The New Norm: How Field Operations and Software Companies are Joining Forces to Improve the Buildout Process

Explore the integration of field operations and software to improve construction efficiencies. Credit: PROCORE

Construction software has evolved to bridge the gap between the field and the office. What are the best practices in adopting and implementing this technology? This week we will be hosting a joint call from both perspectives. Join us on February 11 at 10am CST with Procore and Dana Erdman and Joe Koppers from Bulley & Andrews, as we tackle how construction companies successfully integrate software in the field. Dive deep as both sides reveal best practices in which technologies are implemented out in the field – and how it’s done.

Procore is an integrated construction management software platform designed to help you finish projects safely, on time, and within budget.

From Procore:

Hear from an implementation manager from an industry-leading construction management platform, Procore, about their process for ensuring clients are set up for success after the purchase.  From designating your implementation team to establishing standard operating procedures, to crafting an onboarding strategy, they will share best practices for quickly recognizing the value and accelerating adoption.

Since 1891, Bulley & Andrews is a Chicago-based construction company working to expand its legacy with cutting-edge construction leadership. B&A understands firsthand how best to implement new technologies out on the job site.

From Bulley & Andrews:

Hear from Dana Erdman and Joe Koppers, from Bulley & Andrews, as they discuss their past state of technology in the field, how they overcame the hurdles, and how they now implement and manage new technology in the field

This Thursday’s Discussion: Integrating software on the job site

In Thursday’s talk, learn from Bulley & Andrews’ Dana Erdman, CD-BIM (Director of Technology & Innovation), and Joe Koppers (Vice President of Field Operations). Dana and Joe will review how software and technology have come to change construction. In an everchanging world, listen to how they have adopted and implemented new technology in the field and how they leverage it to build better. They show us how to use technology strategically.

Learn from another perspective, as Procore specifically addresses execution and how they are moving to integrate the construction process to one unified platform. With field operations managed in real-time, Procore is looking to minimize gaps of information that may lead to project delays or surcharges. Knowledge is power; we will examine implementation concepts that demonstrate how contractors benefit from combining their teams in the office and out on the field together.

Construction 4.0 is Today

Construction 4.0 is upon us and several within the industry are already using ubiquitous connectivity technology to aid in real-time decision-making. Learn how to best integrate computer models to the reality of the construction site.