About Williams Robotics

Williams Robotics is a technology startup with plans to manufacture and sell Robotic systems to the construction industry. The construction industry is no more productive today than in years past – having built the same way for the past 100 years. While there have been advancements in communication, software and tools, the lack of reliable LABOR continues to be the restraining problem.

Williams Robotics plans to transform the construction industry through the use of Construction Robots to help offset the Labor void. We have developed two Robotic prototypes so far. One robot constructs walls and the other off-loads material from an industrial saw. One of the robots will be in use at an Alpha site in Q2 of 2021. Our team consists of Jeff Williams (Co-Founder and CEO) and Walker Harris (Co-Founder and President). Jeff is a seasoned robotics technologist with a history of successfully taking innovation from ideation to large scale rollout. Walker has 28 years of experience in all levels of construction and is well positioned to strategically guide the objectives of the of the company.

We see incredible opportunity in this space. Our goal is to grow Williams Robotics into a fully operational manufacturing company with strong cash flow and value. Please contact me at the information below if you would like to learn more about us.


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