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BuildIdeas! Breakfast Series: Data Driven Design


5.24.2017 7:30AM - 9:30AM


BuiltWorlds Studio 1260 West Madison St Chicago, IL 60607

For more than 100 years, commercial buildings were designed the same way. The GC, architect, and developer, and other C-suites got together in one room and hypothesized the best way to build. The answer was inevitably “Do what we’ve always done.”

This approach rarely considered the end-user and thus, the quality of the product suffered. Thankfully, we no longer have to hypothesize about the best way to design a new building, we now know how to optimize through data.

At our May BuildIdeas!, we’ll look at how data is now the driving force behind planning and design in facilities and commercial projects, how it’s creating a better experience for the end user, and how to apply it to your next building project.

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