5 Minutes with Peter Grant, CEO of Safesite

While working for Australia-based Leighton Contractors, Peter Grant discovered firsthand the importance of investing in safety to reduce jobsite injuries. Armed with this idea, Grant launched the mobile app Safesite in March 2003, which allows field workers to upload checklists, conduct safety inspections, and export completed forms while ensuring compliance.

Today, the Safesite app is in use on 1,000 projects across the U.S. According to Safesite, users have now reduced injury rates by up to 19%.


BuiltWorlds (BW): Thanks for talking with us, Peter. Can you tell us about the Safesite app?

Peter Grant (PG): Using the mobile app, you can log safety hazards and observations on the spot and automatically notify responsible parties for a solution. Safesite will track and log the progress of each resolution along the way.  All forms and reports generated by the app can be seamlessly imported to the Safesite desktop application.

BW: How exactly does the app work?

PG: Safesite [combs] a real time project safety feed with a company’s proprietary safety scoring algorithms.  This can be used to track project health over time while identifying and improving low scoring areas to increase overall project safety. The analysis can then support making informed decisions and to generate detailed reports.


  • Safesite was just named one of the “10 Best Construction Apps of 2016” by TSheets. Details here.


BW: So what’s next for Safesite?

PG: We are constantly improving the platform by adding new safety process modules. Two additions within the next two months will be [job safety analysis] and incident reporting. The platform will also help contractors stay on top of their experience modification factors and reduce their workers compensation premiums as much as possible.


On June 6 in Indianapolis, Grant will speak about using technology to manage safety, what’s on the horizon for capturing granular safety data, and how that data can impact experience modification rates and workers at the 2016 MCAA Construction Technology Conference. Check out a sneak preview here: