Venture Forum

This is the place within BuiltWorlds where we explore the industry’s investment trends and themes, meet the hottest start-up entrepreneurs, hear from the leading investors, and find the best way to profit from the disruption taking hold in one of the biggest and most basic industries on the planet.

Business in the BuiltWorlds has a new address, and it is BuiltWorlds Venture

Infratech, Prop Tech, Built Tech, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Urban Tech….It’s all here. From the scrappy startups to the blazing unicorns to the IPOs, Mergers, and Buyouts, the Venture Forum is where we come together to understand how it all fits together. Industry, Capital, Technology.

What you get when you join the BuiltWorlds Venture Forum:

  • Quarterly Meet-Ups - Four times a year, the Forum will meet via Webinar for a one hour call where they will hear from an investor and an entrepreneur representing a topical theme. Each will make a short presentation followed by a Q&A sessions, moderated by a BuiltWorlds staffer.
  • Invitation to the Venture Conference and private Forum workshop at the conference - The Venture Conference, limited to only 100 people, is a members-only event that brings together the leading investors in the BuiltWorlds and some of the leading entrepreneurs in the space for an intimate look at the trends and themes shaping investment in the BuiltWorlds. Members of the Venture Forum will also receive access to a special workshop (the day before the conference) and a VIP reception (the night before) for even more opportunities to mix, connect, learn, and deal.
  • The Deal Board - BuiltWorlds is constantly sourcing promising startups looking to raise money in the space and hearing from interested investors. Now, members of the BuiltWorlds Forum will have access to the BuiltWorlds Venture Deal Board where companies looking for the most knowledgeable and engaged investors can post a summary of what their company does, what investors or advisors they are looking for, and deal terms so that interested investors can reach out to them.
  • The BuiltWorlds Venture Newsletter - Every month, via an exclusive newsletter, we bring you a snapshot of the deals getting done, the comings and goings of the players, who’s out raising money, who’s out placing money, the winners and the losers, and other events and special opportunities to profit from the activity.
  • Investor Tag in the Directory - People interested in being identified as interested investors can tag their profiles and provide descriptions about their interests so that companies seeking investors can more easily find the right investors.
  • Special Benefits Especially to Support Startups - We recognize that the participation of emerging technology companies in the space is vital to creating a robust Venture Forum experience. So, whether it is advice from leading investors about how to structure decks, board advisors, or even peer to peer opportunities to share perspectives on best practices, we will also provide special news and meet up opportunities to help start ups get access to the information and connections they need to profit as well.

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