Know A Maverick You'd Like to Nominate?

Mavericks see opportunities where others don't.  They forge their own path.  They help shape a better industry.

Past Maverick Award Winners

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The dictionary defines a Maverick as:

Rebellious. Disruptive. Nonconformist.
Not afraid to take “an independent stand” in hope for a better world.

They are entrepreneurs, inventors, revolutionary leaders in a class of their own. This should conjure visions of Edison. Bezos. Einstein. Branson. The list is endless.

We’ve noticed mountains of top leader lists and awards in the industry but seemingly none of them have distilled the true disruptors and game-changers across the AEC and real estate. We’re here to do just that. With your help of course!

We’re looking for the Mavericks that are revolutionizing:

- Architecture & Design
- Cities & Infrastructure
- Construction
- Engineering
- Technology & Software
- Real Estate Development
- Venture & Finance

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Every year, we honor our Maverick Awards Winners at our Global Summit conference.

The 2021 Summit just ended, but you can view the agenda and video recordings here.

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