Avoid Added Delays with Jobsite Monitoring

From small residential contracting to large scale infrastructure construction, a project manager’s ability to ensure profitable, timely, and injury-free project delivery depends on their ability to monitor all activities performed on site. This isn’t always feasible or efficient; with crews of workers from different trades, material suppliers, field service technicians, and other team members sharing the same space, its easy to see how the traditional “clipboard” approach to jobsite monitoring can come up short.

In this research report, we team up with Sensera Systems to see how their camera technology, along with other innovations to jobsite monitoring tech, are improving this critical aspect of project delivery. By providing a more comprehensive view of all activity being performed at any given time, builders can identify defects in work quality, whether or not equipment is being used appropriately, if workers are following proper safety procedures, and more. Read on to learn how contractors and owners alike are reaping the benefits of technological improvements to jobsite monitoring practices.

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