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Go Deeper. Join the Research Tracks.

With Research Tracks, Members Go Further into Key Topics, Gaining Deeper Opportunities for Learning, Connection, and Collaboration on a Continuous Basis.

Informed By Research and Facilitated By BuiltWorlds Analysts, Regular Forum Meetings Are Key to Fueling Deeper Insights and Connections.

Dive deep into a specific topic area within Forum Meetings at BuiltWorlds Events and, otherwise, intimate peer groups of senior leaders from the industry, teaming up to share experienced-based knowledge on select topics. As part of a Research Track, you’ll have access to exclusive research, meetings, and special initiatives.

Learn more about our Current Research Tracks below.

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Sustainability & Building Tech Track


The BuiltWorlds Building Tech Track serves as a continuous venue for individuals of all company types to identify, research, network, and understand innovations in building products, materials, and technologies with a particular focus on technology and innovation related to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

Within this track, the following areas, among others, will be considered at meeting held virtually and in-person at our conferences and summits:

  • High-Performance Materials 
  • Energy Systems / HVAC
  • Planning & Design 
  • Supply Chain
  • Offsite Construction

Early & Late Stage Investment Track

The BuiltWorlds Investor Track and Venture Forum serves as a venue for the industry’s leading strategic investors to meet in a peer-to-peer setting.

The Forum offers its members:

  • Networking with other early and late stage investors.
  • Deal Flow From BuiltWorlds Daily Intake of Industry Startups
  • Monthly Demo Days and Broad Industry Exposure
  • Monthly Small Group Reviews of our Latest Research 
  • Special Portfolio Company Access to Our Conferences and Network

AI/ML Preparedness Track


The AI/ML Preparedness Track serves to prepare AECO organizations to understand the risks and harness the opportunities provided by emerging AI and Machine Learning Technologies. This track will foster an understanding of the potential of AI/ML, its applications in the AEC sector, and also the role of startups, big tech, academia, and the industry players.

The Forum offers its members:

  • Access to the February 8 annual meeting and ongoing peer to peer Forum meetings
  • Access to AI/ML Specialty Reports detailing key findings in related benchmarking & solutions surveys
  • AEC Companies will have access to customized benchmarking assessments of their use of AI/ML technology

Business Strategy Track & CEO Forum

Peter Holt sharing his journey into investing.

Designed specifically for the industry's c-suite, the BuiltWorlds Business Strategy Reserach Track & CEO Forum, part of the Business Strategy Track, serves as a venue for leaders in this industry to gather, connect, discuss, and learn about critical trends and technologies in the construction industry.

We look for exceptional resources to work in a small group of peers to probe the key issues and topics driving strategies for businesses positioning for digital transformation today. Resources and topics this year have included:

  • SVB Collapse and the Banking Crisis with Gabe Greenbaum, Principle, B Capital
  • Meet the Global Leaders - Edward Bouygues, CIO, Bouygues Group
  • Digital Transformation for the Top at JLL, John Gate, CEO, JLL Americas

The Business Strategy Track culminates each year with a special annual meeting exclusively for 40 members of the industry's c-suite to meet, learn from top industry resources and find more opportunities to collaborate at the BuiltWorlds CEOs Annual Meeting.

Construction Tech Track & EC Tech Adoption Leaders Forum

E&C Forum Discussion

This Track offers in depth research on tech solutions, usage, satisfaction and other data to help industry players make purchasing decisions and optimize the value they get from their technology. Research also serves a valuable market intelligence for solutions developers and also as important diligence material for investors through the tech specialty reports.

Beyond the tech specialty reports is access to a private forum for the technologists leading the tech adoption in their engineering and construction companies to share best practices, dialogues around the benchmarking and surveying program, and explore best practices with each other in areas including:

  • Preconstruction
  • Project Management (ERP, Accounting, Core IT)
  • Field Solutions
  • Tools, Equipment, & Robotics

The group meets monthly, virtually and in person around our conferences and other events, and the annual Construction Tech Conference provides a culminating opportunity for participates to meet and discuss findings in-depth.