The Digital Playbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Suites, Mobile, and IoT for your Built Business


The built industry is at the tipping point of its next game-changing revolution. In the coming years, intuitive data suites, mobile applications, jobsite Internet of Things devices, and more are going to drastically change the way we plot, design, and build the world around us.

Getting left behind in this surge of tech adoption can be a death knell for anyone in the industry, from the smallest projects to the largest contractors. BuiltWorlds has partnered with Microsoft to bring you an eBook that can help you create a roadmap for change within your company. Digitizing age-old processes is a daunting task. Doing so, however, can be cost and time efficient, open doors for new innovation, and generate data you never knew you needed.

Also included in the eBook download, you’ll receive BuiltWorlds’ exclusive insights that:

  • Break down the different technologies you need to be taking seriously.
  • Explore the new world of “teleworking” and how you can benefit your company by utilizing the right tools.
  • Analyze immediate and long-term benefits one can expect as they adopt new technology.

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