are in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Cooper Grey Robotics

Cooper Gray Robotics

Cooper Gray Robotics LLC is an Oakland, California based technology company focused on the design and engineering of heavy equipment through innovative applications of electric drive and Smart Control systems. CGR has patented inventions and a highly experienced problem solving team that allow the Company to provide unique solutions to a range of issues at this crucial takeoff stage in the automation of the construction industry.

Want More on the Future of Construction Robotics? Join us at the Construction Tech Conference!


Boston Dynamics Spot

Boston Dynamics - Spot

Boston Dynamic's Spot, an agile mobile robot, inspects progress on construction sites, creates digital twins, and compares as-built conditions to Building Information Modeling (BIM) autonomously.



Doxel leverages artificial intelligence and autonomous robots to monitor construction productivity, progress, and quality. Doxel’s robots navigate jobsites every day to capture images and perform laser scans so users can understand exactly what kind and how much work has been done.

ULC Technologies Option 2

ULC Technologies

ULC Technologies helps utility and energy industry companies confront the increasing need to repair and maintain their pipelines and infrastructure through the development and commercialization of innovative robotic solutions, unmanned aerial systems, machine learning, and inspection services. ULC Technologies helps companies cause less disruption to the public, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize cost.

Comment from ULC Technologies

- Please see our website for a list of awards and recognition


FORT Robotics

FORT Robotics is building a safety and security platform for autonomous machines with devices meant to monitor, detect and ensure safety on jobsites.


Advanced Construction Robotics Option 1

Advanced Construction Robotics - TyBot

TyBot is a rebar-tying robot that provides a reliable, flexible, and scalable solution for rebar installation work. TyBot seamlessly integrates into current bridge operations and will tie intersections day or night without breaks or injuries proving robots can reliably, safely, and competently work together with crews using existing construction practices.  TyBot is the first stand-alone robot working in Heavy Civil construction and has worked on over 26 bridge projects from Boston, MA to Miami, FL.

Comment from Advanced Construction Robotics

Awards Won:

  • 2020 Carnegie Science Award for Corporate Innovation
  • 2019 BuiltWorlds Machines 50 Field Robotics Disruptor
  • 2019 Hello Tomorrow Deeptech Top 500 Startup
  • 2018 AGC & Autodesk 2018 Innovation Award
  • 2018 Engineering News-Record Top 25 Newsmakers
  • 2018 LH International Business Accelerator


Canvas is a construction robotics startup empowering people to build the future in bold new ways by putting robots in the hands of skilled workers. Construction has long lagged behind peer industries like manufacturing and logistics when it comes to better tools. This is in part due to a lack of attention from the robotics industry because, until now, robots needed to recognize their environment — which historically was not possible on a constantly changing job site. That’s key to our technical advantage. We have developed breakthroughs in Advanced Robotics, Data, Material Process, and Operations to create a novel new category of product. Our technical advantage is built off of 5 years of government research with NASA, DARPA, and ONR. What’s more, we’re partnering with labor unions to train skilled workers on our machine, improving quality and safety by complementing Canvas’s machine with the expertise and skills of union workers.

Comment from Canvas

Since launching publicly in November 2020, our approach has garnered attention from mass media as well as robotics and construction-focused industry press. Some highlights include:

Civ Robotics

Civ Robotics

Developing unmanned systems with marking capabilities for the construction industry

Comment from Civ Robotics

  • GENIUS NY 2019 winner
  • Supported by SME horizon 2020 program

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording


Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics is dedicated to developing affordable, leading-edge robotics and automation equipment for the construction industry.  They offer 2 products, the SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) a brick laying robot, and MULE (Material Unit Lift Enhancer) a lift assist device designed for handling and placing material weighing up to 135lbs.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics

Dusty Robotics is a construction technology firm focused on creating robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce.

Comment from Dusty Robotics

  • CEMEX Top Startups
  • Featured on ENR cover in 2020
Recently, CRH Formed An Alliance With FBR to Accelerate the firm's growth.


FBR has created the worlds only fully mobile and automated 3D construction machine the Hadrian X.

Comment from FBR

  • Gold Edison Award, Innovation of the Year, Technology of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • WON 2020 – Health & Safety Innovation, Small – Medium Enterprise (Australian Institute of Health & Safety).
  • WON 2019 – Mark Pivac & Mike Pivac Emerging Male Category Winner, Western Region (EY Entrepreneur of the Year).
  • GOLD 2019 – Edison Award in Robotics for Hadrian X (Edison Awards).
  • WON 2018 – Excellence in Construction Innovation (The Urban Developer Awards).
  • WON 2017 – Inspiration of the Year (Victorian State Government) (iAwards National).
  • WON 2017 – Industrial & Primary Industries Winner (iAwards National).
  • WON 2016 – Overall Winner (Mitsubishi Corporation) (Western Australia Innovator of the Year).
  • WON 2016 – Most Disruptive Technology (The Incite Awards – Supporting ICT Innovation in Western Australia


Our mission is to use technology to protect and maintain the built environment. Our first product, a patent pending unique wall climbing robot can be used for exterior painting, warehouse painting and building and infrastructure inspection and surveying.

Comment from HausBots

"Raised $1m in funding, including support from UK Government and top Silicon Valley VC's. Top 50 ConTech startup by CEMEX."

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

Hilti Jaibot is steered by a remote control run by an operator to move from one location to the next. Once in drilling area, the Jaibot drills all holes within reach automatically.

Hilti - Jaibot

Hilti is a world-leading provider of high quality, innovative and specialized tools, fastening systems and software-based solutions for the professional user. With more than 3,800 highly trained Hilti account managers, engineers, and Hilti employees throughout North America, Hilti’s expertise covers the areas of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, strut and hanger systems, solutions for tool crib productivity, as well as worker health and safety.

Comment from Hilti

"The Hilti Jaibot construction robot will help mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) installation contractors tackle productivity, safety and labor shortage challenges. The Jaibot executes its tasks based on building information modeling (BIM) data. The robot is a completely cordless and easy-to-use system that doesn’t require expert skills. It locates itself accurately indoors, drills the holes dust-controlled and finally marks them according to the trade. This is what makes the solution ideally suited for the MEP trade. With BIM, we're in the age of digital planning where engineers can contribute to the building process more efficiently, resulting in fewer issues on site, and producing more optimal system design. The Jaibot construction robot uses the same data for installation execution."

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Hope Robotics

Hope Robotics

Hope Robotics is developing low cost, high output, faster, smarter and safer mobile autonomous painting robots. Their technology is addressing labor shortages in the construction industry and avoiding dangerous, toxic and highly repetitive labor.




KEWAZO is digitizing construction with robotics and data analytics. They integrate robotic platforms on-site to enable digital services. In scaffolding, their robotic material hoist LIFTBOT saves up to 44% of labor costs, addresses labor shortage, and improves safety. By having robots on-site, they collect operational data and provide it to customers in the form of a data analytics platform, enabling more proactive management of both individual projects and companies overall.

Comment from KEWAZO

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording



Toggle is building new technology to increase safety, efficiency and productivity for the world’s most ubiquitous building material: reinforced concrete. Toggle’s full stack robotics and automation solution for rebar fabrication and assembly multiplies labor productivity by 2x and increases overall production 5x over traditional assembly methods. Their mission is to develop technology for the construction industry that will bring a new level of safety, efficiency and precision to the production of critical construction components.



Okibo is developing intelligent, mobile, multi-purpose and autonomous robots for use in construction sites.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

True Autonomy

True Autonomy

True Autonomy, aims to improve floor construction from pour to polish. Their first product, the ACP-100, provides retrofittable autonomous navigation and operation of concrete polishing machines, making concrete polishing more efficient, more effective, and more affordable.

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Skyline Robotics 2

Skyline Robotics

Skyline Robotics is an end-to-end façade cleaning solution made possible by Ozmo, their autonomous window-washing robot. Combining Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with state of the art robotic control and an array of sensors, Ozmo can clean buildings without changing or adding any infrastructure.



SkyTy is a robotic solution for autonomous tying of rebar. The modular robots fly over the rebar identifying the layout of the laid rebar and ties the rebar intersections.

Novarc Technologies Option 2

Novarc Technologies

Novarc’s Pipe Spool Welding Robot (SWR) dramatically boosts productivity and shop capacity, delivers a superior weld quality, and improves welder ergonomics.

Williams Robotics 2

Williams Robotics

Williams Robotics plans to transform the construction industry through the use of Construction Robots to help offset the Labor void.  They have developed two Robotic prototypes so far.  One robot constructs walls and the other off-loads material from an industrial saw.

Comment from Williams Robotics

  • Included in Hive 50, Builder Magazine
  • Customers:
    • BFS, 84 Lumber, UFPI

BuiltWorlds Member: Meet The Team

Easy Floor Robotics

Easy Floor LTD

EFR develops autonomous robotic technology that produces highly efficient floor casting, use innovative materials and create brilliant designs. EFR’s system creates precision flooring in half the time compared with traditional flooring methods and cuts 75% of the usual necessary workforce.

Comment from Easy Floor LTD

  • Watch an animation video here
  • We are going to present on the Israeli Shark Tank
  • We currently have a prototype V1.2, consumer designer, strategic partners, engineering design models for the Applying robot, as well as patent applications.


Rebartek delivers prefabricated reinforcement cages to construction projects.  The robotic manufacturing process enables deliverance of high-quality rebar cages on short notice. Offers RaaS (Rebar-as-a-Service)

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Recording

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