About Predictive Solutions

Predictive Solutions, a leader in occupational safety software, predicts and prevents workplace injuries through safety observations and safety culture.

Construction is in our DNA. Predictive Solutions’ products were originally developed to give construction groups insight into contractor risk, project risk, and observer engagement. With Predictive Solutions, construction companies receive a 360-degree view of their operational risk simply by walking the job-site with a smartphone or tablet. Our tools were built on a foundation of leading and lagging indicator expertise to create a proactive safety environment. Easily collect data, take notes, and attach pictures while assessing risky and safe activities, then report on those activities at any level. Organize your data to match your company’s organizational hierarchy and categorize by contractor, project, observer, and the topics being observed. Clearly identify which projects or team members are most at risk and coordinate with your team to overcome those risks.

Construction Companies Rely on Predictive Solutions to:
– Review reports, observations, and results in real-time with contractors to encourage continuous improvement
– Send team members reports on open safety issues to facilitate closure of open issues and increase safety ownership
– Track each flagged safety issue to resolution to keep your team accountable
– Measure safety observers’ objectives and how they record job-site notes to increase participation and quality and drive overall improvement
– Give team members visibility into safety to encourage participation and reporting
Record construction quality to compare safety methods and quality of work relationship

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