About Rebartek AS

Rebartek delivers “Rebar as a Service”
This service includes the optimized design and robotic prefabrication of rebar.
Robotic production removes constraints of human production, such as the need for human-readable and buildable drawings.
Methods like parametric and generative design are readily available.
Now our robots can assemble these complex geometries with greater precision, enabling 10-50% material reduction. At scale, this will help reduce construction’s carbon footprint.
Robotic prefabrication reduces labor demand by 90% on-site, thereby increasing capacity and saving cost & time. Fewer hours spent on-site also reduce the risk of accidents.
By offering our customers fixed unit prices, we reduce their economic risk.

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Building Products, Building Systems, Machinery, Materials, Modular Structures

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Rebartek makes robots do rebar work

Rebartek automates Rebar installation

Rebartek testing small scale gantry

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