About ZERO

ZERO is a communication platform for high-hazard workplaces. We’re on a mission to bring injuries and incidents #downtoZERO.

ZERO® incidents. ZERO® injuries. Full stop.

ZERO® is more than just a number to us. ZERO® means complete safety. We believe everyone should go home safe and healthy from work, every day. ZERO® accomplishes this by completely rethinking the safety status quo and giving every employee a safety voice. The “human” contribution to a safe workplace is more valuable than any compliance system alone can control. ZERO® gives every worker a voice because we believe when we listen to the voices closest to the action, safety performance can be elevated to a new level. We go beyond this by creating a lifecycle of safety – from incident management to audits, observations with resolutions, a knowledge library, and deep analytics – ZERO® offers a suite of tools, integrated together, to help make your organization better.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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Field Management, Risk Management, Safety


2020 Project Software 50