Sustainability & Investing in the Built Environment

Sustainability & Investing in the Built Environment

Credit: Smart City Works

Infrastructure, construction, and how we approach the built environment is at a critical moment. From the recent $2T infrastructure proposal to rapid urbanization, increasing raw material prices (lumber) to the oft-discussed shortage of skilled workers, the construction industry is embracing innovations from software (augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) and hardware (drones, robotics, etc.). Investing is an increasingly important topic as project complexity, duration, and magnitude have increased. Join us, Thursday, May 13th at 10 am CT as we review sustainability investments with Smart City Works and Sustonable.

Credit: Sustoable

Smart City Works

Smart City Works is a mission-driven organization created to galvanize innovation, and speed commercialization of new products and inventions focused on improving civil infrastructure (e.g., urban tech, built environment) and livability in cities. Business acceleration services are provided to startups, mature companies, and municipalities to help transition new ideas into high-value growth ventures that deliver impact, improving the livability and resilience of cities.

Discussion led by Bob Mazer.

Credit: Sustonable


Sustonable is bringing sustainable revolution to every household by creating the first and genuinely sustainable engineered stone. 100% recyclable, it is made from a unique combination of quartz and recycled PET plastic. Sustonable offers a more ecological surface that exceeds quality standards and supports customer affordability. Due to the rigorous manufacturing method, all slabs are carefully produced for consistency and quality. Sustonable customers can feel proud to help defend a cleaner planet, as 100 PET plastic bottles per square meter of surface are saved.

Discussion led by Erik Schoneveld.

Credit: Smart City Works

Venture in the Built Environment

Are you interested in learning more about the ecosystem of venture investments within the built environment? Learn more about our BuiltWorlds 2021 Venture Conference to stay abreast of the pulse of this industry.