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01.19.2023 – E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum: Innovation as a Service


1.19.2023 12:00PM - 1:00PM


Zoom Digital Meeting

Innovation as a Service

There are many factors that can drive innovation in construction, including advances in technology, changing market demands, regulatory changes, and shifts in industry trends. In order to encourage innovation, many construction firms and organizations adopt strategies such as research and development, collaboration with other industry partners, and the adoption of best practices and standards. January’s E&C Tech Adoption Leaders Forum attendees will hear from Victoria Smith, Innovation Program Manager at STO Building Group. STO Building Group is a family of companies that provides a complete range of services, from site selection analysis, design constructability review and aesthetic enhancements to interior fit-outs, new building construction, and building infrastructure upgrades and modernization. With annual revenues of nearly to $10B, innovation has been a focal point in their long term strategy for solving the industry’s biggest challenges and finding the best ways to deliver projects for their clients. This call will examine their approach to innovation and how they distinguish innovation from invention.  

About the Forum

This is a private forum for the technologists leading tech adoption and change management initiatives in their engineering and construction companies to share best practices, dialogues around the BuiltWorlds construction technology research and explore best practices with each other. Access to this forum is restricted to BuiltWorlds’ members leading technology initiatives at Engineering and Construction Companies. Click here to learn more about our Forums or email staff@builtworlds.com for details on how to join!


Victoria Smith joins STOBG with a fresh perspective on the construction industry. She has an undergraduate degree in behavioral neuroscience and graduate degrees in public health and organizational leadership and management. Victoria launched her career in healthcare, first in traditional healthcare R&D, and then later focused on healthcare software and technology, shepherding healthcare through its digital transformation, including onboarding one of the nation’s largest hospitals onto its first electronic medical record system. Victoria was also a co-founder and CEO of a digital health startup company focused on early forms of tele-health with smartphones. Victoria is excited to join STOBG and take on the role of preparing our people for the future of construction.

Victoria Smith

Innovation Program Manager, STO Building Group

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