King’s Cross

According to David Partridge, Joint Chief Executive of Argent, the project’s development partner, King’s Cross is a renovated train station and commercial district in the heart of London. In 1865, the train station was a “depot of goods in London. Trains would come in from the north and deliver into the upper levels.”

In an exclusive 2018 tour for BuiltWorlds, he showed the group a model of the entire district of King’s Cross (pictured below), featuring newly renovated commercial office space, retail, residential, and a university campus. The colored buildings have either been finished or are under construction. The non-colored have only been designed. He walks through most of the buildings and gives a unique story behind each one, such as Google’s new U.K. headquarters that has a park on its roof.

The King’s Cross development is a testament to infrastructural sustainability. The most obvious way the development embodies sustainability is in its commitment to the environment. 100% of the heat and hot water for the development is generated in a central facility and pumped out to the buildings, which lowers the development’s carbon emissions. Argent also made a commitment to have 50% green roofs, where residents and animals alike can get some fresh air.

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