Demo Day Startups Highlight–2023 Americas Summit

Ever since its establishment in 2014, BuiltWorlds has been driving advancements within the AEC industry. A key strategy employed by BuiltWorlds is through the showcasing of emerging startups within the built ecosystem that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. At the 2023 Americas Summit, BuiltWorlds will be hosting a Demo Day Competition, highlighting startups within the built ecosystem that have the potential to be major catalysts for change. Below will be a highlight of the early-stage and late-stage startups featured within the competition.

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Early-Stage Startups

Pavewise’s web-based software maximizes productivity and improves project quality resulting in increased incentives and profits for paving contractors. Variables such as weather, project specifications and equipment operations impact every paving project. By efficiently managing project variables and integrating paving solutions, Pavewise develops a strategy for success for every paving project.

Boxcore is on a mission to make Construction Safer and More Productive. Their easy-to-use software enables Companies of all size's easily capture, store, share, and track onsite safety records in seconds from any device. Boxcore eliminates the need for email, manual data uploading and manual spreadsheet entry to deliver real value to customers.


Thanks to automation and enhanced collaboration, AITenders unleashs the potential of the data to help you take better decisions, identify and reduce all of your current and future risks, improve the quality of your deliverables and reduce the tender time/costs while releasing the pressure of your team.

Kwant is a workforce management & safety platform built to accelerate construction through productivity and safety. Using smart wearables and plug-n-play sensors, Kwant connects jobsite data and provides real-time insights & reports.

Late-Stage Startups

Cumulus is making industrial facilities safer, cleaner, and more productive by connecting workers, tools, and data with the industry’s first Internet of Tools-enabled operations and maintenance management platform. The Cumulus platform manages maintenance and construction workflows and collects data from digitally-enabled tools in the field, which provides facility owners a single source of “truth” for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. Cumulus replaces the need for expensive and time-consuming inspections to verify the quality and duration of a task, with software and tools that improve speed and accountability.

KYRO is an AI-powered construction management technology platform that aims to solve two of the biggest problems in the industry - broken workflows and resulting financial issues. Specifically, it addresses the mission-critical infrastructure sector by providing a technology platform to manage projects in this field.

CONXAI is building an AI platform for the AEC industry to quickly and easily contextualize different types & formats of project lifecycle data from multiple sources, and transform them into actionable knowledge. Since its founding in 2021 in Germany, CONXAI has focussed on effortlessly equipping AEC teams with the data and knowledge they need to deliver higher performance through automated decision support, planning and workflows. CONXAI is building its core technology that can tackle multiple AEC-focussed use cases with multiple different data types from a wide variety of sources.

KEWAZO is a leading construction robotics company with offices in Germany (Munich) and the USA (Houston). KEWAZO is digitizing on-site material flow with robotics and data analytics. KEWAZO’s unique solution, LIFTBOT, is a battery-powered remote-controlled lifting robot powered by a data analytics platform ONSITE. In the $50B scaffolding market, the solution saves up to 70% man-hours, addresses labor shortages and improves safety. By having its robots on-site, KEWAZO collects operational data and provides it to its customers in the form of a data analytics platform ONSITE, enabling more proactive management of both individual projects and companies overall. Soon, LIFTBOT will be adjusted for vertical material transport for other applications like insulation, painting, roofing, and mechanical activities