Robot Revolution: Discover How Construction Robotics Change How We Build

Construction robotics helps jobsites by easing labor burdens, improving worksite safety, and improving cost efficiencies. Credit: Dusty Robotics

According to numerous sources, construction productivity has fallen by half since the 1960s. One of the largest contributing factors is the growing shortage of skilled workers. Construction robotics hold promise to reduce costs by accomplishing tasks faster, safer, and more economically. Join us on March 4th at 10 am CT with Williams Robotics, DPR Construction, and Dusty Robotics as we discuss how robotics is changing the way we build.

Construction robotics are working to integrate within the complex (and at times chaotic) jobsite environment. The goal is to have these advanced tools work on digitized construction plans and accomplish these tasks alongside contractors. Contractors and developers are eager to see which tasks can be automated successfully, adapting to project specifics.

Credit: Dusty Robotics


Credit: Williams Robotics

Dusty Robotics offers robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce, turning digital models into constructible layouts. This results in shortened schedules and better as-builts. Discussion led by Phillipp Herget, CTO.

Credit: DPR

DPR is a national technical builder with a passion for results. A global self-performing contractor and construction manager, DPR executes every project with technology, teamwork, and relentless accountability. Discussion led by Henning Roedel, Innovation Leader.

From DPR & Dusty Robotics

Robotic systems in construction have great potential in solving key challenges facing the industry such as reducing worker shortages by improving productivity and attracting new talent to the industry. When coupled with other innovative approaches to construction, such as prefabrication, results from robotics can be game changing. DPR Construction, in conjunction with partners Digital Building Components and Dusty Robotics, recently constructed Emerson Hall at UC Davis leveraging BIM to generate instructions for the manufacture, assembly, and on-site installation of a core and shell in record time. The results from this case study showcase the role digital tools play in automating construction and improving cost and schedule certainty, while maintaining a high level of quality and safety.

Credit: Dusty Robotics


Williams Robotics plans to transform construction through construction robots to help offset the labor void. The two robotic prototypes thus far can construct walls and off-load material from an industrial saw. Discussion led by Walker Harris, President.

From Williams Robotics

Williams Robotics is a startup company working on Robotic solutions to help industrialize the Construction Industry.  With our combination of Contech and Heavy Iron Equipment, we have developed a robotic solution for wood framing.  We look forward to sharing our vision of Robots that Build Houses

Credit: Dusty Robotics

How Robotics is Changing the Way We Build

Automation and robotics have been gaining ground in construction jobsites in recent years. Benefits include eased labor demand amid a labor shortage, improved worker safety, and increased build efficiencies. Join us as we address what the future holds in store, and how jobsites are using this technology today.